September, 2006

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September 1  Archives for the month of August done. For the long-suffering Catamount fans who are sick of all my my early stuff, I added several shots to the Catamount Competitors - Early Late Model Sportsman page: Steve Bosley, Rick Lepage, Ralph Nason, Russ Ingerson, two 1972 T Road lineups, Bob Ellis, Lee Carpenter, Don Biederman, Bobby Healey, Bobby Melnick, Harry Kourafas, Brent Hatch, and Butch Gagnon.

September 3  Assuming [probably mistakenly] that Thunder Road will be rained out, I am updating the Roy "Pappy" Forsythe page.

September 5  I am not sure if I already had the Dave Dion page linked in or not, but - at any rate - I have added many more pictures to it.

September 7  I took time out from house and barn painting to add Fort Covington Speedway to the Northern New York State Drivers and Teams page, which links off the New York State Drivers and Tracks page.

September 8  I added the Saranac Lake Speedway to the Northern New York State Drivers and Teams page, which links off the New York State Drivers and Tracks page. But I only had the Terraserver stuff. If anyone out there has Saranac Lake Speedway stuff - please let me know.

September 11  I have to go back to work starting tomorrow. I managed to add quite a bit to a page called The New Hampshire Boys. Work on this site [and my column ] might be scarce for a while. School, combined with the fact my Adelphia modem went sour will have a slowing effect.

September 18  I won't be able to do much on the site for a while. School has finally started, and I am a long way from ready for it. The column in Racin Paper will also be pretty quiet for now. I dug sown into some unfinished products and came up with a page called Catamount Moments. It has pictures from  race car shows at my school back in the late 60's and early 70's.

September 19  I found what might be an unreleased page called Catamount Competition Action. I added a few to what was already on it.

September 23  The fair Roxanne and I just returned from the day at Ronnie Bouchard's vintage racing party at his dealership in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. What a great time ! I was stunned and flattered by how many people whom I had never met told me or my wife that they check this website on a regular basis. I hope to take some of what I heard there and use it as material in future columns. One of the gentlemen who left a lasting impression on both of us was Marty Harty, from Stow, Mass. Marty owned several cars, including the 28 and 9/10, a 2 door Model A Ford sedan which appeared at Thunder Road. The picture below shows that car in a Turn 3 mixup at T Road.

ACT Archives Courtesy of Cho Lee
Harty's 28 and 9/10 spins sideways to avoid the tangle ahead. It is probably
Ernie Gahan at the controls.

    For those of you looking for the most variety and the oldest eras in racing on this site - I recommend you make the Catamount Pre-History Page your main destination. I became aware today that many regular visitors do not even know it is on the site. It can be reached through the main history page.

September 24  After finding out the races at Airborne are cancelled, I took a a moment to put Wild Bill Slater into the page about Regional Drivers Who Tried the Big-Time.

September 27  I added pictures to the It's What's in the Background page. I also put Chet Doaner and Buddy Bardwell into the middle of the Fairmont Speedway page. I found an old black and white Jim Gallison photo, which is now in the Early Flying Tigers page.

September 29  I had built a page called My Favorite Lettering Jobs, from when I ran a sign business that specialized in stock cars. I am not sure if it was already active, but here it is.


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