This Page Will Feature Cars or People of Whom I Have No Good Photo - But They Appear in the Background of Someone Else's Shot


Ladabouche Photo
The late Bucky Dragon and wife, Sandra at Fairmont after a race. In the background is the 26Jr. of the Rivers family, from Glens Falls, NY.

Frazier Photo
Ed Baker's Hudson, from Warrensburg, NY.
In the background is  Herbie Swan's 23, from Panton, VT.

Ladabouche Photo
Behind this photo of Al Rodd's car you can
see the strange towing rig used by Gene
Tetreault, the legend from Manchester Depot, VT.


Herbert Family Photo
Behind this photo of Jeep Herbert is Gigi
Conover's famous Jeep pickup at Fonda.


Ladabouche Photo
The Bill Fowler 27Jr. at Fairmont in 1965, with Jerry Pennock, Sr. as driver. In the background you can see a heat coming to the line. In this is a rare shot of Bill Threw's former #7A, now as X9, Bob Hoffer.

Ladabouche Photo
The 107 of Norm Scarborough, driven then
 by Roger Gauthier. In the background is
the first XK of Irish Ed Kelly from Granville, NY.

Courtesy of Mike Watts
In the background of
one of Andre Manny's
shots is the #10 Rutland Tree Service
 car of Leo Vallaincourt. Mostly,
you see #333 for Leo.

Andy Boright, Via TheOutside Groove
In the background of Bernie Griffith's shot
 is the tandem hauler of John Rosati with
 his two cars he usually brought to the
races in 1971.

Ladabouche Photo
This shot of Ingerson's car shows the
 old Catamount water truck

Rick Parry Photo
This car, in the 1950's
at some track in New York kinda makes one wonder: did he have the full support of Ruppert's Knickerbocker breweries or was that just his favorite beer?

Bill Ladabouche Collection
If you look behind George Rettew's 21M,
you see Richard Buzzi's first
 hurricane car - that
would launch quite a good career.

Courtesy of Jim Watson
 In the back of Jack Anderson, you see both
the old Chevron Station
in the pits and Wayne
Chandler's van, from which
he retailed at Catamount
for years.


Bill Ladabouche Photo
If you look behind Joe Thomas'
37NY, you see George McRae's
first Hurricane car [orange].

Courtesy of Bill Fifield
If you look behind Skip Roots
you see Tony Villano's unique
tow truck.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
This shot of an early Dick Clark
entry shows a rare instance
where Lazzaro brought two
cars for the evening.


Ted Vogel Collection
Behind Eddie Allen's first 33
you see a good shot of one
of Devil's Bowl original
Dare Devil cars running in
the track surface.

Russ Bergh Ladabouche Collection
If you look behind a proudly
posing Ray Sitterly, with the
only Fonda - winning car he
ever had, you see George Bassett's
309 - a car of great pedigree.

Russ Bergh Ladabouche Collection
Behind Rene Charland and
the Russ Betz 59, one of his
many Fonda rides, you see
Dick Diamond's 8 Ball, the
former Charlie Peters Buick.

Russ Bergh Photo -  Ladabouche Collection
This is the first photo I ever
purchased at Fonda. In the
background, to the left of Skip Roots,
is the #31 of Fonda's turtle,
Walter "Doc" Nellis:, of Little
Falls, NY. Also seen is the
40 of Harold "Bugs Bunny" Betts.

John Grady Photo
Speaking of Nellis, this shot of full pits
at Fonda in 1963 show Doc In the
background, at far left.

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti
This shot of Don MacTavish's
Circle J shows the infamous
Trojans ad on the trunk lid. Don
didn't get any sponsorship -
just laughs from it

Courtesy of Mark Austin
Harold "Hardluck" Hanaford is
congratulated by starter Bob Quinn
at Thunder Road around 1964. The
Hardwick ambulance, a fixture at the
track for seemingly a hundred years,
sits in the background [Ford station

Courtesy of Lebanon Valley
Classics via Timeline Photos

This shot of Howie Westervelt
ast Lebanon Valley around 1959
shows the prevailing setup in those
days - opposing camber in the front.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
This is a shot of an
aging [but still effective] Ken
Shoemaker at Langhorne for
 Bob Judkins. The story is the partially -
erased shoe polish "FOR SALE"
sign. You see, the coupe's days
were numbered as the Pinto was being completed.
Courtesy of Lebanon Valley
Classics via Timeline Photos

The perspective of this shot suggests
they weren't particularly interested
In Lyle Jelley, weighing in. The big deal here
is that the car was the famous Chuck Ely
"Caspar the Ghost" 5 before. The Elys
and Jelleys were in - laws.

Courtesy of The Bullfather
This shot features Bernie Miller,
the excellent modified driver from
Canastota, NY. In the background is
the well-traveled Russ Betz 59CT
with driver du jour, Donnie Wayman.
From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD

Mert spins the Kennedy's
Garage 8 at Cairo [maybe with
help from 731 Dick Hansen]. It
looks ;like Fonda Speedway sent
their pace car to get a little free
publicity for a big race.

Courtesy of Joe Grossetti
Catskill, NY's Huck Spaulding
[who just dtopped driving a few
years ago] was likely the old
first driver of the Brush 27.
Here he wins a race at Coxsackie
in such an early year that
Bob Brush is not yet mentioning
TV in his business ads.
Courtesy of Pete Corey Jr.
This shot of Pete Corey with the potent
Drellos 11 shows the 27Jr of Bill
fowler in the background - BEFORE
they chopped off the rear of the body.

Ladabouche Photo
Courtesy of John Grady
John Grady was photographing Doc Blanchard's car, but he inadvertantly got Dick Diamond's 8 Ball [the car that looks like Lazzaro's]. It is blurred because I had to blow it up so much.
Courtesy of Jalopy Journal
Frank Wagner in a very early Vic Lane
at South Seneca Speedway. Check out
the wrecker in the background.
Courtesy of Bob Miller
Barely visible behind Guy Chartrand is the 57 of Harry Alexson, from Altamont.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
This shot of Louie shows the seldom - seen
67 of Maynard Smith and Harold Betts' 40.

Courtesy of Mike Anop
When Mike got this one of the Hemi Cuda, he also captured Steve Luse's Charger entry.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
The shot is supposed to be showing a minor scrape with one of Harry Rathburn's Camaros at Catamount, Inadverttantly, it has captured the only known photo of Leon Gonyo's first race  car [#4 at right],

Courtesy of Robbie Crouch
This shot of a young Robert Crouch [as thy called him first] shows an early Catamount safety truck with the new giant extinguisher on it.
Courtesy of Greg Rickes
Greg caught the unique Larry Hess AMC Ambassador at Fonda's GN show. The other Hess car, in the background with identical local sponsors, was a Ford.
Courtesy of Jack Hedstrom
Look again - that's not Wimble at Langhorne. It's Dutch Hoag with a Dave McCredy car, renumbered.That's Louie Lazzaro working behind his car, to the right of  the guy in the white shirt.
Courtesy of Greg Rickes
Greg caught Guy Chartand at Victoria.
In the background is Ron Quackenbush's
former Oscar Porath car.
Courtesy of Mike Bruno
Quite a confab here. Mike and Johnny Bruno are joined by Tony Andrews, Todd Morey, and others. In the background is Jack Johnson's dealer truck. Wish he was still making the rounds.
Courtesy of Tom Pelletier
Russ Ingerson shows off the beautiful
Pelletier/Falzarano Chevelle. Beside, is a
rare look at Gary Bevins' Chevelle.
Courtesyt of Lew Boyd
Ken Shoemaker and Dick Clark end up
on their hats at Fonda around 1966. You
get a good look at Gigi Conover's neat
Jeep pickup.
Courtesy of Paul Mascitti
John Mascitti takes the checkers in a
Catamount Stadium mini stock race. In
the background is the very first car
Barney McRae ever had [56].
Via Johnny Racer
Jack Dubrul poses with one of his modified coupes. I think it was the first race car in Vermont to have tuned headers. Behind is Catamount's AMC convertible pace car. Dubrul was an AMC dealer.
 Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
This shot of Lou also shows [in the back at right] a rare version of the Ed Ortiz 0 on its hauler. Ortiz's thundering B&M motors caused problems for the Fonda regulars.
 Courtesy of Keith Tesiero Jr
Ken Shoemaker poses with an almost -
new Henry Caputo 111. In he background of this overexposed shot is the potent Hollebrand
53, likely driven by Chuck Mahoney - a man arguably harder on equipment than Kenny.
 Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
One of the Utica gang cogitates on what
needs to bne done next on Louie's car.
Behind is the rarely seen #13 of Lou
Christopher, from Palatine Bridge.
Courtesy of Tom Ormsby
Niantic, CT's Bill Harman was a key figure in early season at Albany - Saratoga Speedway. The Roland Bellinger 302, at right led the points most of one season with George Pendergast. That might be a Richie Evans 109 in the background.
Courtesy of Mike Bruno
Top - running Vermont driver, the late
Charlie WIlbur poses at Airborne, 1984. You can see how they hadn't upgraded the boxes above the stands yet.
Courtesy of RA Silvia
Charland, in the Riverside Park pits in the
earlier 1960's .What was with the hoops used to protect radiators ?
Courtesy of Sharon Mazet
This pair of photos from Middletown shows a couple of interesting facets of the Henry Caputo operation. One of the Caputo haulersis seen in the infield.
Courtesy of  Otto Graham
This extremely rare shot shows the little - seen Caputo late model bodied sportsman - also at Middletown. One of the Caputo haulers
is seen inthe background.

 Courtesy of Joel Canfield
Rene Charland is attended to after escaping the
infamous French Barbeque fire at Malta. Small wonder. J.P. Cabana told me Charland claimed he sometimes used his cage to store additional fuel.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
This shot given by Rick Perry speaks volumes. According to local legend, Corey got tired of this Studebaker as soon as the tracks became harder and less heavy, he cut it up, and made the coupe he used right after. OK, there's the Stude, and - in the background - there's the coupe. So, I dunno.

Richard Pratt Photo
Someone is filming Bruce Bordeau getting in his former Wes Moody modified. Seen behind is
the car Ed Champagne bought from Barefoot
Bob McCreadie. Ed would later wreck the car
while clearing poor flagger Don Thomas off his stand.

Mike Cranston Photo
Someone caught Dick Nephew
at Airborne with the popular
Moto Ski 6. In the background
is John Rock's now - restored
orange hobby Chevy.
Courtesy of John Gallant
Neil "Terrible" Tooley poses with one
of his later modifieds. It seems unusual that
Bill Fowler's 27JR sedan would be at
the same track.

Courtesy Gene Stratton
In this shot of
a very early
Gil Bruss 22 [driven by Bill
Rafter] we see an equally
early shot of the Henry Caputo
111, as yet quite pristine.
Courtesy of Howard Benway
Bundled against the Spring cold,
Lew Boyd poses with his ex -
Lee Hendrickson sedan at
Lakeville. The team car, Berggren's
180 is seen behind.



Ladabouche Photo
The 04 Ford Fairlane 500 from Hancock, VT.
 In the background is the owner, Paul Norton -  and former Catamount Tiger driver Ron Wells [left]

Courtesy of Neal Davis
This pose with Sonny Rabideau shows Bud Wilder in the background. BW drove cars at
Claremont for a while.


Courtesy of Rich Palmer
This shot of Beaver  Dragon in Victory Lane
 at Catamount in 1973  shows: John Merrick,
closest to car; Randy Cary next right], Doug
 McLeod; & Peter B. Guibard of WKDR.

Ladabouche Photo
In a strange turn of events, Jean-Paul Cabana enters the pits with a tandem of two cars. He is meeting his old car [to the left] now owned by Ron Bettis]. This also shows the old Chevron gas station really well.

Ladabouche Photo
Cecil Bosworth drove this Claremont car at
 Fairmont at least once. Note track
 announcer Bill Barsalow, Sr. checking it out.

Photo Courtesy of
Terry LaFerriere
This shot shows three important things, the most important of which is Ron Barcomb's dad, Herb [2nd from left]. It also shows Rene Maxfield's Tiger, which sometimes sported an ESSO Tiger on its roof - and the filling station from the rival Chevron.

Ladabouche Photo
The 24 Sedan of Norm Scarborough, driven then by Russ Shaw. In the background is Clayton Ryan, a former CVRA car owner and father of Jack, who owns DIRT cars of the same number. He is father to Jim Ryan.

Ladabouche Photo
The 04 Grand American of Harry Rathburn yields a number of former Catamount drivers in the background: Brad Wright [Hurricane], blue shirt with white patches and blonde hair; Greg Lyman [Hurricane and Grand American] white T-shirt and afro]; Randy Chapin , [Crew chief for Joe Myers and others, the shorter guy with long hair]; and Joe Myers [Hurricane, GA, and Late Model], at right with striped shirt.


John Grady Photo
This is Bill Wimble, in the infield at Fonda. The
photo was mis-labeled as Buzzie Reutimann, due
to their strong resemblance- at least when Wimble wore these glasses. In the background is former area car owner Theron von Benschoten, Richfield Springs, NY.

Russ Bergh Photo
Ed Ortiz, an invader from
Ransomville at Fonda who could gun down
the local greats with his honkin', oil-guzzlin'
B&M motor. Behind Ed [in glasses]
is Tom Douglas, who went on to field those
maroon #91's for Jack Johnson. To the right is
Roger Gauthier's 12A. King's 90A crew is
also seen.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
In this Vince Q. photo, you see Lee
Delphia [right] and Al Ryan [looking at
Vince in black shirt]. Norm Scarborough is working on the car, and Lyle Yantz is
also seen behind Vince.

Otto Graham Site
Jeep Herbert Henry Caputo 11
Note famed mechanic Willie Seamon in
the background [hat & coveralls]. Caputo's
mechanic was Ed Wright.

Bill Ladabouche Collection
This shot of one of the Julius
Mestyan #6's shows familiar
Fairmont and D Bowl figure
John Luleck [right]

Courtesy Phil Walbridge
In this shot of Jim Gallison
and car owner Gil Rhoades.
we have another driver in the car.
Anyone recognize him ?

Courtesy of Cho Lee
This shot of Harold Hanaford
and John Untied [ctr] also
shows the seldom - photographed
Spade Cooley, T Road co -owner.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Lennie Stockwell gestures
at a wreck scene involving
his #00. The man in the foreground
may possibly be Dick Blake, of  the
Blake & Loso wrecker team.

Russ Bergh Photo - Starin Family Collection
This shot shows Fonda workers cleaning
up the infamous Jerry Jerome wreck.
Official Bob Whitbeck [far left] looks he's
getting a ribbing. He originally built
the car.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
I was looking through
the photos
of the Catamount pit bleacher collapse
that Cho Lee gave me. Robbie won that
day. Lo, and behold, there in Victory Lane
was Mary Jean Erickson, one of my
classmates for all 12 years of school. [Right]

Courtesy of Mike Pa
This shot shows
Danny Gallulo, Jr
at Riverside. In the background,
with the gery hair is father, Danny, Sr.
Bob Frazier Photo - Lafond Family Collection
Little Joe D'Avignon looks a little woozy as he flexes what is likely a sore arm and heads out to see what happened. His car is in the immediate foreground. 
Behind him, a very dazed veteran driver Ken "Pappy" Delong is looked after by Bob Loomis, whose car he ended up rear-ending. 

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
It's possible Will Cagle is parked next to
a Mirror at this All Star League race; but,
more likely, he had both the pavement
and dirt cars with him.
Bob Frazier Photo - Lafond Family Collection
Yup, it's a photo of good ol' Jay Brown, lifetime star at Devil's Bowl. But look behind him: It's Jean-Paul Cyr, at a tender age, with none other than Ricky [RPM] Paya and JP's folks, Norm
and Louise Cyr.
Bob Frazier Photo - Lafond Family Collection
This is a typical shot of a curious '60's crowd
gawking at a wrecked stock car. Lost in the crowd is the driver, Ted Brown [white shirt and hands on hips] wondering what the hell he's going to do next. He had to borrow this truck to get it back to Keene, NH.
From the Outside Groove Site
This is to show Russell Ingerson on Catamount's pit ramp with Blake's 72 LMS. In the background, the tall man on the hauler is Ernie Barcomb,
Ron's uncle and a 1950's driver.

Courtesy of Mark Austin
Mark found this terribly grainy
shot of Beaver Dragon in the
Catamount pits with his Black
Magic car. In the background I
see the late Mark Rossi by Bill
MacRitchie's 1X.

Ladabouche Collection
Jean-Paul Cabana poses with Richard
Petty at Mosport, in Canada. In the background is long-time Cabana crewchief Claude Faniau.

Ladabouche Collection
This shot of Cabana is possibly
the only one showing any trace of
Larry Delfico's Chevelle. it was put out
of commission when struck in turn
4 at Catamount by Don Turner.

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti
This photo of Don MacTavish,
working on his motor at
Seekonk, seems to have caught Peter
Goodwill Hamilton peeking over
his shoulder

Courtesy of Lebanon Valley
Classics via Timeline Photos

This shot of little Frankie
Schneider, the consummate pro,
shows the Bobby Bottcher 666
sedan behind. But, the owner of
the photo circled someone else.
Any ideas?

Courtesy of Lebanon Valley
Classics via Timeline Photos

George Proctor, the poster
child of low buck stars, needs
no one behind him. It just tickles
me to find a shot of him.

Courtesy of Vintage Mod Site
Little John Rosati wins one at
his nemesis track, T Road, in
1973. A 70s' - fashionable Ken
Squier is seen behind.

Ladabouche Photo
The old Otter Creek Speedway
featured welding service, done at
Hi  Monroe's construction shed. It
required leaving the pit area and
Climbing the hill up behind the
bleachers. Here Keene, NH's Art
Cody is doing just that. The big guy in the
white sweatshirt is future Fairmont and
Devil's Bowl driver Russ Shaw.

Ladabouche Photo
The aforementioned
 Otter Creek Speedway
welding shed is shown in
the background as Jack
Dubrul chats after a NASCAR
sportsman race there in 1963

Ladabouche Photo
George Proctor's Plymouth
sedan had invaded Fairmont
Speedway and blown everyone
away. My friend, the late Bob Allard
is at far right, marveling at the unknown
invader car. Bob is one of the main reasons
I got to races and got hooked.
Courtesy of
This would be just another photo
of Chuck Boos' 9, but I think it captures
dad, Hans, at left.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
When Hertica got this shot of Dick
Hansen's sedan here, he also
got master builder Bruce Carman,
seated in the passenger side of his hauler.
Courtesy ofLou Lazzaro
This shot of Bill Wimble with one of
his trademark Hawaiian shirts also
shows his ace mechanic, Fred DeCarr.
Mike Shaub Photo
Courtesy of Chas Hertica

It doesn't get much more high level than
a confab among Dick Tobias, Will Cagle,
and Budd Olsen. And, listening in is none
other than the great Hully Bunn.
Courtesy of Leb. Valley Classics
Doug Garrison is seen preparing to enter the Martin Riiska Yellow X sedan in the late 1950's.
Riiska is in the background gesturing.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
Jackie Wilson poses with the Joe Lawrence 16. Lawrence is the small man in the background talking with dave Kneisel.
Scott Nickel Photo
Courtesy of Al Ward and W. Newell

Jamie Aube interviewed at Seekonk by
 Dave Moody. At left is Seekonk's
D. Anthony Venditti, owner/promoter.
John Penning Collection
Courtesy of Chas Hertica

Check out the car behind Tex Enright. Who the hell drove that car - Shaquille O'Neal ?
Courtesy of Walter Newell

Jamie Aube at Oxford in the BGNN era. Imn the background, facing us is his right hand man for many years - Pete Pinon.
Courtesy of
Pete Silva
The photo shows Beaver Dragon in the famous Quint Boisvert Black Magic Nova, one of my last lettering jobs. Also captured is his tow young Milton - born crewmen, Larry Lauziere [left] and Donny LaCroix [foreground].
Courtesy of
Scott Brown
Bob Dragon's Moe Brown - owned LMS is lettered right in the pits by Maine's brilliant Warren Hamilton. The guy lending help is future broadcasting celeb Dave Moody.
Courtesy of Ginny Ross
via Dick Hansen

Legendary car owner Gordon Ross works on one of his famous 19 cars with a man who looks like he could be related. Driver Jokko Maggiacommo looks on and even Rene Charland is checking it out.
Ladabouche Photo
The Allie Swears 51 shows up at Fonda.
To the left is co - promoter Jim Gage. I recall him as always recognizing me and always managing to say hello.
Paul Michaud Photo
Jacques Ste - Marie
and a crewman pose at
the Sanair short track in 1973. Visible
behind, to the left are officials Archie Blackadar and Pat McGrath.
 Ladabouche Photo
It took me years to correct this photo, taken
with a Kodak box camera in failing light. It
shows the 1962 Vermont State Champion
Sonny Rabideau, hidden in a crowd of
well wishers at Fairmont Speedway.
Courtesy of Michael McGinley
Coupes take practice at Bear Ridge Speedway in the 1980's. Seen in the foreground at right is track owner and race driver Butch Elms.
LaFond Family Photo
This was cropped out of a much
larger photo of the first big pileup during CJ RIchards' grand race program at the VT State Fair in 1962. We now know this was the debut of The Unbeatable Lennie Wood in the Ralph Morse A11.
 Courtesy of George Meade
The 1967 Trenton winne, Bugsy Stevens, r is interviewed. Off to the left is Big Bob O'Rourke, was busy that year [the first season of the All Star League]. I don't know if this race was connected to the ASL or not.
 Courtesy of Mike Anop
ASL helmet and all, Dick Clark heads out during an ASL program in Hugh Hedgers 16. In the background is a young Ron Hedger, looking on. 
 Courtesy of Otto Graham
The purpose was to show Rollie Johnson's sprint car, which was driven for him by hardened veteran Henry Gritzbach. But the stars of this show were his boys, Jack and Joe  who would go on to  brilliant careers in stock cars. 
Ladabouche Photo
A Dexter Dorr crewman tightens the
lugs on his new sportsman at
Fairmont Speedway, 1966. Local
driver George Rogers [facing us]
checks it out in the background.
Courtesy of David Alex, Sr.
Frank Ariano, owner of the
familiar 8X driven by George
Peters and Johnny Coy stands
beside one of his cars.
Ladabouche Photo
This photo of Ray Richards' new
15 car also captured driver, Jim Spaulding
, Tom Perry, Ray, and his father.
Courtesy of Rick Luke
The tall Utica driver Jim Luke
poses with the Burns & Wilson
100. It also caught a guy with a
"Whitbeck's of Canajoharie" jacket
in the background. Bob Whitebeck was a major stock car racing pioneer in the region.
Ladabouche Photo
Norwood Arena transplant Jerry
Driscoll obliges me for a photo,
at Catamount and I also got
technical genius John Merrick
in the background.
Courtesy of Michael Cranston
This victory lane shot of
Bobby Isaac at Albany - Saratoga
captured Ken Squier at right
who must have been called in
to do some announcing.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Ken Shoemaker wins one in the
former Kittler / Wolfe 37 now
owned by A.C. Caprara [to the left of
Shoe]. At our far right we see the
ever - present Ed Pieniazek - not only
valued mechanic but darned good
driver, himself.
Ladabouche Photo
This shot was meant to get the
C.A. Crouch 36 of Tom Glaser.
it also captured CA, talking to
Barney McRae on the other side
of the car.



Russ Bergh Photo
From Hemmings Motor News Site
An angle of action at Fonda seldom seen
shows the bleachers. Also some less -
photographed drivers in H1 Rebel Ross,
Bruce Dostal, and Skip Roots.
That's a young Dave Lape in his 1st car [22]
Davis Family Collection
Cecil Bosworth departed from his
usual George Ingalls 888 ride for
the big Rutland Fair show in September
of 1962. He is with #37 owner Chet Cashman. In
the background the crowd of over 10,000
is filling in to set a new Vermont sports record.
Bob Frazier Photo - Lafond Family Collection
This shot shows the first of two big pileups at that Rutland Fair show. Look at that crowd in the background !
Both Photos from HAMB Site 
This photo of Godfrey Wentzel's 00 at Riverside
shows the amusement park roller coaster
in the background. Below - The other 00"shot shows the "river side" part of the deal.


Courtesy of Dan Nolin
Ronnie Marvin at Thunder Road.
The background is a good picture of
the pit entrance before the renovations.


Courtesy of Dan Nolin
Jack Anderson has car full of kids at his Riverside Avenue shop. The building is now gone.

Source : Topaz
Please Tell Me Your Name
Jim Locke's Falcon at Bryar Motorsports Park, Loudon, NH.  Check out the old course before NHIS

Andy Boright
This shot of Rosati and Ingerson cars shows the old concession setup at T Road.

Danish Family Photo
This shot of a heat going
into Turn One at Fonda
shows the famous "Checker Board stand", where Russ Bergh and his assistant, Otto [Page?] worked in the '60's at Fonda.

Arnie Ainsworth Photo
This shot of Corey with
the Studebaker shows
Fonda's famous Cow
Palace, on the

Danish Family Photo
Apparently a heat going
into Turn 1 at Fonda [because it is too light for feature time]. This shows a lot of the old Fonda layout.

Photo from Cho Lee
In the background of this
mid '60's photo at Catamount
is the  track's infamous

Ladabouche Photo
Chuck Ely's first race car
sits in front of the old
payoff booth at Fairmont Speedway.

Ladabouche Photo
In the long shadows of
late afternoon, a group
of Fairmont competitors
line up for payoff.

Bob Frazier Photo
Vern Hall's photo
gives a good view of the front stretch at
 the old Fairmont track.

Ladabouche Photo
Jean - Guy Chartrand shows up at Fonda on a gloomy Saturday afternoon in 1963. He hauled from Montreal just to find, as did we, that the show was cancelled. The shot shows Fonda's famous old ticket booth from the '60's.

Mike Cain Photo
Russ Urlin carries the checkers
 after setting the final lap speed
record at Catamount. In the
background is the big scoreboard.

Ladabouche Photo
urious fans inspect the Pelletier/
Falzarano Chevelle of Russ Ingerson .In the background is the old Chevron gas
station original to Catamount.

Ladabouche Photo
In the long shadows of
late afternoon, Beaver Dragon
poses with  that same Chevelle
he had bought. Note the Chevron
building is gone. It collapsed
under the weight of guys
climbing on it to watch races.

Christian Ti - Gaz Genest Photo
Jean - Paul Cabana is seen at
Autodrome Ste-Therese in 1968.
Check out the guy on the fence.
Only in Canada.

L A West Collection
Len West captured this shot
of Dion at Oxford with one
of his lovely late models. His brother a
and the others at right look like
they expect the car to blow up any

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Although this is a fabulous early
Flying Tiger shot at Catamount, it's
what is in the background: many cars
getting a free look at the action from
Interstate 89. That worked until the trees
grew in more.
Courtesy of Lebanon Valley
Classics via Timeline Photos

Bud Verge wins one at the Valley.
The story is the track itself. This is
pre-high banking days.
Courtesy of Phil Smith
The Lonsdale [RI] Arena circa
1949. The track didn't last half
as long as that factory with its
big smokestack did.
Courtesy of Mark Austin
This pileup at Northeastern
Speedway allows a rare glimpse
of the track's concession stand. -
which was not reproduced when
Paul Bellefeuille restored the track site.
Courtesy of Mark Dean
Ron Bettis wheels the former Cabana
Chevelle past a spin at Catamount. Believe it
or not, that low tech scoreboard was
a recent addition and a great
improvement back in 1972.

Courtesy of Mike Anop
This shot of Buddy Krebs, next to Leo Matte's
92, shows the Riverside Park roller
coaster better than most.
Courtesy of Ginny Ross
via Dick Hansen and Chas Hertica

This shot of an early Gordon Ross 19
affords a good view of long - gone race track within Hinchcliffe Stadium, in Paterson, NJ.
Courtesy of Herbert Family
This shot of Jeep Herbert  really shows the rickety fence that Stateline Speedway used to both keep dirts nad stones off Rte 67 and also to discourage
non-paying freeloaders from parking on the state highway and peeking in.
Courtesy of Andy Boright
Mike Barry wheels the former Bob Pratt Chevelle onto Catamount. In the backgroound you can see cars pitting off Turn 1 - outside of the pit area. They sued to get that many cars !
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
Norm Barger on the frontstretch at the
Valley, back when the stands weren't so big.
Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Chet Hames throws the green at an early
Stateline Speedway race. The covered grandstands, which were removed are seen as is the brick tavern across Rte 67.
Courtesy of Midstate Club
Wee Willie Allen, at the 1962 Syracuse race.
It shows the old judges' stand there.
Charles Zulla Photo
Courtesy of Ken Edsell Collection

This shot of action at Staten Island's Weissglass Stadium shows how much the facility was tucked right into the neighborhood. [So much so that they had to use the next door Chrysler dealership for one of their pit areas.
Courtesy of Milton Spdwy Facebook Page

Milton Speedway, the drag strip in town. Recognize the building ? It ended up at Catamount when the strip closed.
Ladabouche Collection
Little Joe D'Avignon's 2nd car attracted a lot of attention when first seen, The photo gives a
great perspective on much of the Fairmont Speedway spectator area around 1963 or 4.
Chuck Ely Photo
Courtesy of Chas Hertica

Chuck Ely wanted this shot of Jackie Wilson with the supercharged Lawrence sedan. He slso got that old barn with the Lebanon Valley sign painted on it.
Jim Campbell Photo
Jim Campbell's shot of Andy Romano hauling their sedan onto that access road at Fonda .
It shows how close the road was to the backstretch.
Courtesy of John Danish
Chet Hames flags off a $1000 to win extra distance race at Stateline. This is later than similar three wide shots of earlier races because the covered stands were older than these seen here. Believe it or not, the brick house was not on the speedway grounds.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Tom Tiller's 1972 car. It shows when
Thunder Road had its handicapper's stand
more in the middle of the pit area.
Courtesy of Gerard Major
This shot of Candadian Frank Hodge with the Beliveau brothers B45Jr shows
Bouvrette Speedway's magnificent grandstands and how close that other other building was to the racing surface. The place was meant for horses.
Courtesy of Andy Moore
B Class cars at Thunder Road around
1961. It shows how different the track
looked then.
Courtesy of Andy Moore
Dick Southworth soldiers on as a Ford
glances off the Widowmaker at Thunder Road.
The shot shows the old RR ties and a
concession stand that no longer exist.
Bob Frazier Photo
Ladabouche Collection
Butch Jelley wind one of the first heat races
at CJ Richards' newly-opened Fairmont Speedway in 1962. The background shows how there weren't enough bleachers, leaving people to crowd the inadequate fence and sit on"the old stables in the background.

Al Ward Photo
A & A Ward Collection
Ken Squier gives former Chief Pit Steward and flagger, Archie Blackadar a well - deserved interview during one of the Milk Bowl Sundays. Behind, we see Vermont politician
s waiting to throw cow chips.
Courtesy of Ginny Ross via Dick Hansen
Empire Racewway action. Check out the
phone numbers on those signs. Any doubt it was late 40's or early 50's ? And what the hell is an "ironer" ?

 Courtesy of Elton Ashley
Elton Ashley, one of the guardian angels of Lakeville Speedway, takes a victory lap at his beloved Lakeville. The shot shows the spartan facilities the track had. Check out that elaborate judges' stand.

Courtesy of Hackel Family
Ashland Park Speedway, Warrensburgh, NY was an old fairgrounds track used heavily for horse before the auto races came in. Those dark old grandstands burned around 1960 under suspicious circumstances.
Courtesy of Ricky Gosney
This shot of Five Flags Speedway is
supposed to be featuring the big crash. But look at the abominable safety conditions in the
background, as people stand right at the fence.
via Edw. B. Brown III

People on their front porch get a
dusty view of early racing at
Unity Raceway, in Maine.

George T. Morgan Photo
Courtesy of Donna Kreeber Mateer
via Joe Grossetti

A good view of Coxsackie Speedway. You can see why most people preferred the grassy hillside. There wasn't much for bleachers.
Courtesy of the Kay Family
This is labeled as "Ed Kay, Canadian Plymouth".
Look at the fans just standing beside a fenceless track [and, from the looks of Ed's body language, it's a turn there]. Geez !

Courtesy of Ricky Gosney
This is a Southern track called 5
Flags Speedway. Look at the
wonderful spectator safety conditions.

Bob Frazier Photo
Courtesy of Chris Companion

This 1964 shot of Vince Quenneville, Sr. shows a good view of the spectator area at
Fairmont Speedway just north of the
regualr bleachers [turn one].
Courtesy of Rick Parry
The cars belong to Roland Bellinger
and Frank Mathalia. The sign says
"Charland'. It could be Roland's,
Rene's, or Bosley's shop. I dunno.

Richard Prstt Photo
Don Thomas hands the checkers off
to Wild Bill Fountain at Airborne in
1985. It shows the way the center
of the specatator area once looked.

Leoneard Parent Photo
Courtesy of Mike Cain
This is said to be an aerial
of Catamount's last racing show.
To the bottom is Interstate 89;
to the top you see the encroachment
of industrial development that
closed the track.

Courtesy of Lew Boyd
Irv Fried's 1 1/8 mile dirt
track at Nazareth, PA. The
infamous cement plant looms in
the background.
Courtesy of Dave Mariano, Sr.
This shot shows a different
view of the Lakeville track
from a none - too - full pits.

Courtesy of Lou Lazarro
Lou Lazarro shows one of his
dad's ASL helmets. The style is
original, but it must be Year 2 because
the first year they had McHal helmets.
Note the Lazarro show in background.

Source Unknown
Oh shit, Charlie - I just
realized these guys are goin' in
the wrong direction ! That's
'cuz it's Australia, mate !
Courtesy of Dan Gowie
A shot of a tangle involving
George Gowie gives us a
good look at the old covered
stands at Stateline Speedway,
No. Bennington, VT. Removed later,
they originated when Mike Akhoury
was running the place as a
horse track.
Courtesy of John Grady
Pete Hamilton, at Malta with
friend, journalist Les Duell. They
became friends when PH raced
there regualrly. The tent gives
testimony that Malta went all
out for the Grand National show
Courtesy of Ted Degraff via Chas Hertica
This shot of Ted DeGraff winning
in a '56 Chevy hobby car gives a
good look at the frontstretch at
Accord Speedway.
Courtesy of Howard Benway
This old photo gives a good
idea of the earlier days of the
big Syracuse race.
Courtesy of Vogel Family
Ted Vogel, of Granville, NY poses
with one of his earliest cars in
the infield at Pico Raceway, in
Rutland, VT. Seen in the background
is Pico Mountain, the track's namesake.

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