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     The state of New Hampshire has produced many of the stars in Vermont racing. Although the Granite state has always had its own tracks, a certain number of New Hampshire drivers - all the way from Pappy Forsythe to Stub Fadden - have shown a preference to race west of the New Hampshire border in tracks such as Pico, Stateline, Fairmont, Northeastern, Thunder Road, Catamount, Devil's Bowl, and Bear Ridge.

Cecil Bosworth and Ted Brown still to come ]

Buddy Bardwell

      Buddy Bardwell, of Keene, New Hampshire raced as much in Vermont as he did in New Hampshire. He drove his first car in 1951. He remembers running Pico Raceway, in Rutland, and Stateline Speedway in Bennington in those days. Bardwell was one of the most traveled race car drivers of any era. He still is - trailering his #13 all around the Northeast to race in vintage race car exhibition races.

     Bardwell raced at Thunder Road on a fairly regular basis around the very beginning of the 1960's before appearing at Fairmont Speedway and Otter Creek Speedway a couple of years later. Bardwell won the first feature at C.J. Richards' Fairmont Speedway in 1963 with a number 13 Ford not yet sporting his trademark bullhorns.

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 Bardwell Album Photo -

The first Bardwell car - which probably ran Pico and Stateline, to name a few.

13_Bardwell_Ford_Color.jpg (118154 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of James Howard  -

A pre-Hudson Bardwell car - most  likely at Cheshire Fairgrounds in Keene

Bob Frazier Photo -
Bardwell tears through Turn 4
with Howard Stevens

Bob Frazier Photo -
Bardwell with the Hudson, maybe

176 Racing.Com  Photo
Bardwell with the Brattleboro Speedway championship trophy in the 1950s.

  Bill Ladabouche Photo -

The car that won the first race at Fairmont. This shot is at Otter Creek Speedway. Below, are two shots of victory lane that day - Memorial Day, 1962.


  Bill Ladabouche Photos -

The famous Bardwell bullhorns car - being shown in Barre, Vermont and at Swanzey, NH

Bardwell_atSwanzey.JPG (841712 bytes)


Bob Frazier Photo  

Bob Frazier Photo -

Claremont Speedway Program Photo -
An early
pre-bullhorns Bardwell car.

Sonny Rabideau

    Sonny Rabideau, a Vermonter, actually raced more in New Hampshire than Vermont. He drove a car for Brattleboro car owner Frank "Stroker"  Smith. The car was lower and more powerful than most of the rest of the field. He was awarded the first Vermont State Championship that C.J. Richards ever held, around 1964.

    Rabideau and the Smith 311 were such a potent combination that, after Richards started allowing overhead valve V-8's, it was still the 311 that usually came out on top. When Smith got out of racing, Rabideau drove for a few owners, without much success.

             Ken Paulsen Photo -

The restored Stroker Smith car. Terry Marks did a great job on it.

Rabideau_Car_TerryMarks.JPG (844177 bytes)
Bill Ladabouche Photo - 

Terry Marks walks over to his restored 311 at the Swanzey show.

Rabideau_with_restoredcar.JPG (834885 bytes)
Bill Ladabouche Photo - 

Sonny Rabideau poses with is car at the Swanzey show.

    Bill Ladabouche Photo -

Winning the 1964 Vermont State Championship

Sonny Rabideau, of Brattleboro, VT. actually raced more in New Hampshire than Vermont. He drove a car for Claremont, NH car owner Frank "Stroker" Smith.


Terry Marks Photo -

A car he drove at Cheshire & West Brattleboro -
The Cazchini DN3 out of Northhampton, M.


George Hill Photo Collection-

Sonny Rabideau, very young, seen at the old Brattleboro Speedway in his brother's car around 1950.


Terry Marks Photo -

Rabideau with one of the many Leo Vallancourt cars he drove



Cavalcade of Racing Photo -

Rabideau, with the recently - purchased car that had been driven by Howard Stevens at Fairmont.


Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabian -

Rabideau gets the checkers from Fairmont's first starter, Danny Rumpf



Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabian -

I think this is Rabideau
at work at Angell's
Automotive, in Brattleboro

Courtesy of R.A. Silvia Collection
and Three Wide Site

Rabideau, with the familiar
Stroker Smith car.


Rutland Herald Photo -

Sonny Rabideau [right] starts to move on [from left - Little Joe D'Avignon, Elmer Erickson, and Howard Stevens at the Rutland Fairgrounds around 1963.

Ken Robertson Photo -

Sonny Rabideau's improved family #7
on the truck at Cheshire fairgrounds
in 1959.


Courtesy of John Rabideau -

Sonny Rabideau with a later Vallancourt
car now using #10..


NEAR Photo -

A later 311 for Claremont,
maybe Stroker Smith's.

Art Cody

Cody_and_Rumpf.JPG (178527 bytes)

Bob Frazier Photo - 

Art Cody, Keene, NH taking a feature win at Fairmont from flagger Danny Rumpf. Cody drove the Henry Merrill - owned 33.


Art Cody.jpg (99551 bytes)

Ken Paulsen Photo -

The restored Henry Merrill car.


Cody_Pit_Stop.jpg (14746 bytes)

Bill Ladabouche Photo -

Art Cody taking a quick trip up the hill at Vergennes,
Vt.'s Otter Creek Speedway. Looking on in the white
shirt is future CVRA star Russ Shaw.


Roy "Pappy" Forsyth

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

Forsyth and George Barber [right] receive trophies - from the mayor of Barre.

Forsythe_Coupe.JPG (95925 bytes)

Bill Ladabouche Photo -

The restored George Barber 46 at the Shelburne Museum show in 2004

Forsythe_Trophies_Janoski.JPG (356837 bytes)

Photo by Jack Teehan, Keene Sentinel

Forsyth trophies Connecticut driver George Janoski.

Courtesy of Walter Perkins
from the Ahlers Scrapbook

The Forsyth coupe at
Safford Park Speedway in
Keene, NH


ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee
Courtesy of Walter Perkins
from the Ahlers Scrapbook
The Forsyth coupe,
before he bought it,
with the NY owner or

Courtesy of Walter Perkins
from the Ahlers Scrapbook

What might be his
first coupe, ready
to go, at home.



Courtesy of Walter Perkins
from the Ahlers Scrapbook

Forsyth's first George
Barber car - in a wreck at Claremont.

Courtesy of Walter Perkins
from the Ahlers Scrapbook

What might be his
first coupe, possibly
at Malletts Bay.

Photo by Norman McIver
via Cho Lee-

A portrait around 1960.

Ted Brown

Photo Courtesy of C.J. Richards

By the time Devil's Bowl had opened, Ted had years of racing under his belt in the #92 and other cars.|

Photo Source Unknown-

This sedan was actually later in his career. He had wrecked one at Fairmont many years before.

Photo by Jack Teehan, Keene Sentinel

Ted with his Claremont "jalopy", probably also used at Cheshire Fairgrounds.

Bill Ladabouche Photo -

The familiar Lash Texaco,
at Fairmont around 1963.

Bill Ladabouche Photo -

After races at Otter Creek in

Photo Source Unknown-

The Curt Dragon coupe,
driven by Ted, Art Johnson,
Leo Howland, and others.

B.Ladabouche Photo

The Dragon car in the pits
at Fairmont around 1965.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo

The 92 team. The man in the middle is Richard Castine. Anyone help with the other guy's name ? Could
be Art Johnson.


Courtesy of Tim Rogers-

This was a former Irv Taylor coupe from NY that
 he bought from its 2nd owner, Lefty Casey.


Photo Source The LaFond Family-

Ted picking up a win at Otter Creek Speedway
near Vergennes, VT. Starter Danny Rumpf appears
to be helping with an adjustment.


Photo Source Steven Brown-

The last car, according to the donor.



Others in the South

Photo Courtesy of Neal Davis

The Roger Canfield 8NH.

An early version, with Don Lawlor as driver.

Photo by Bill Ladabouche

Leo Howland,
Keene, NH

Curt Dragon's 31


Ladabouche Collection

Roger Dutton,
Keene, NH

Taken at Cheshire fairgrounds.

Brown Family Photo

Walt Brown, Jr.


Photo by Bill Ladabouche

Wilfred Gerard,
Claremont, NH

He had various drivers including Dick Gerard.


Photo Courtesy of Phil Chastenay

Ernie Bodreau,
Keene, NH area [?]


Photo by Bill Ladabouche

Chet Cashman's 37

He had varioous drivers including
Cecil Bosworth.


Photo by Bill Ladabouche

Mike Cody,
Keene, NH

Showed up with this particular car
at Fairmont in 1962.

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The Ingerson Brothers

Photo from Cavalcade of Racing

The Boys Pose Together

Photo - Cavalcade of Racing

The brothers finish under a blanket at Thunder Road.
 51 - Russ, 58 - Doug, and 47 - Lee

Photo - Norman McIver Portrait

Leland, the eldest

Photo - Courtesy of Cho Lee

Russ, in the coupe days.

Photo from Rich Palmer

Doug, with an early Flying Tiger


Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

Lee, in the the #47
George Barber coupe - beside Pappy Forsythe

Photo from Rich Palmer

Russ with his most famous ride - the Pelletier/Falzarano #51
This was the '57 Chevy limited sportsman version.

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

The brothers share a laugh during the coupe era.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer

Lee's last ride would be the Tom Tiller Dodge, seen here. Ingerson would drive the #7 briefly.

Photo - Bill Ladabouche

Russ's legendary Chevelle.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Watson

Russell's last late model ride - the Blake & Loso Chevelle

Photo Courtesy of Andy Boright

The former George Horn Blake & Loso Chevelle is toasted by Russ at Thunder Road.

Stub Fadden

Cavalcade of Racing Photo -
Norman McIver Portrait

The 6 above is not Stub's first car,
but close to it. [A B Class car at T Road]

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

A still pretty young Stub in Victory Lane
with a scrawny Alvin at right. This must be
around 1966.

Earl Vierling Photo Courtesy of Rich Palmer

A low point at Barre around 1968.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer

The Fadden limited sportsman Mopar around 1970. The car later went to Steve Poulin,

Ladabouche Photo

Once the full late model sportsman era was ushered in, Stub seemed to go through a minimum of one car a year. This was either he first or 2nd.
Ladabouche Photo

Milton kid Larry Wood checks out
the other car that could have been his
first LMS.
Courtesy of Andy Boright

Arguably, Stub's most photogrpahed late model before the white car.
Mike Cain Photo

Likely, Stub's most recognizable car - the Patten Gas 16 Buick.
Courtesy of Andy Boright
Stub tried the ACT cars, but he
ended up in BGNN after a while.
ebay Auction Photo

The BGNN Effort

NEAR Photo

Induction into the NEAR Hall of Fame.
What he might be best remembered for was being " really nice man".
Ladabouche Photo

Friends and well wishers surround
Stub at a Thunder Road reunion picninc.
Left - Tom Tiller, John Keefer, Mrs.
Steve Poulin, Steve, June and Jane Dragon.

Ronnie Marvin

Cavalcade of Racing Photo -
Norman McIver Portrait

Marvin the Mauler

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

The man could fill a little flathead coupe.
This is Catamount, 1965 when he not only ran
the flathead against overhead V-8's - but he finished
in the top twenty in NASCAR National Sportsman points
that year.

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

Grabbing some track food
during the late model sportsman
era at T Road.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Boright

The Buick Skylark late model.

Photo Courtesy of Rich Palmert

Dwarfing his Chevelle LMS.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Boright

The other Chevelle, in Canada.


Norman McIver Portrait
via Cho Lee

Henry "The Frozen Logger" Montandon

Courtesy of 176 Racing.Com

With the Lloyd Hutchins 76, his
brother - in - law.

Norman McIver Portrait
via Cho Lee

Mutt Dexter,
Whitefield, NH

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee


Photo by McIver Courtesy of Cho Lee

Freddy Mills,
Groveton, NH

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee

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