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At the Old Fairgrounds in Fair Haven, Vermont

Courtesy of Norm Vadnais  Photo by Les King

Art Morgan [43], Steve Danish [white car] and two others compete on
 the Pico Raceway. They were all from the Fairmont Motor Park era.

     Fairmont Speedway gets its name from the fact it was situated at the old Fair Haven Fairgrounds, just on the New York border, on Route 4 in Fair Haven, Vermont. The track history is actually in two phases. Phase I is in the late 1940's early '50's period. At this time it was apparently named Fairmont Park Motor Speedway. Drivers at the time usually came from New York, as the rival Pico Raceway in Rutland was taking most of the local competitors.

Courtesy of John Nelson
1951 Rutland Herald
ad for Fairmont "Raceway"

Courtesy of John Nelson
1951 Rutland Herald
headline for Fairmont

    Fairmont Park Motor Speedway operated for a few years and then, as did rival Pico, it closed its gates. I don't have much information on the earlier phase of the Fair Haven track,but C.J. Richards insists it went by Fairmont Raceway, at one point. He is probably closer to right than I, being a Fair Haven resident and all. It would later re-open under the ownership of the Young family and promotership of a young Charles J. Richards - but not until the early 1960's.

Courtesy of John Nelson
1951 Rutland Herald
article about the competition with Pico

    In between the two Fairmont eras is one instance where the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, Vermont had stock cars from Lebanon Valley perform. This was no easy feat considering how dangerous the old horse track was. After several serious injuries during various stock car shows, the fair no longer allowed cars to race there. But that visit by the LV cars that year did more to lay promotional groundwork for CJ Richards than anything else could have. CLICK HERE to see a page on that show.

    Phase II is the better - known time at Fairmont - the promotorship of Charles "C. J." Richards [and the ownership of Hugh Young of nearby Young's Farm Equipment]. This is the time that the Champlain Valley Race Association [CVRA] was conceived. When Richards had had enough grief from the town of Fair Haven over, dust, noise, and traffic, he moved the operation north, up Route 22A, to West Haven on some land owned by the family. Here he started the present-day and well-known Devil's Bowl Speedway.


Tatro91.1stcar.jpg (10124 bytes)

Gene Tatro,
Manchester Depot, VT

Gene started out in the 1950's driving tracks like Fairmont, Pico, and even Stateline. This may have been like his cars of that era.

Baumie.jpg (12188 bytes)

George Baumgardner, 
Saratoga, NY

Danish Smile.jpg (18636 bytes)

Steve Danish 
Cropseyville, NY

More than likely, New York's legend visited the early Fairmont track, as it was so close to Danish's home base.


Courtesy of C.J. Richards

Spence Parkhurst, 36
Saratoga Sprs, NY

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois

Spence leads a Fairmont heat lineup, with Geo. Pritchard second.

MikeCody.8.jpg (18822 bytes)

Mike Cody,
Keene , NH

Older brother of Art Cody, Mike hit most of the tracks in the region at least a few times.

JollieOllie.jpg (284244 bytes)

Probably a McDowell Photo

Westmere, New York's "Jollie Ollie" Palmer probably hit Fairmont when not racing at Pico.



Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois

George Pritchard of Castleton ran regularly. This sure looks like him. The car is the rear seems to be associated with the well-known RU21 team out of NY.

Buddy_Bardwell_1st_Car.JPG (84770 bytes)

Buddy Bardwell Collection

Buddy Bardwell, Keene NH. This was his first car. He also won the first feature in the CJ Richards era.

Danish Family Collection
This is the full size of this photo. It supposedly shows Steve at Fairmont Park after a race. I don't know much about that tower in the background.

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois


Nephew 6 seven eigths.JPG (58864 bytes)

Yves LaDouceur ANCA Site

Dick Nephew, 
Mooers Forks, NY

Baumie_Flag_Stateline_VogelColl.jpg (29919 bytes)

Vogel Family Collection

George Baumgardner, Saratoga, NY

Ted Vogel's 95 sedan

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois

Vic Love, 
Fair Haven, VT

This is associated with the George Rogers team.

Jerry King Collection

Jerry King, 
Rutland, VT

King was a regular at Pico, but most probably ran at Fairmont a few  times.


Jerry KingCollection

George Connors,
Danby, Vermont
6 and 7/8

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois

George Rogers,
Castleton, VT



Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Charlie Morse,
N. Adams, MA

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Unknown Car - likely Fairmont or Pico

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Clarence Rock,
Burlington, VT

Part of Ivanhoe Smith's Enterprise that also owned Colchester Raceway. Willard Rock was co-owner

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
P.38, Nelson Moore
Granville, NY
Likely, owned by the Loomis Family

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Unknown Car

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Unknown Car

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Unknown Car

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Dave Brooks,
Manchester, VT

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
The old Fairmont
with a heat on the track. 36, Spence Parkhurst.37, George Pritchard.

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Don LeFrancois, Jerry King's righthand man. [Facing camera]

Courtesy of Dan Ody and Bud Brooks

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Charlie Morse, at speed on the
old Fairmont Park Motor Spdwy.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Charlie Morse in Victory
Lane around 1950.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Charlie Morse in the Ed Winn
467 on a victory lap.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Morse gets checkers from the
unidentified flagman.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Al Parry,
Saratoga Sprgs, NY

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Wooster Eames, Car 59

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Henry Bouchard's J5
hauled out of the woods off
one of Fairmont's turns.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

A tow truck man prepares to
hook up the J5.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

Turns 1 and 2. Cars include
6, Jack Barney; 36, Spence Parkhurst; and 7, Bill Bouplon.

From A Dan Ody  8MM DVD
On Vermont Vintage Tracks

A scene pf cars in the infield pits, Turn 1, and that old dairy just outside track property. Sorry these are so blurry - they're hard to capture off old movies.

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    Rutland Herald Photo  

As if to preview his promotion and to re-acquaint Rutland County folks with stock cars, C.J. Richards helped get the Lebanon Valley cars up to visit the fair in 1960. Johnny Flach [above] was one of those drivers. Click here to go to a page that covers racing at a number of Vermont fair venues.


Photo Courtesy of the Saratoga Automobile Museum

[above] C.J. Richards, the new promoter of  Fairmont, had inked a deal with prominent Lebanon Valley star Johnny Flach, of East Westerlo, NY. to appear at his opening. Flach never showed up, for whatever reason, but the inaugural race was a success anyway. [below] Richards poses proudly with the sign for his new speedway outside of Fair Haven, Vermont.

Courtesy of Norm Vadnais - From Quenneville Tribute Program
The lineup for the first of CVRA's features at Fairmont. I can only make out Joe Spellburg [#7, 4th row]
and Dick Gerard [inside, row #2].

Another copy of the same program, later in the season, had an updated roster in a separated page, stapled on inside. Sorry, the scanner could not pick up the true green color very well. I have another, 1964 edition, but it is so cut up it isn't worth scanning.

The Cover Page

Page Two - The All-Important Roster


Page Three - A Scorecard

Some Fairmont Goodies from the Charlie LaDuc Family

Courtesy of Barb LaDuc
Charlie LaDuc's 1963
Fairmont membership card.

Courtesy of Barb LaDuc
Charlie LaDuc's 1965
Fairmont safety
inspection receipt

Courtesy of Barb LaDuc
Charlie LaDuc's 1966
Fairmont membership card.

Courtesy of Barb LaDuc
One of Barb LaDuc's first
Fairmont ticket stubs -
Probably for 1963.

Courtesy of Wes Moody

C.J. Richards [2nd from right] with a few of his early officials. Starter Danny Rumpf is at far left. One looks like James Dean.

ButchJelley.jpg (32968 bytes)

Butch Jelley, of Pownal, VT, won a heat race on the opening day at Fairmont.

Cody_and_Rumpf.JPG (178527 bytes)

Art Cody, of Keene, NH, was one of the favorites to win the feature race of the CJ Richards era. Here, he has received the checkers from starter Danny Rumpf, a protege of Chet Hames.

Joe Spellburg.jpg (25896 bytes)

Earl Spellburg, of Glens Fall, NY, a competitor from Whites Beach Speedway,  was the very first car onto the track for practice that day.

Bardwell.Otter.jpg (32918 bytes)

Buddy Bardwell, of Keene, NH, won the first  feature race of the CJ Richards era - on opening day.

Me2.Baker.jpg (19942 bytes)

Lenny Baker,
Athol, NY

Part of the Warrensburg Gang

6Pak_Fair.jpg (18017 bytes)

Ed Baker,
Warrensburg, NY

Part of the Warrensburg Gang

BillStevens.S29.jpg (18089 bytes)

Bill Stevens,
West Sand Lake, NY

Dick_Gerard.JPG (32777 bytes)

Dick Gerard,
Claremont, NH

dick_pennock_1st.jpg (35966 bytes)

Dick Pennock,
Warrensburg, NY

Part of the Warrensburg Gang

geo_pritchard.jpg (34287 bytes)

George Pritchard,
Castleton, VT

walt_brownjr_1st.jpg (35418 bytes)

Walt Brown, Jr., 
Claremont, NH 
He won the first heat race of opening day.

Sonny Rabideau,
Brattleboro, VT

Rutland Herald Photo

 Art Rivers,
Glens Falls, NY

Herbue Swan.gif (6320 bytes)

Herbie Swan,
Middlebury, VT

Hoffer_X9_Fair.jpg (18533 bytes)
Bob Hoffer,
Argyle, NY

Courtesy of Wes Moody

The "Car 54" of Ken Delong, winning
a heat at the fairgrounds.



Photos Courtesy of Leonard West

[Left] Joe Spellburg's #7 sedan with Dick Gerard's 737. Behind is the 33 1/3 of Len Baker or maybe Red Smith. [Right] Future Vermont State Champion George Rogers.


Photos Courtesy of Leonard West

[Left] The Checkmate - either John Quenneville or Phil Russell, behind #19, which might have been someone named Tom Bennett,
from the old Ashland Park Speedway in Warrensburg, NY. [Right] John Ballantine's 61 beside an unidentified car.

Photo Courtesy of Leonard West

Buddy Bardwell of Keene, NH - with his more-familiar bullhorns car [
not the one with which he won the first feature of that year at Fairmont]. 


Front Row: Earl "Little Joe" Spellburg [7], and Red Smith, Athol, NY [33 1/3] 
Second Row: Art Cody [33]

Second Row: Art Cody [closest} and Ed Baker [6 Pac]. In the background you can see the cars- SUPER 38 Dick Pennock and Al Rodd's #536 [the white one on the right].

Third Row: Buddy Bardwell, with the famous bullhorns #13.

Bill Ladabouche Photos


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1962 to 1964

Bill_Threw_7A.jpg (90287 bytes)
Previously unheralded Bill Threw, of West Glens Falls, NY, won the second  feature race of the CJ Richards era .
Ingalls_and_Bosworth.jpg (52150 bytes)\
Cecil Bosworth of Athol, MA and car owner George Ingalls [right], of Hillsboro,NH, were an almost unbeatable team for the first few years of Fairmont.

888_Cecil_Bosworth_1963.jpg (18426 bytes)  Bosworth_Leaving_Fairmont_Paybooth.jpg (146211 bytes)

Charlie_LaDuc_1940Ford.jpg (255022 bytes)
Local favorite Charlie LaDuc of Orwell, VT moved up from the hobby division to the sportsman cars by 1964. The car was purchased from former Otter Creek driver Dick Hawkins of Ferrisburg, VT.
Danny_Starts_at_Fair.jpg (91981 bytes)
Rutland Herald Photo
Fairmont's first starter, Danny Rumpf of Saratoga, NY starts a field of Fairmont cars at the Vermont State Fair in 1964. On the pole is the About 5 of Art Rivers, an early regular at Fairmont. Also visible are Ray Richards [RR] and Vic Love. #30 was a driver named Griffin. The day did not go well for Rivers, seen below flipping over a small retaining wall as John Quenneville goes by.

Photo from Ed Fabian

Veteran competitor Gene Tatro of Manchester Depot, Vt. started the year driving for Kenny Martin and then brought back his own cars.
Tetrault_Crew_Better_Cropped.JPG (93593 bytes)


Geo Rogers.jpg (31363 bytes)
Rutland Herald Photo
George Rogers, of Castleton, VT, was an eventual Vermont State Champion. Another veteran, he had run against Tatro in the old Fairmont era.
up2_george_rogers_damaged.jpg (186317 bytes)
Rutland Herald Photo
George_Goewey_2.jpg (17971 bytes)
Dan Goewey Photo
Lebanon Valley star George Goewey came to Fairmont occasionally, without much success.
Geo Goewey.jpg (20936 bytes)
Leo_Howland_Color_Vergennes.jpg (16568 bytes)
Leo Howland, of Keene, NH, ran consistently in the early years.
OneEye_Ted_Color_Vergennes.jpg (17868 bytes)
Ted Brown of Keene, NH, won a number of features at Fairmont and Otter Creek. He also had a horrendous crash at Fairmont in 1963.
Quenneville_First_Car_1963.jpg (30580 bytes)  Quenneville_00_40Ford.JPG (28136 bytes) 
  3_Quenneville_1stDundon.gif (15755 bytes)  3_Quenneville_CrewPose.gif (14162 bytes)
Eventual superstar Vince Quenneville of Whiting, VT.
Herbue Swan.gif (6320 bytes)
"Little Joe" D'Avignon, Cornwall, VT.
MikeCody.8.jpg (18822 bytes)
Mike Cody, of Keene, NH, ran at a number of Vermont tracks, including Fairmont. His brother, Art, was better known at Fairmont while Mike was familiar to Thunder Road fans.

107.jpg (20916 bytes) 
Roger Gauthier,
 Fort Edward, NY    

Norm Scarborough Car

52.ProctorSr.jpg (24867 bytes)
George Proctor,
Crescent, NY

Proctor_Leaving_Fairmont.jpg (73722 bytes)
001_Visconti_40Ford.gif (16727 bytes) Visconti_001_4.JPG (41091 bytes)

Visconti_53Ford_2.JPG (33140 bytes) Visconti_107.JPG (53749 bytes)
Art Visconti,
Granville, NY

art_visconti_and_george.jpg (353577 bytes)

151.Leffler.jpg (23813 bytes) 
Don Leffler,
E.Greenbush, NY
20.Davis.OldSpafford.jpg (20655 bytes)
Don Davis,
Clarendon, VT
202.ridgeway.jpg (14464 bytes)
Bob Ridgeway, 
Schenectady, NY
33andOneThird.jpg (15893 bytes)
Red Smith,
Athol, NY

Part of the Warrensburg Gang

Ralph Chittenden.jpg (30597 bytes)
Bob Frazier Photo
New Yorker, Ralph "Rufus" Chittenden, Lebanon, NY - a veteran from Lebanon Valley, the Pine Bowl, and other Albany region tracks, ran very well at Fairmont.


  Guy_Chartrand_Goldand White.jpg (34248 bytes)
Courtesy of Pascal Magnum Website
Guy Chartrand made a dramatic guest visit to Fairmont and blew the rear end on lap 98 of a 100 lapper. Steve Danish won one of the last races of his career, as a result.

Peppi Peppicelli.JPG (47455 bytes)
Otto Graham Website-Russ Bergh Photo
Peppy Peppecelli, Schenectady, NY was a surprise visitor from Fonda - and ended up dented !

Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabian


Swears 51.jpg (13116 bytes)
Nelson Moore brought the familiar Allie Swears coupe to Fairmont and promptly wrecked it, ending its long lifetime as a sportsman. The poor quality shot below shows the results.
Swires_Wreck.jpg (12664 bytes)


Corey at Fairmont.jpg (11126 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of James Howard
Pete Corey made one visit to Fairmont and blew away the field.

Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabian
6andOne Half.jpg (15189 bytes)
Skip Wilcox,
Whitehall, NY and Trenton, NJ


buddybardwell.gif (37005 bytes)
Buddy Bardwell,
Keene, NH
bardwell_arriving_1963.jpg (151434 bytes)
with the familiar Hudson - powered bullhorns car
bennett_19.jpg (17202 bytes)
Tom Bennett,
Malletts Bay, VT 
Fairmont_Checkmate_Bennett_1962.jpg (39018 bytes)   
Photo Courtesy of LA West
DizzyDavis.22.jpg (19324 bytes)
Kent "Dizzy" Davis,
Rutland, VT
[with  his former Ken Delong coupe]
Earliest_Loomis_P61.jpg (20943 bytes)
The Loomis Brothers, from Granville, NY. This car may have also run at the old Mettowee Speedway.
Hoffer_X9_Fair.jpg (18533 bytes)
Bob Hoffer,
Argyle, NY
joe_messina_pinebowl.jpg (184520 bytes)
Photo probably by McDowell
Joe Messina, from the Albany, NY area. Shown here at the Pine Bowl, in Snyders Corners, NY. Messina raced this Hudson and another numbered 3 1/7 at Fairmont.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian
MacMcDonald.jpg (46791 bytes)
Mac McDonald, 
North Adams, MA
Orlando Pappas.jpg (19347 bytes)
This car was variously driven by NY veteran Orlando Pappas; Foster Wendell, Greenfield Ctr., NY; and Ray Harris, Corinth, NY Wendell owned it.
race9.jpg (274086 bytes)  

A 1963 Fairmont Program, provided by the first name on the roster - Art Visconti
     6Pak_Fenders.jpg (18250 bytes) 6Pak_Crossfire.jpg (24637 bytes)
Two versions of the Famous 6  Pak of Ed Baker, Warrensburg, NY
JelleyandY.jpg (26730 bytes)
Lebanon Valley Site Photo
Later version of the Butch Jelley Y- out of Pownal, VT. The Riiska's ad on the hood shows the transition he would soon make to Riiska's X team.
Click Here for Butch's own page.
Courtesy of 3 Wide Site Janoski_Color_Flag.jpg (175595 bytes)
Color Photo Courtesy of Saratoga Automobile Museum
Connecticut superstar George Janowski made a few appearances at Fairmont.

Rosie Rosendahl,
Rutland, VT
OneEye_Ted_Color_Vergennes.jpg (17868 bytes)
Ted Brown,
Keene, NH
657_Roger_Dutton.jpg (53316 bytes)
Roger Dutton,
Keene, NH
Bucky_Dragon_atTRoad.JPG (53852 bytes)
Cho Lee T-Road Collection         Bucky Dragon [#6]   Ripton, VT

The Norm Cyr 6

chet_1stcar_5.jpg (117300 bytes)  chet_secondcar_5.jpg (72528 bytes) doaner_romanobuilt_polaroid_color.jpg (76107 bytes)
Val Blicarcz Photo
Chet Doaner,
Rutland, VT

The Al Romano-built #5
Al_Romano_DoanerTuneup.JPG (256613 bytes)
Al tunes up the car.


kohler_33_polaroid_color.jpg (69925 bytes)
Val Blicarcz Photo
Jim Koehler,
Coventry, CT
Jim_Koehler_31_Victoria.jpg (183931 bytes)
Bob Novak Photo

mid-state_decal.jpg (30621 bytes)

From Conde/Parry Site

Ralph Chittenden.jpg (30597 bytes)
Bob Frazier Photo
Some drivers and race teams from the Mid-State Speedway at Morris, NY fairgrounds would race at Fairmont. One such driver was Ralph Chittenden and a team was the #43 car of Donny Wayman.

43 Leb Valley.jpg (11306 bytes)

57_Buddy_Wilder.jpg (144121 bytes)
Wayne Carter Photo
Bud Wilder,
Hancock, NH



Ted_Brown_CDragons_no31.jpg (219168 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Neal Davis
Ted Brown in Curt Dragon's #31 [Usually driven by Art Johnson]
Fairmont_Duffany_LineupPits.jpg (18903 bytes)


Donnie_Miller_11.jpg (154017 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of Neal Davis Donnie "The Golden Jet" Miller  Windsor, VT


Lefty_Casey.JPG (83323 bytes)
Lefty Casey,
Manchester, VT




quenneville_3_polaroid_color.jpg (62377 bytes)
Val Blicarcz Photo
Vince Quenneville,
Whiting, VT
vince_quennevillesr_portrait.jpg (83291 bytes)
Cavalcade Photo
The Gael Dundon #3 - one of the first truly state-of-the-art Sportsman class cars at  Fairmont
Dundon_Loads_Wreck_Color.jpg (109818 bytes)
As Gael loaded a pounded- up version of the car a year later, he must have been thinking about what had happened to his beautiful car.

Tan1311t.rabideau.jpg (130093 bytes)
Courtesy of  Neal Davis
Sonny Rabideau,
Brattleboro, VT
This shot shows flagger Danny Rumpf. Note the people clinging to the roof of the sign-in shack, in the background.
rabideau_closeup_wilderbackgrd.jpg (364256 bytes)
Cecil_Bosworth_0.JPG (106930 bytes)
Cavalcade Photo
Cecil Bosworth,
Athol, MA
The sharp-looking Dumas #0, out of Castleton, VT. The picture was of Beany....for Cecil. This was the legend's last ride.
cecil_0_full_shot.jpg (197536 bytes)
Rutland Herald Photo
Foley_Gold_2.jpg (149875 bytes)
Courtesy of Neal Davis
Ed Foley,
 Leicester, VT
Lou_Searing_Trailered_Color.jpg (110047 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of James Howard
Lou Searing, Oak Hill, NY
Part of the Fred Searing Ridge Runner Racing Team along with Johnny Flach, Mert Hulbert, and Stan Wetmore.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Parry
Lou Searing[left[ and Stan Wetmore[right] were Johnny Flach's crew at this stage of their lives.
23_bruce_carmen.jpg (111823 bytes)
Bruce Carmen, Shaftsbury, VT
Bruce built those well-performing #23's for Mert Hulbert [ One is shown below]
23_hulbert_carmancar.jpg (27458 bytes)
Photo from Otto Graham Site


vic_love.jpg (121397 bytes)
Vic Love, 
Fair Haven, VT
al_rodd_536.jpg (110227 bytes)
Al Rodd, 
Shushan, NY

Jerry King,
Rutland, VT

The Checkmate
Alternately described as driven by Phil Russell,
Salisbury; VT or...

John Quenneville,
Whiting, VT

Photo Courtesy of LA West


Dick_Pennock_Super38_III_1963.jpg (35667 bytes)
Dick Pennock, 
Warrensburg, NY
Later version of the car that appeared on opening day and    was wrecked at the first night   race C.J. held at Fairmont.
Bob_Boyd_535_1963.jpg (36902 bytes)
Bob Boyd, 
Salem, NY
Probably meant to be a team 
car to Al Rodd.
108_jerry_townley.jpg (24552 bytes)
Courtesy of Otto Graham Site
Jerry Townley took the feature of one of C.J. Richards' shows at the Vermont State Fairgrounds. This was in the Thomas Chewins #108 out of Catskill, NY, before Jerry took over the Floyd Wilcox #32 at Fonda.
Townley 108.JPG (63333 bytes)
Russ Bergh Photo


Cavalcade of Racing Photo

Ralph Palmer,
Pittsford, VT

Bill Ladabouche Photo

Courtesy of Chris Companion

Ray Richards,
West Haven, VT

Courtesy of Chris Companion

George Rogers,
Castleton, VT

George gets flag from starter and Chet Hames protege Danny Rumpf

Courtesy of Chris Companion

Another view of Chet Doaner

Courtesy of Chris Companion

Vince Quenneville, Sr. at speed

Ladabouche Photo

Russ Blake,
Pittsfield, MA

Russ tells me that we see Jumbo Williamson [right] loading up after a rainout. The other man is Bo Green, one of the very first black race drivers.

Ladabouche Photo

Jim Langenback,
Pittsfield, MA

A friend of Russ Blake. Russ tells me Jim got badly burned in this car. The owner was Bert Morrissey, & built by Joe Messina. I mistakenly id'd Jim as Ed Zackenback.

Ladabouche Photo
Butch Jelley,
Pownal, VT

Courtesy of  Paul Zampieri, via Ken Paulsen

This photo, erroneously thought to be Malletts Bay, is a recently - discovered shot of Danny Rumpf starting a heat at Fairmont. I can recognize the 22 and 1/2 on the outside pole. In the next row is a later version of the About 5, and Art Visconti is furthest to the right.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian
This photo is best shown at full size, so I made it into a thumbnail.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian
Another photo that is best shown at full size, so I made it into a thumbnail, as well. I have found out that this is apparently Loren "Dutch" Reed, with a #14. This may be the same 14 that Earl Maille got hurt in at Warrensburgh. If so, the thing is kind of a jinx.


Lennie Wood leads a field past a spinning Pudge McPhee. Apparently McPhee was just as pugnacious as his name sounds. This is the first photo I have of the Gene Hoard #55A Buick

A 1964 coupe lineup
from the pits. I recognize
no one. Too far away.

Little Joe D'Avignon
with his 8 Ball, having been bought from Herb Swan. This is near the payoff

Ronnie Wood leads a field of hobby division cars
out of the pits. Charlie LaDuc is in the rear
of the lineup. Anyone
know #71 ? I'm guessing
Paul Proulx.


Courtesy of Art Visconti

This 1964 CVRA Calendar cover shows highlights from one of the best years Richards enjoyed at Fairmont. Besides some of the best local cars, he had regular visits from Fonda, Claremont, and Lebanon Valley teams.

Cavalcade of Auto Racing Photo
Chuck Richards and two of his CVRA officials, posing in 1962 - the first
year of Fairmont Speedway.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian

Chet Doaner's unusual Al Romano - built coupe leads a dusty feature. The legendary Hudson of Buddy Bardwell [13] gives chase. Bardwell still drives this car at vintage meets. See below.

Bill Ladabouche Photo

The Bardwell car on display at the 2005 Swanzey vintage car meet.

Bob Frazier Photo Courtesy of C.J. Richards
Danny collects the flag from Roger Dutton of Keene, NH.


Ladabouche Photo
Bill Fowler's 27jr., with
veteran Ollie Palmer,
came in October.

Ladabouche Photo
Taken at Fairmont

Ladabouche Photo
Tony Villano's 37, driven
all season by Pete Corey,
showed up with journeyman
Wayne Coon driving.

Ladabouche Photo
Taken at Fairmont

John Grady Photo
Ray Sitterly towed his
C88 in from Amsterdam.

Ladabouche Photo
Taken at Fairmont

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The Fairmont Hobby / Late Model Division

Jim_Blackmer_97.jpg (107267 bytes)

James Blackmer,
Brandon, VT

Jim is often recognized as the very first Hobby Class competitor.


HankSmith.jpg (16757 bytes)

Hank Schmidt,
Gansevoort, NY

One of the first quality-built late models

Dorr.JPG (334662 bytes)

Future prominent car builder Dexter Dorr, Manchester, Vt,. built the first high - tech late model in the hobby division.

Graham_Trudo_onTruck.jpg (149291 bytes)  Trudo_Ford_Verg_Unpainted.JPG (22126 bytes)

Neal Davis Photo [right]

Graham Trudo built the most elaborately - engineered car of the era. It was almost a modified. According to local lore, an old farmer suggested setting the motor back "just like a tractor" - for more stability.

graham_trudo_closeup.jpg (148934 bytes)

Unbeatable_Lennie_Wood.jpg (116713 bytes)

The Unbeatable Lennie  Wood 

West Pawlet, VT

The Maguire F30 Chevy

Cavalcade Photo lenwood.jpg (49740 bytes)
CVRA Photo

7UP_Charlie_Towsley.jpg (155792 bytes)

Charlie Towsley,
Dorset, VT

BC_Chuck_Ely.jpg (124114 bytes)

Chuck Ely, 
Pownal, VT

An in-law of legendary Butch Jelley, Ely found the most notoriety as a racing photographer.

Chuck_Ely_Caspar.jpg (301244 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

BarryPurdy_and_DanRumpf.jpg (258602 bytes)

Rutland Herald Photo
Barry Purdy, 
North Bennington, VT

Purdy drove at Fairmont before this shot at Devil's Bowl

Barry_Purdy_Portrait.JPG (186839 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo


corellis_pinebowl_1966_10.jpg (73260 bytes)

Photographer Unknown

Tommie Correllis 

The Mechanicsville, NY driver made rare appearances at Fairmont. This shot is at the Pine Bowl.

Fairmont_Hobby_Class_Turn_One.JPG (195560 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Hobby class cars pile up in Turn One. Don Accavello [1], Bob Ames [P59], Rene Rochon [38], Charlie Towsley [white Ford], and Rusty Duell [Studebaker]. Spinning car unknown driver from Warrensburg, NY

Jerry King Collection

Ralph_Soulia_exDorrCar.JPG (124060 bytes)

Bob Frazier Photo

Ralph Soulia,
Rutland, VT

Phil_Laduc_544.JPG (82156 bytes)  

Neal Davis Photo

 phladuc.jpg (27700 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Phil LaDuc
Brandon, VT

beaver_7a.jpg (115458 bytes)

ACT Archives

Future legend Beaver Dragon came down from Milton, VT to dislodge the Unbeatable Lennie Wood from victory lane. The hard-driving Dragon finished second in the very time he ever SAW the Fairmont track- with this car.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo

Ray Richards,
West Haven, VT

One of the hobby division's first real stars.

Courtesy of Chris Companion

Charlie LaDuc,
Orwell, VT

LaDuc Family Photo

LaDuc Family Photo

Harry Duffany, Jr.,
Shoreham, VT

Ladabouche Photo

Tim Baker
Dorset, VT

First Car

LaDuc FamilyPhoto

Tim, in a heat lineup,
in front of
Charlie LaDuc

Frazier Photo
Ladabouche Collection

Vern Hall
Bomoseen, VT

Blackmer Brothers Car

LaDuc Family Photo

Ronnie Woods
Ludlow, VT

LaDuc Family Photo

Woods drove the
big white sedan in the
front of the lineup.



Bob Frazier Photo Courtesy of Dave Wood
Another Unbeatable Lennie Wood win. [From left - CJ Richards,
Lennie, John Maguire,and Danny Rumpf.


Courtesy of Dave Wood
The Unbeatable Lennie Wood car, owned by John Maguire, at home.

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The Evolution of the Loomis Brothers' Racer

    Ever since the days of the old Mettawee Speedway in Granville, New York, the Loomis family, known for heir trucking firm, has been active in stock car racing. Someone in the family clearly served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War Two, because most of their race cars bore the numbers of particular WWII fighter planes: P61 and P38.

    The Loomises showed up during the first year C.J. Richards had re-opened the old Fairmont Park Motor Speedway as Fairmont Speedway. Since that early participation, their car

P61_Loomis_Oldest.gif (14324 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo
The first Loomis entry, at the Rutland fairgrounds, in 1962. A 1938 Chevy, this car looked much like the car they drove ten years beforehand.

Ladabouche Photo
The next Loomis entry, P38, tells us by now that someone in that family had flown fighters in WWII.

Ladabouche Photo
The same car, a short time later, with the familiar P61 number and paint scheme.

Ladabouche Photo
same car, the following year, having been cut down. Driver at the time, Kenny Loomis.

Ladabouche Photo
last version of the Loomis car was the red 111, driven very competitively by Nelson Moore.

LaDuc Family Photo
Loomis brothers and Nelson Moore with one version of the car.


   Long before very many people were scrubbing labels off cans and agonizing over recycling everything, Vermont race drivers were recycling their race cars. It seems that not everyone either had the resources, the time, or the equipment to build cars from scratch; so, a race car that appeared to be well-made might change hands a number of times. This 1940 Ford - originally from New York - is one of the best examples of this I have ever seen.

   When C.J. first re-opened Fairmont, the Hoffer family from Argyle, NY came to the track with a fairly noteworthy-looking '40 Ford, numbered X9, under the banner of the Argyle Racing Team. The following is text from a column I wrote for Otto Graham about this car:



    In the Golden Age of stock car racing, some cars barely lasted two weeks before being relegated to the junk pile behind the ol’ gas station - and some just went on and on. One such miracle of longevity was a 1939 or 1940 Ford built out of Argyle, New York by a guy named Bob Hoffer. Hoffer’s outfit went by the moniker of The Argyle Racing Team [not surprisingly] and they showed up at C.J. Richards’ newly-re-opened Fairmont Speedway in 1962 with this snazzy red and white coupe numbered X9. Hoffer 's rig was a little unique, due to the two lengthy exhaust pipes that protruded out the sides of the car, resting up on the top of the rear fenders. Most everyone else’s “headers” were located on the sides, just above ground level. The Argyle racing Team had chosen an effective color scheme and they had some color coordination with uniform and hauler as well. A rare sight in 1962.

    I don’t know if this was their first experience or whether they had been racing somewhere over in New York previously - at White’s Beach, the Pine Bowl, Fonda, Richfield Springs, or some other of the myriad of little tracks dotting the landscape in those days. I know this - they didn’t seem to be neophytes. The X9 picture shown with the article shows Bob himself, backing the car into his area in the infield at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland, Vermont, in the Fall of 1962. The car was belching a goodly amount of oil smoke at the time. The X9 never really had that much success, but they looked good.

    The following year, a modestly notorious driver from Whiting, Vermont named Vincent Quenneville showed up at Fairmont with that Ford, now painted an amateurish red with the numerals 00 replacing Hoffer’s X9. The car looked a lot less impressive, but it drove a whole more impressively with the future Hall of famer behind the wheel. Vince was, most likely, already receiving help from the the crusty genius of the local Addison County local racers - Norm Scarborough by that time. While not qualifying for charm school very often, the huge Scarborough could make most any car fly. Quenneville ran the Ford for the 1963 season, and although I have no access to the points of those years, I’ll bet he finished right up there.

    Quenneville would then go on to hook up with possibly his most successful car owner, and he sold his Ford to the same guy he had s old his 1962 car to - Art Visconti of Granville, New York. Visconti proceeded to paint the car in the same distinctive butterscotch and white color scheme and number the car his familiar 001 - probably because Quenneville had sold him a 00 the year before - and it was easier not to change the numbers that much. Visconti was never a man to have too much success at Fairmont, although this car probably brought him better finishes than any other he had.

    Visconti had bigger and better ideas for 1964 - and Quenneville no longer owned his own cars, so Art built his own. The Ford next [and lastly] showed up at the track with another Granville man, Ed Kelly. Kelly had returned the scheme to some thing more resembling Hoffer’s, and had numbered the thing as XK. I believe Ed may have finally wrecked the car - I don’t really remember; but, that ended the run of Fairmont Speedway’s most long- lived stock car.

   Bob Hoffer, apparently with the same car, in a small wreck at Ashland Park in Warrensburgh, in the mid 1950's.
Hoffer_X9_Fair.jpg (18533 bytes)   Bob Hoffer backs the original version of the car into its pit at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland around 1963.
XK_Kelly_40Ford.gif (11429 bytes) The second known owner of the car was Granville's "Irish Ed" Kelly who retained the colors to those similar to Hoffer's.
 00_Quenneville_40Ford.gif (15098 bytes)Vince Quenneville, Sr. and Norm Scarborough had the most success with the car in 1964.As they had with their previous 00.
001_Visconti_40Ford.gif (16727 bytes) Quenneville and Scarborough sold to Granville, NY's Art Visconti, who painted it his familiar orange and white . There are some rumors that the car ended up back on the Hoffer farm in Argyle and might be still rusting there. According to Visconti, its frame had rusted out by 1965.

     Mike Visconti , Art's son, tells me of seeing what appeared to be the old 1940 Ford with the exhaust pipes built off the rear fenders back on the Hoffer Farm in Argyle. If he was correct, it was sitting with a number of other old stock cars in a sort of sand pit on the farm. 


Dexter_Dorr_1955Chev.jpg (160189 bytes)

Dex Dorr
Manchester, VT

This is Dexter Dorr's '55 Chevy hobby car. At the time, it was the classiest car in the field - and one of the fastest. Dorr sat directly in the middle, with a type of chain-drive steering setup.

P59_Bob_Ames.jpg (69643 bytes)

Bob Ames
Proctor, VT

 Dorr wanted to move on to the modifieds, so he sold the 1955 Chevy to Bob Ames, a total novice from Proctor, Vermont. Ames had little luck with the car. [Note the spinning P59]

Fairmont_Hobby_Class_Turn_One.JPG (195560 bytes) 

Ralph_Soulia_exDorrCar.JPG (124060 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Ralph Soulia 
Rutland, VT

Although Dexter Dorr never won the title, the car ended up in the hands of Ralph Soulia, a Rutland postal worker who was in the midst of a title chase at Devil's Bowl when his car was destroyed. Soulia sewed up the title with this car and then tragically died in a pedestrian accident less than a year later.

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Phase 3 - 1965-6: The Golden Years at Fairmont 

     By 1965, C. J. Richards was already looking for somewhere else to race. His Fairmont location at the old Fair Haven fairgrounds was running thin on good clay, and the town was giving him major grief about noise and traffic [while enjoying the tax and business revenues the track afforded them]. He had gone to almost exclusive night racing and was running Saturdays, by now.

Courtesy of Wes Moody

Vince Quenneville leads Howard Stevens [333], Cecil Bosworth [far right] and George
Rogers out of turn two at Fairmont in 1965.

    In this atmosphere of uncertainty came one of the best season he ever enjoyed in his earlier years. The fields of sportsman coupes that attended the races that year were fairly large and of a very high quality - given the fact he was up against Fonda, Claremont, and Lebanon Valley. He drew cars from the areas of all those tracks, as well as more good local drivers.

Fairmont_Duffany_LineupPits.jpg (18903 bytes)

 1965 Fairmont pit lineup before darkness closed in: from left [Art Johnson, Keene, NH; Vince Quenneville, Whiting, VT; and Harry "Boo" Duffany, Shoreham, VT. [Vince's old car]


J2.jpg (20938 bytes)

  Charlie McMahan,
Rutland, VT

The potent former Norm Scarborough 107

Hulbert 73.jpg (16467 bytes)

Mert "Socks" Hulbert,
Oak Hill, NY

Rejean_Fields.jpg (23804 bytes)

Rejean Field. a veteran Quebec driver made the haul every week, along with Frank Hodge.

115.ferguson.jpg (27480 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo

  Bill Ferguson,
Peacedale, Rhode Island

333.color.jpg (37633 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo

Popular Howard Stevens, from Claremont, NH led the points through much of the season until car owner Leo Vaillancourt unexpectedly sold the car.

gauthier.jpg (91782 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo

Roger Gauthier, from Fort Edward, NY occasionally ran the Charles Habreck NASCAR coupe at Fairmont.

Ladabouche Photo

Frank Hodge,
Montreal, QU.

Dutch Reed X.jpg (17284 bytes)

Dutch Reed,
Glens Falls, NY

Dutch started the year with Clayton Ryan's #11 Shelby Cobra Ford car, but ended the year with this unknown car owner. That's Dutch by the car.

dutch_reed_11_shelby.jpg (209743 bytes)
Cavalcade Photo

HAMB Site Photo
The best shot I have of the car.

Fairmont Cavalcade Page 1.gif (128550 bytes)

A page from the Cavalcade of Auto Racing book - around the year 1965.

Ted Brown is with the famous 8NH 

Rabideau with the 302, the car sold out from under Howard Stevens

Gauthier is with the Norm Scarborough #24 Mustang - maybe Scarborough's best car ever.

24shaw.sedan.jpg (26010 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo

Russ Shaw,
Bomoseen, VT

A Norm Scarborough Car [Sedan above; later coupe [below] which was far more successful, leading the way to Scarborough's legendary Mustang.

Russ_Shaw_Closeup.JPG (90697 bytes)    Shaw_24_Coupe.jpg (139881 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo [left]

Gauthier Family Photo -

 Roger Gauthier,
Fort Edward, NY

The A.G. Ryan Hay & Straw #28

Gauthier_Trophy_etal.jpg (377715 bytes)
Rutland Herald Photo

Winning Vt. State Championship

Johnny_Richmond_DarkCar_Portrait.JPG (85721 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Johnny Richmond
Peacedale, RI

richmond_yellow.jpg (157833 bytes)


Bob_Leach_Portrait.JPG (124772 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Bobby Leach
Stafford Springs, CT

Charlie_Draper_1.JPG (189755 bytes)

Cavalcade Photo

Charlie Draper
Wilmington, NY

Charlie's little #1 alternated with the Curt Dragon #31 playing the role of the rabbit in almost every feature in 1966.

Dexter_Dorr_Portrait.JPG (88205 bytes)
Cavalcade Photo

Dexter Dorr,
Manchester, VT

Vogel Family Photo
Newly - built, arriving at Fairmont in 1965

Ladabouche Photo

Bob Harrison
The old Len Baker Me2

Ladabouche Photo

Chet Hunt, driving as""Jim Mitchell"

Courtesy of Bob Kilburn
George Rogers, with the 34 Ford
in a shot I have not seen ever before.

Courtesy of Bob Kilburn
Russ Shaw with a just - constructed
Norm Scarborough Mustang.

Bob Frazier Photo  Courtesy of C.J. Richards

This 1965 heat start shows Danny Rumpf signaling Gene Tetrault, Art
Visconti [001], Louie Searing [27] and Vince Quenneville.


    The following shots from his own Devil's Bowl programs show some of the competitors who showed up for the extra money. Some of these races took place at Otter Creek Speedway. I am not sure how they ended up in C.J.'s collection, unless he was already promoting the track by then. Others were clearly at Fairmont.

From a Devil's Bowl Program, Courtesy of Ed Fabian

From left - Jean-Guy Chartrand, Ron Narducci, Ken Shoemaker, and Pete Corey line up in front of the starter's stand at Fairmont.

From a Devil's Bowl Program, Courtesy of Ed Fabian

Ken Shoemaker's car sits in the foreground at Otter Creek as Jack DuBrul [tall man in the center] talks with other drivers, The 14VT in the background is the Tucker car, and the white car at far right is either Harley Chamberlain or Howie Miller.

From a Devil's Bowl Program, Courtesy of Ed Fabian

Will Cagle stands by his 24, behind Frankie Schneider and Buzzie Reutimann.|
This had to be a Fairmont show as Otter Creek had no night races.

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Fairmont, as it looked on the Terraserver satellite in the 1990's. Route 4 is above and the old entrance via a street in Fair Haven is seen to the right.
Whatever that white object is off Turn Four in the middle of the front stretch is now gone. Only part of the Turn Four wall remains.

 Fairmont_2004-2.JPG (87187 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo
 ABOVE: View of  Turn One from the South, from inside track grounds- during Fall.

BELOW: Same view from North, outside track grounds in Winter.

Fairmont_Into_TurnOne.jpg (200262 bytes)

art_andliljoe_tunrone.jpg (517663 bytes) 
Courtesy of Mike Visconti

Art Visconti and Little Joe D'Avignon in Turn One.

Fairmont_Outof_TurnFour.jpg (185374 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo
ABOVE: Coming out of  Turn Four

BELOW: Cars come out of turn four during the 1964 season. [From left: Lou Searing #27, George Rogers, #UP2, and Howard Stevens, #333] Rogers is keeping an eye on Stevens' progress up beside him.

coming_out_of_turn4_1965.jpg (174603 bytes) Cavalcade Photo

Russ Farr Photo

  Fairmont_TurnFour_Wall.jpg (183847 bytes)
Ladabouche Photo
ABOVE: Coming out of  Turn Four - showing the remains of the retaining wall. This is the only infrastructure left visible on the grounds that I could find. 

BELOW: This shot shows that wall in  1964. The old Model A Ford entering the track area behind Dex Dorr has gone through an opening in the wall. That opening was right where the wall above ends.

Dexter_Dorr_1955Chev.jpg (160189 bytes)
Frazier Photo
Ladabouche Collection


Russ Farr Photo
ABOVE: Looking
across the infield
from the area
where the stands

BELOW: This frame from an old 8 MM
film shows a
similar angle.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD


Russ Farr Photo
ABOVE: Looking
into turn one from
the front stretch.

BELOW: This frame from an old 8 MM
film shows the spot
from another  angle.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD

Russ Farr Photo
ABOVE: Into turn
one, which was
where most of the
accidents occurred
according to Ray Richards.

BELOW: This frame from an old 8 MM
film shows a
similar area from a in the infield.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD

 cj_and_fairmont_sign.jpg (359146 bytes)
Courtesy of Saratoga Auto Museum

CJ and his Fairmont sign

Lou_Searing_Trailered_Color.jpg (110047 bytes)
Courtesy of James Howard

Another of CJ's Fairmont signs is seen thru window of Searing's car.


Russ Farr Photo

ABOVE - Out of
turn 2 and down
the backstretch.

BELOW - A frame
from an old 8MM
film shows a
similar spot
from the infield

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD

Russ Farr Photo

ABOVE - Down the
backstretch into 4.

Russ Farr Photo

ABOVE - Enter into
turn three.

Russ Farr Photo

ABOVE - Into turn
4 from 3, with the
wall coming up.

Russ Farr Photo

confusing angle.
The end of the
wall and the
old Academy Street
entrance road.


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