October, 2006

October 1  I took advantage of this crappy day [with the Milk Bowl rained out] to archive the September news page and to add some pictures of Sonny Rabideau to the New Hampshire Boys page. I also added a few pictures to the Mini Stock Competitors page.

October 8  Sadly, the season is over, as of today with the completion of the Milk Bowl. I had a great day, seeing Stub Fadden, Ray Coffin, Jean-Paul Cabana, Johnny Gammell, and a number of other former drivers. I got to see fellow Proctor, VT native Dan Kearney, a super race fan who seems to know everyone on the planet. I have lessons to prepare; but, I managed to put a few pictures on the Grand American Competitiors page - primarily of cars connected to the late Harry Rathburn, my friend. I also managed to add one of those pictures to the It's What in the Background page.

October 11  I received word from David Brunelle that he - not Milo Lockerby - is the person standing next to the 1956 Ford #54 in the Early Tiger Competitors page.

October 16  After searching for him for over a year, I practically ran straight into Steve Blow in a movie theater Saturday night. Steve and Sharon have those rare photos of Malletts Bay, thanks to Sharon's late father, Harlan, "Red" Dooley. Hopefully, one of these days, I will have some original scans to put on the Malletts Bay Speedway page. I have removed Tom Bennett from this page and inserted Jim Hampton. On the same page, I added some more information about the Sunset Speedway.

October 21  I was directed to a Fotki website where I not only found a number of worthwhile pictures to share on here; but, I also found some of my own photography apparently for sale. I have taken enough of his offerings to square us up, but why do people sell other peoples' stuff without asking permission ? Some upcoming photos will be credited to the MrBlackChevy site; but I don't know who most of the photographers were - and for that I aplologize.
  Does anybody know this guy ? The #10 Falconi label was a big one at Westboro or Norwood.

Is this Mike Rowe ?

       I added Roger LaPerle to Later Late Model Sportsman page; Andre Manny and Jean-Paul Cabana to the Coupe Competitors page; and an action shot of Barcomb and Cabana to the Early Late Model Competitors page.

    Several people from Maine are suddenly appearing in my email. Glad to see the scope of the website is expanding. I wish I could  start doing more outside of my immediate area; but just dealing with Vermont - related racing history is more than I can handle. Thanks for stopping in at the site.

October 22  I made a correction in adding the #54 Dave Brunelle to the Hurricane Competitors page. The car was mistaken for Milo Lockerby's, although I think Dave said Milo had driven it some. The car was a team car with Carl Bushey's #53.

October 23  Neal Davis, Rob Davis, Neal's father-in-law, Al, and I walked the grounds of the former Otter Creek Speedway in the sleet and rain on Sunday. I got some fantastic photos, and we found a number of remnants of the small, insignificant but beloved racing oval in the pasture - in Waltham, near Vergennes, Vermont. I will eventually prepare a separate page that links off the Otter Creek page. Here is one sample for now.

Remains of the announcer's tower [seen abandoned in the right photo] were found in some sumac woods on the site. No wooden remains of the concessions stand were evident, but we found an old Pepsi cooler from a spot about where we see the stand, at the left of the tower. The remains were completely hidden in the rapidly-growing softwood thicket that grows where the bleachers used to be.

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