July, 2006

July 1 -   When the NEAR cars were up at Thunder Road this year they actually did not get rained out in a cloudburst - unlike last year, which was my first trip to a race track in over 19 years. The NEAR program that night was washed out. Seeing Wilbur Martin's #333 brought back a few memories, as I used to help out on the original car at Fairmont around 1965. Wilbur's car is quite a bit more technologically advanced than the Leo Vallaincourt 333 of years past; but, it certainly resembles our car - and Howard Stevens, the driver, is honored on the roof.

Both Ladabouche Photos
The Martin replica [above] compared to the original Howard Stevens car at Fairmont in 1965.

      I was treated to a picture sitting in the Bob Oliver #621 replica owned and driven by Peter von Sneidern. Thanks, Pete, for the photo and the nice conversation. Peter also had a nice display of Art Rousseau pictures, as Art is best remembered for driving the Oliver cutdown.

    I also put a few more shots on the page called It's What's in the Background.

Photo Courtesy of Peter von Sneidern
Art Rousseau, maybe at Cheshire Fairgrounds.

Pete von Sneidern Photo
Me, with the Art Rousseau cutdown replica car - a perfect copy, by the way.

        This is one of the best racing weekends of the whole season. Hopefully, the weather won't ruin it all. I wish my twin sons the best of luck in another kind of race - their annual Great Race at Bay Days, St. Albans, Vermont State Park. At 32, Whit and Will are still physical specimens, unlike their old man at that age, and they hope to place high in the combined run, bike, and kayak race. [Too much like work for me]. See you at a race somewhere.
        To the McRaes: my column did not make deadline this weekend. Mark says it is there for next week's issue [hopefully].

July 4 -   This was one of the busiest racing weekends I've experienced ever. I got to meet several old friends, some of whom I haven't seen in twenty years. I was a hoot to run into Bernie Kentile at Airborne. Bernie was around Airborne in 1985, when I worked for CVRA. He is looking well and sounding good, having retired from racing several years ago after a bad crash at Devils Bowl. The racing, in particular, at TRoad  on the 3rd was some of the closest and cleanest I've seen there in two years.
       I am hoping to get access this summer to photos from Malletts Bay [courtesy of the Dooley family] and some from Pico [courtesy of Jerry King]. I am going to do my damnedest to get over and have a sit-down with John Danish, as well. We will have to work this in between weddings, school, and people totaling my cars. HAVE A GREAT FOURTH !

Devils Bowl Program Courtesy of Ed Fabian

Here's a 4th of July shot from Devils Bowl around 1968. 622 Ernie Hastings, Cornish, NH; 54 Charlie Laduc, Orwell, VT; [center above] Floyd Bombard, Lake George, NY; and Steady Eddie Allen, Fair Haven, VT.

July 10 -   Additions to the Bear Ridge page are on-going. Stay tuned to that. Also, I put more pictures on Otto Graham's site. Check those out. For those who have never visited the Catamount Pre-History page, this is one of the best areas on the site - the main reason why I do it. Check it out.

July 12 -   I see that several photo and picture links are breaking throughout the site. I hate computers. They're doing this on their own. Something changed about forty files on the 11th and broke all the links. I am going to see if it clears up on its own before I go around and try to fix them all.

    I made some additions to the Bear Ridge page .

July 18 -   I am in the process of receiving some wonderful, early photos from Don Rounds, Jr. concerning his famous racing father [#101, out of Rhode Island]. I remember seeing a stock car show at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland in 1960. At that time we were starved for racing, not having had a track to attend since about 1954. Don Rounds had one of the best - looking cars there. I suspect he was running Stateline, but no one in my family was about to truck me down there.
     Here is a sample. I suppose I will either put his pix on the Stateline page or the upcoming Lebanon Valley page.

Courtesy of Don Rounds, Jr.
This shot of Don with his famous blue 101 is right around the year he raced at Rutland. In the background is the Yellow X of Doug Garrison, which also raced that day.

July 20 -   I added numbers to the possible drivers list on the Otter Creek Speedway page.

July 24
-   I added a page called Contrasts, which shows scenes at Catamount while it was running and now.

July 25 -   I added a photo to Don Turner's pictures on the Turner Boys page. I have also begun a Jean-Paul Cabana page, which will be accessible from links on his name in the various competitors' pages. I have also made a few additions to the page called Regional Drivers Who Tried the Big Time.

July 26 -   Very minor changes were made to Catamount Bits in Time, a page I started last year and haven't had much time to build. I repaired the link from the Prehistory page to the Morrisville Race Track page.

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