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Photographer Unknown - Probably MacDowell

Jeep Herbert, the soul of Stateline Speedway, does a victory lap in Bob Mott's 3.

The race track where being on the pole meant something else. That sign to the right may very well have been the "Welcome to Vermont" sign on Route 67. Stateline lived up to its name. It was on the very border with New York. Some of it was, very likely, in the Empire State. 

        Stateline Speedway was in Bennington, Vermont.....not really too far from the present-day Lebanon Valley track. Its location near the corner of Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York was an ideal place to attract competitors, from all over the region, in the burgeoning new sport of stock car racing. To the north, Pico Raceway in Rutland was operating. Over in New York, tracks like White's Beach, Burden Lake, the Pine Bowl, Empire Speedway, and many more were running regular shows. Keene, New Hampshire was seeing races at the Cheshire County fairgrounds.           

         They came from all over to run Stateline. In particular period, according to the late Jim Haley, a fan who traveled to races all over the region. Bennington was sort of under the heel of one particular driver [whose name I can't recall]. This guy won all of the races and - as Jim put it - knocked them poor pungs [I took that to be slower local talent] right off the track if they got in his way. Then, one afternoon, Steve Danish went over there, put the bully off the track, and sent the protesting local champ on his way with a clenched fist. I don't know how much of that is true.

        It ran up into the 1950's, reportedly out along Route 67 nearly into New York. Right, now, little is left to see. There is the BTL trucking lease company operating right on the site. The only way to identify the site is the imposing brick house across the road, which is visible in the Steve Danish picture below.

Stateline_Brickhouse_GoodCamera.jpg (300005 bytes)   Early_Danish_MaybeStateline.JPG (182851 bytes)

Courtesy of  Danish Family

These two shots, the left taken in 2004, and the right taken around 1957, show the location of the track in relation to that brick house across the road.

stateline_turn4_remnants.jpg (460936 bytes)    Danishon_on_UndeterminedTrack.JPG (351623 bytes)

Courtesy of  Danish Family

These two shots, the left taken in 2004, and the right taken around 1957, show the location of turn four at Stateline.

Stateline_Infield.jpg (259254 bytes)    66.FreddySheppard.jpg (18359 bytes)

Courtesy of  Rick Parry

These two shots, the left taken in 2004, and the right taken around 1955, show a view over to the infield, toward the river. The trees are much taller now.


The two shots from above, blended together to give the viewer an idea of where the track would be today.

stateline_layout_1x.jpg (581441 bytes)

Courtesy of  Danish Family

The two shots from above, blended together to give the viewer an idea of where the track would be today.

Courtesy of  Danish Family

Another two shots blended together to give the viewer an idea of where the track would be today.


jeep_suiting_up.jpg (34342 bytes)

Courtesy of Herbert Family

Jeep puts on the helmet at Stateline. The grandstands are in the background.


Jeep_Caprara_Stateline_Win.JPG (43185 bytes)  jeep_caprara_7_win.jpg (43518 bytes)

Courtesy of Herbert Family

Jeep gets a feature win at Stateline. The unusual grandstands are seen with the crowd beginning to file out.

Jeep_Caprara_37.jpg (51910 bytes)

Courtesy of Herbert Family

Jeep Herbert poses at Stateline the
Sam Kitler / Gibby Wolfe 37.



baumie_jeep_stateline_vogelcoll.jpg (43150 bytes)

Courtesy of Vogel Family

Two of Stateline's regular stars - George Baumgardner, in the Ted Vogel 95 and Jeep Herbert, in the Kitler / Wolfe 37 get the look - over from starter Chet Hames.


Baumie_VogelSedan_Stateline_VogelCOll.jpg (24339 bytes)  Baumie_Flag_Stateline_VogelColl.jpg (29919 bytes)

Courtesy of Vogel Family

Baumie was a good runner in Ted's sedan.


Baumie_CLassic95_Stateline_VogelColl.jpg (34936 bytes)

Courtesy of Vogel Family

George Baumgarder in what was to become the classic - looking Vogel race car. Another win at Stateline.


Baumie_Trophied_Stateline_VogelColl.jpg (31882 bytes)   baumgardner_vogel_95_vogelcoll.jpg (23647 bytes)

Courtesy of Vogel Family

More Baumgardner at Stateline. The left hand photo shows Mike Akhoury, who built the track and promoted it for several years.


Jeep_Accident_Stateline.jpg (41618 bytes)

Courtesy of Herbert Family

Not all Jeep's trips to Stateline went to victory lane.

Courtesy of Herbert Family

John Danish feels that these are lower division cars running at Stateline.


Courtesy of Jerry King

Newspaper ad for one of their big "national championship" races.

Courtesy of Roger Liller

[Above] This wonderful shot of a Stateline Speedway feature start in May of 1953 shows the older bleachers before the later covered grandstands. Some people insist the roof was on the stands first and then removed. The brick house [then a tavern] sits directly across Route 67, with seemingly no room for a highway in between. Steve Danish is on the inside pole, with probably Jeep Herbert on the outside. I can make out the Burns and Wilson 100, Charlie Morse's 467 out of Massachusetts, and Ted Vogel's car. Chet Hames is the starter. I can also now make out Frank Blum's 502, Walt Robert's 9Jr, and Bernie Ingersoll's 100. Anyone know who 49 is ? [Below] Another view of that same start from old 8MM footage found by Dan Ody. This is the first original photo [not a copy] of this famous shot - it was just added Sept, 2013.

From Dan Ody's 8MM Film DVD

Apparently, the same shot of a Stateline Speedway feature start in May of 19. This might be a
Don Henderberg or George Welch benefit race held at Stateline.

Possibly McDowell Photo

Frank Hatch [M2] involved in a mix - up in Turn 4 with cars 21 and 72 - drivers unknown.

All photos below courtesy of the Danish Family and Rick Parry, unless otherwise stated.

Courtesy of Otto Graham thru
These are some of the best views of the now - totally obliterated track I have ever seen.

Cars line up for the Don Henderberg Memorial race at Stateline. The Trinkhaus 62,
the Clark 40, the Young/Vine 75A, and one of the Caputo cars are identifiable.
Sam Kitler's 37 is in the infield.

Don Rounds is on the pole. The others are too closely packed
together for identification.

Cars mix it up in turn one. Bill Wimble, in Hal Kempeny's 213 misses the
action as 10-10, the eventual winner, and the Trinkhaus 62 head into the turn.

      Don Henderberg's former car, the S33 of Dave McCready, was probably driven by Chuck Mahoney here. That's Jeep Herbert in Sam Kitler's 37, and the
ever-present [but unidentified] 65.

Cliff Kotary, the eventual winner of the Don Henderberg Memorial race,
has gotten by Bill Wimble.

One of Stateline's classic turn 3 pile-ups. The second car on the front stretch is
a #179, that I have seen in Pine Bowl footage. The 7-11 Jr. of Paul
Marshall sits in the infield.

Frank Simek Photo
A tearful Mrs. Don Henderberg with the trophy for
winner, Cliff Kotary, driver of Mike Suraske's #10-10
Studebaker [Kotary Photo Courtesy of J Ackerman].
Danishon_on_UndeterminedTrack.JPG (351623 bytes)

 Steve Danish takes a victory lap at Stateline. Note how close to the track some buildings and people seem to be. Route 67 would be only a few dozen feet to the left in this shot of one the straightaways.

Early_Danish_MaybeStateline.JPG (182851 bytes)

MacDowell Photo

This early shot shows Steve Danish's outfit. His hometown of Cropseyville, NY was fairly close by Stateline. This was taken in the pits at Stateline. Note the brick house in the background.

Stateline_Action_1.JPG (121604 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of John Danish

Action on the backstretch at Stateline. Danish [61], Corey in Mott's #3. Herbert in Kitler's 37 and Tom Kotary in Theron Moore's #112. Probably Lee Armstrong or Joe Ciganenko in the Frank Trinkhaus 62 and Fred Gerow in #67. The car behind the 62 is the Caputo 11, with Earl Maille, and the 107 could be Al Sanders.


danish_with_flag_stateline.jpg (260041 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of  Lew Boyd

Danish with the checkers at Stateline in early 1950's.

DanishandCrew_Stateline_1951.JPG (126255 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of John Danish

This picture of the Steve Danish racing crew was taken at Stateline. The snow fence in the background does not show up in later similar Stateline shots. With apologies to John Danish, here are some names in the photo: unknown, a Danish brother, Steve, Al Danish, & Hully Bunn

Buddy_Bardwell_1st_Car.JPG (84770 bytes)

Bardwell Collection

Buddy Bardwell
Keene, NH

StatelineHeat.jpg (16927 bytes)

A heat lines up at Stateline in the 1950's

The 166 is Fred Sheppard, the 12 could be Ted Langlois, and the 19 is named Brown.

joe_wunderlich_2$$.jpg (188947 bytes)

MacDowell Photo 

Joe Wunderlich,
West Sand Lake, New York
He may have been the champion with whom Danish had the run-ins. Joe went on to sponsor the 115's of Kenny Tremont, Jr.

danish_and_crew_macdowell.jpg (205744 bytes)

MacDowell Photo

This picture of the Steve Danish racing crew was taken at Stateline- later than the one above because John Danish would have been about three in the one above. 

37Jeeplanghorne.jpg (146490 bytes)

   Jeep Herbert,    
Schenectady, NY

The Kitler/Wolfe 37 in Victory Lane at Stateline. This is the photo that proves that a.) the large brick house is across from the former track site and b.) those unique grandstands belong to Stateline.

66.FreddySheppard.jpg (18359 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

66, Freddy Sheppard goes out for a heat at Stateline in 1950. Sheppard once drove for Steve Danish, early on in Danish's involvement with racing.

60.towedin.Stateline.jpg (20007 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

A 1949 Ford tows # 60 into the gate at Stateline in 1950.

8,Statelline,jpg.JPG (17471 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

The crew looks over the #8 sedan in the pits at Stateline. This might also be Canton, NY.

baumgardner_vogel_95_vogelcoll.jpg (23647 bytes)

Courtesy of Vogel Family

George Baumgardner,
Saratoga, NY


danish_walking_on_stateline.jpg (11006 bytes)

Courtesy of Danish Family

It sure looks like Steve Danish on the track at Stateline.



63.ChuckKotwicka.jpg (31948 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

Noted New York driver Chuck Kotwicka, from the Utica area. Kotwicka holds the distinction of winning the first race at Fonda.


mahoney5.jpg (8719 bytes)
Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

Legendary New York driver Chuck Mahoney also from the Utica area, with that same Kotwicka car.

Conde & Parry Site
Mahoney with Bill Smith. The McDowell photo suggests this car could defintitely have run at Stateline.

91.LewIrwin,jpg.JPG (28250 bytes)

Len Irwin, from the New York area, had the prototypical - looking stock car of the day...and apparently at least one good crewman.

joe_messina_pinebowl.jpg (184520 bytes)

Joe Messina, shown here leaning on his Hudson at the Pine Bowl in nearby Snyder's Corner, NY, was probably a regular at Stateline. 

Corey_Mott3.jpg (13901 bytes) Corey_Mott3a.jpg (26186 bytes)

 Photo Courtesy of  Rick Parry 

Pete Corey in Bob Mott's #3, appeared at Stateline

rounds_101_mcdowell.jpg (137440 bytes)

Photo by McDowell 

Don Rounds,   Apponaug, RI

Note Steve Danish in the background [61] and Spence Parkhurst [furthest car back with white stripe on hood]
Click here for a Don Rounds Page.

parkhurst_danish_fonda_promo.jpg (124767 bytes)

Photo from Bitiig Collection 

 Spence Parkhurst [36], Saratoga Sprs, NY

McDowell Photo Courtesy of CJ Richards


711_paul_marshall.jpg (20464 bytes)

Photo from Otto Graham Website 

 Paul Marshall, Schenectady, NY

paul_marshall_711_danielscrew.jpg (109936 bytes)

Courtesy of Saratoga Auto Museum 

Paul with the Warren Daniels crew out of Alpaus, NY


rene_charland_12.jpg (126965 bytes)

 Rene Charland, Holyoke, MA

Garrison_Yellow_X.JPG (52931 bytes)

LebanonValley Site Photo

Doug Garrison, in Riiska's Yellow X, may likely have appeared at Bennington.


Link_Pettit_Sr..jpg (123279 bytes)

Courtesy of Saratoga Auto Museum 

Link Pettit, Sr.
Schenectady, NY

Pettit Photo Collection

Westervelt_by_Gene_Strenkowski.jpg (16787 bytes)

Gene Strenkowski Photo 

Howie Westervelt,
 Ravena, NY      

The Wright/Zautner Tollgate Ice Cream Ford

Howies_Door_1.JPG (119343 bytes)

Courtesy of Saratoga Auto Museum 

Howie's door made it to the museum in Saratoga.


ButchJelley.jpg (32968 bytes)

Butch Jelley, 
N. Pownal,VT

The Ed Winn # Y

Ed Winn also apparently fielded Charlie Morse's highly - successful 467.

From Dan Ody's 8MM Film DVD

Howie Westervelt,
 Ravena, NY 

al_rodd_536.jpg (110227 bytes)
Al Rodd,
Shushan, NY
Garrison_99_Rhinebeck.jpg (41410 bytes)

Courtesy of Beverly Garrison and Amy Garrison Dauski

Doug Garrison [99] and George Welch [27] were very likely competitors at Stateline. Others say it is Link Pettit, not Welch.

Garrison_99_OrangeCounty_McDowell_1951.jpg (41374 bytes)

Courtesy of Beverly Garrison and Amy Garrison Dauski

Courtesy of Jerry King
Jerry King "The Rutland Rocket"
Rutland, VT

Courtesy of Jerry King

Courtesy of Paul Connors

From Fonda History Book

Walt Roberts,
Albany, NY

Courtesy of Paul Connors


Courtesy of Paul Connors
S33 Don Hendenberg,
Lee Center, NY

One of Dave
McCready's first
cars is wrecked at Stateline

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Gene Tetrault,
Manchester Depot, VT

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Dee Goodermotte,
New York

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Could be a driver name Morris.

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Dave Brooks,
Manchester, VT

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Paul Connors & Wife at Stateline. Good view of covered stands.

Is that Vogel towing in the background ?

Bill Ladabouche

Frank Hatch,
Williamstown, MA

The Ed Wynn # M2

Steve Danish did not have much luck this day at Stateline

Courtesy of Paul Connors

Photographer Unknown
Ernie Martin

McDowell Photo Courtesy of CJ Richards 
Charlie Morse,
North Adams, MA

Schenectady Collection Otto Graham Site 
Jim Luke,
Utica, NY

Merusi Photo Courtesy of Rutland Historical Society
Jr. Bianco,
Utica, NY

Schenectady Collection Otto Graham Site 
Tiger Tom Kotary,
Rome, NY
Hal Kempeny's 113

Pettit Collection
Link Pettit and his father-in-law, Maurice Lawrence

Ken Gypson Collection
Conn. driver Ted Langlois and others posing on front stretch.

Ken Gypson Collection
Carl Fink,
Albany, NY

Ken Gypson Collection
Doug Garrison,

Vogel Family Photo
Another, older Vogel car - with Ted Jr. posing.

Ken Gypson Collection
Ed Hill,
Rhode Island

Dan Ody Collection
Leo Nadeau
The Rocket 88 Car

Hoffer Family Collection
Same car, at Schuylerville, NY

Dan Ody Collection
D.D. Rebel Harris,
Poughkeepsie, NY

Dan Ody Collection Photos
Dee Goodermotte

Anyone know who 271 is ?

Dan Ody Collection
Future NASCAR GN star
Russ Truelove visits Stateline.


Courtesy of Roger Liller
A 1950 promotional advertisement.


Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Steve Danish's immaculate car sits in the infield pit area before the races.

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Steve Danish was proud of his sportsman title.

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Lining up in front of the covered
stands. The McCartys say this is 1954. I didn't realize the stand were covered that early. Tom McCarty has the yellow car to the right.

Tom McCarty and that same car.

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Steve Danish leads Pete Corey
in the yellow 3NY. I don't know if Corey or Bob Mott owned the car.

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Action in Turn 3.



Dan Ody 8MM Film
Glens Falls legend
Wally LaBelle, in
Vern Baker's 6PAC

Dan Ody 8MM Film
A dusty field comes out
of turn 4. NY Rte67 is directly
behind that wooden fence.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
Steve Danish, on the
gas out of turn 4 during
the Don Henderberg
Memorial race.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
Don Henderberg Memorial
Race winner Jeep Herbert
runs with the checkers prior
to tossing them into the

Dan Ody 8MM FIlm
A lineup takes shape
on the front stretch at
Stateline - probably
for the Henderberg race.


Dan Ody 8MM Film
The starting grid for the Don Henderberg Memorial Race at Stateline.



Google Earth Photo

The track sat right on the Vermont / New York state line - hence the name. That black drainage ditch would  have been just inside turns three and four. I don't know if it is my imagination, but I can see a roundness to the edge of the grass near where the darker color begins to the right,  near Route 67. [I guess the track went right over to the road, almost]. There was the slightest trace of banking there. the left of the white driveway down to the present-day BTL trucking firm, I can almost make out a little hint of turn two. The grandstands were right against Route 67 - in that white area, above the black drainage ditch line.


The topographical map's state boundary line is right about where the drainage ditch is in the photo. [USGS Topo Map]

Historical Aerials.Com Photo
This is the best aerial shot of the track I have seen yet. This 1951, with the track in operation. [Below] 1962, three years
after it closed . You can see incursions onto the track layout beginning at the bottom of the photo. The
grandstands seem to be mostly gone, as well.

Photographer Unknown

Martin Paddock [54] heat start at Stateline in the earlier seasons.
The grandstands have no roof. Does anyone recognize any cars ?

Photo Courtesy of Chris Companion

The start of a heat in the earlier years. #27 is George Welch, and the 99 is Doug Garrison.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Companion

Four abreast at Stateline. Steve Danish is on the outside, and George Welch is
directly next to him.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Companion

An accident at Stateline in the later years. A stock car ran directly into the concession
stand in the infield.

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Ted Langlois, of Connecticut, Red Knoblauch of Johnstown, NY, and Wally LaBelle of Glens Falls and an unidentified driver pose on the front stretch at Stateline Speedway. The famous brick tavern is in the background - actually across Route 67 from the speedway.

From Racersbored Website
A 1953 view from the stands. The 8 Ball is Thurber, and the 79 might be Stack.

Ken Gypson Collection
I can't make out the name, but it looks like Mick Gairmond.

Courtesy of Roger Liller
Steve Danish and Dee Goodermotte in Victory Lane.

Courtesy of Roger Liller
Ed Ryan, at Stateline: a former car owner and
promoter there.

Courtesy of Roger Liller
Frankie "Rollover" Westover in Ed Ryan's 157,
at Stateline. A good view of the announcer/judges' stand.


Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Steve Danish and
Jeep Herbert battle
it out in turn 4.

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Steve Danish and
the all - important

Bob McDowell Photo
Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Steve Danish and
his other car.

Bob McDowell Photo
Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Fred Shepard and
a Danish car with
atypical letter style.

Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
An unidentified car
loses a wheel.

Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Henry Bouchard flies
the checkers at
Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Early car 58. It
doesn't really look
like Dee Goodermotte.

Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Car 73 takes a
major tumble.
Could it be
Fred Searing ?

Courtesy of
Ken Gypson
Car 48 - full view and full crew. No idea who they are.

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
I didn't get these clippings very well through the plastic. Note the name Wally LaBelle.
He is shown in action up above a bit in the 8MM Shots section.


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