Ernest "Ernie" Turner

Turner Family Photo

What I like about this photo is a.) the strong resemblance of Ernie to his younger brother Don and b.) we can see the eldest brother, Raymond, in the background, wearing a "14 Flying Milkman" shirt.


Turner Family Photo

Ernie's familiar silver

Turner Family Photo

Margaret Turner, ready for a powder puff race.



Ira Turner

Rich Palmer Photo

Ira Turner, the youngest [and strongest] of the family. Ira is father to some of today's active drivers and owners like Dan Turner, Rich Turner, and Doug Turner.


 Photo Thanx to
Andy Boright

Ira's car , looking pretty new, at home.



Don "The Flying Milkman" Turner

Catamount Program Photo

Don Turner, once called The Flying Milkman, is just entering the picture on the right [#14] in this early Flying Tiger shot.


 Photo Thanx to Lonnie Terry

Don Turner with his  limited sportsman     Dodge - in 1971.

Photo Thanx to Dan Nolin

Don Turner with his  Hurricane Dodge - in 1972. Mostly, the same car.


Photo Thanx to Andy Boright

Don Turner, Jr. Not sure of the division.

Bill Ladabouche Photo

Don Turner in Bernard Farnsworth's "gorgeous" Chevelle

Bob Flanagan Slide

Don Turner's first Tiger was silver,
just like Ernie's and Ira's.

Bob Flanagan Slide

Don's Hurricane, stuffed inthe wall at Thunder
Road besdie the Mopar of BJ WIllard..


The Other Turners

N. Cyr Family Photo

65 Steve Turner, a cousin


D.Turner Family Photo

David Turner, a son of Raymond Turner

Courtesy of Ron Turner

Steve Turner with another
Flying Tiger.



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