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This list of racing people who passed since the end of the past season was begun in May. I will keep this list on here, for the time being,for those who are concerned and interested in such information. This is the list, as I have been informed:

Bardwell, Buddy - Hall of Fame NH driver                                Moe Brown - car owner and other prominent racing roles                Cozze, Dick - Hall of Fame car owner and father of Frank               

Farnsworth, Ira - driver, flagger, and twin brother of Rollover Ronnie Farnwworth                                                                             Field, Rejean [Berard] - accomplished Quebec driver            

Fusco, Andy - journalist and good friend                                  Gates, Jimmy - Catamount and T Road Flying Tiger driver

LaQuerre, Joey - up and coming ACT star                                 MIschler, Wesley - crew member for Vic Wolfe and official                Morse, Dave - journalist and friend of Ken Sqauier                           

Nelson, Meriden - Thunder Road driver                                    Ody, Danny - driver and racing historian                                             Owen, Gordy - 1950's star in New England                                        

Jolly Ollie Palmer - 1950's Driver from NY                                 Savoie, Bob - Hall of Fame NY modified driver                                    Tetreault, Gene - NY Hall of Fame driver from VT                                                                             
Vogel, Ted, Jr. - driver and car owner                                        White, Ron - Ron Proctor's crew chief                                                  Charlie Wilbur - VT dirt modified driver 


June 9 -   I finally updated the archives and I have added Weekly Blog June 9, 2015 about Tom Curley and the problems facing race promotions today.

June 12 -   I have added a ton of photos to the early years section of the Fonda Speedway page. The page is becoming so memory - intense. I may need to add a second
page on the fabled track. It takes forever to save now.

June 17-   We may be facing the total loss of the site of another former  race track - Fairmont Speedway. Russ Farr reports that a group is trying to buy the land for a solar farm. I hope the deal falls through, just like when it was going to become the location of Hubbardton Forge. Below are a few shots Russ took of the site recently.

Russ Farr Photo
The frontstretch,
as it looks today.

Russ Farr Photo
The original entrance
off Academy Street.

Russ Farr Photo
Across Turn 3,
to turn 4 wall.

Russ Farr Photo
Russ' dog looks down the backstretch,

Russ Farr Photo
From somewhere on the backstretch, across
the infield.

Russ Farr Photo
Going into Turn 3.

Unknown Photographer
The frontstretch, from the
stand around 1965.
Ladabouche Photo
Somewhat the same spot and angle, as taken around 1978.The old building was
one of the track's restrooms
Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Action in the same area -
different angle - 1965
Ted Vogel, Jr. Photo
Ted Brown with Canfield's
8NH on the backstretch
in 1965.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Action around same area -
different angle - 1965
From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD

An early '50's field -
about the same spot.
 June 28-   After being inspired by the great job my friend Norm Cyr did on a tribute car to his father, I made up a page Norm Cyr's Cars. Also, thanks to Steve McKnight,
we have added four never - before - seen photos of Ron Bettis around 1966.

June 30-   Added to and updated the format of an old page called Contrasts. It was an early one, and the layout was horrendous. It's a good before and after page for those
who still reminisce about Catamount Stadium.


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