A Premier Track in New York. The Emphasis is from 1953 -  earlier 1970's.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap


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Pre-  NASCAR Stock Car Years

            There had not been very much auto racing at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds race track when, in 1947 New York promoter Jack Kochman [known for his auto thrill show] got the idea of tapping into the newly - burgeoning sport of stock car racing. Kochman came up with the Speed Corporation of America with support from some figures from New York City. Kochman's unrealistic plan was to have top modified teams run a weekly circuit wherein they would travel from the home base of Fonda, to venues Lewiston, ME; Allentown, PA; Dover, NJ; Palmyra, NY; and Kingston, RI. To make a long story short, the teams could not keep up with the withering travel and the series fell apart within a number of weeks. The fairgrounds track, which would become Fonda Speedway, was left with some nice facility improvements and not much else.


Some legal information on the Speed Cororation of America,
that used Fonda as one of its bases, as well as one of its tracks.

Lost Maine Speewdways Photo
Maine's Ken Littlefield was one of the regulars on the short - lived SCOA circuit. He ran at Fonda .

Fortune City.com Photo
Promoter Jack Kochman was not realistic in what hhis touring drivers could maintain..


Craig Collection
Johnny Rogers with the W.O.
Taylor NASCAR modified #89.
Al Keller would also drive
this car in NY for a bit. Both
became NASCAR officials.

Ed Samples Collection
Buddy Shuman, a
southerner, was clearly the most successful at Fonda in the few SCOA races that were held. Here he relaxes after winning the first Fonda race in 1948.

International Motorsports
Hall of Fame Photo
Rhode Islander Sammy Packard was a SCOA regular who appeared at Fonda in 1948.
Jeff Hardifer Collection
NJ's teenage sensation Wally Campbell, in the :Wally Marks #1 was the real star of the opening Fonda show.
Don Radbruch Photo
Canajoharie's Bob Whitbeck placed 2nd in he "hot rod" support race at the first SCOA show in 1948.
Pinterest Photo
Rocky DiNatale,
Trenton, NJ

Mentioned as hitting the fence in the first 1948 SCOA show.

Frank Smith Photo
via NOTARC and Jeff  Hardifer

Al Keller,
Trenton, NJ 

Drove the famed W.O. Taylor cars out of Paterson, NJ. He was likely at the Fonda shows.
Ed Samples Collection
Bill Snowden, a Floridian was one of the more consistent competitors in the short life of the circuit.
Russ Dodge Collection
via Jeff Hardifer
Driver Frank "Rebel" Munday with famed mechanic of that period Joe Wolf [right]

Earlier NASCAR Stock Car Years

        In the part of Vermont where I came from, NASCAR was not sanctioning any tracks. But, when we traveled to either the small Otter Creek Speedway in Vergennes, or if we ventured over to Fonda, I would get to see stars from Fonda Speedway, the track which was arguably the mecca for racing in our region - in the era of the 1960's. Ed Feuz and Jim Gage decided to field stock car races at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds race track.

Photo from the Fonda History Book

In this promotional photo from the first year, [from left - Walt Roberts, Herb Root, Spence Parkhurst, and Steve Danish pose with their cars to raise area interest in the new track.  By this time, Roberts, Danish, and Parkhurst had all competed at Vermont tracks like Pico Raceway and Stateline Speedway. Root may have, too.

     Prior to the 1953 opening of Fonda, races were already being held in a number of New York locations, as well as West Brattleboro, Vermont; Pico Raceway, in Rutland, Vermont; Fairmont Motor Park, in Fair Haven, Vermont, and Mettowee Speedway, a Granville location that was very near Vermont. Pico was seeing the likes of Steve Danish [Cropseyville], Spencer Parkhurst [Saratoga Springs], Walt Roberts [Poughkeepsie ?], Howard "Jeep Herbert [Rotterdam]; Pete Corey [Crescent], "Jollie Ollie" Palmer [Westmere], and a host of other New Yorkers who were looking for places to race in their new, burgeoning sport. Stateline was hosting these runners and more - including George Baumgardner [Saratoga], Joe Wunderlich [West Sand Lake], Link Pettit, and more.

Courtesy of Buid Brooks

New Yorker Walt Roberts, in a 1952 lineup at Pico Raceway.
Several of the New Yorkers who frequented Pico ended up at Fonda.

     It became evident, early on, [even before races commenced] that Fonda was going to be a prima location for New York racing; and the enthusiasm was tangible. Hence, everyone in the region who wanted to be in the ground floor of the operation made a mad dash for the first gatherings at Fonda. Les King, one of the Northeast's premier racing photographers tells how he, Chet Hames [the flagger], and a local announcer named Wildy would make a circuit of local tracks, handling those necessary duties for the various managements.

Feuz Collection Photo
A future Whites Beach Speedway promoter. the little - known Bob Ruchdeschal [74] almost won the first feature at Fonda when visibility was so bad the faster cars couldn't make progress. Also seen are Jeep Herbert in a crude version  of Bob Mott's 3, Paul Korman in Hal Kempeny's 113, and eventual winner Chuck Kotwicka [2nd car from right]

Feuz Collection Photo
First Fonda feature winner Chuck Kotwicka takes a victory lap as Paul Brozyna [2nd place] demonstrates how hard it became to see where you were going  as he heads for the infield pit area or maybe Victory Lane.

Courtesy of John Grady

Chuck Kotwicka, of Utica, Fonda's first ever feature winner, is trophied by
co-promoter Ed Fuez, left, and by Sally Whitbeck Gage, wife of co-promoter Jim Gage.
Racing tends to entwined with families. The Whitbecks - particularly Bob -
were prominent, especially as car owners and builders.

    When the word of Fonda reached them , the trio was ready to jump. Hames and Wildy headed for Fonda and King, for an unknown reason, missed their departure. Desperate to get the Fonda photographer's stand gig, he began hitchhiking to Fonda. Just before Les made it to the Montgomery Fairgrounds location, Russ Bergh, a rival, sought out Gage or Feuz and got the job.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Free seats ? Not really.

There are likely some duplicate photos on this page - it is hard to keep checking back.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Looking from the
stands toward Turn 4

Bill Ladabouche Photo
The announcer's and
judges' stand. The
dragstrip is seen behind
and the Mohawk River is
in the distance.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Gigi Conover's junker
cars prepare to go out
and run in the track. The road
to the Thruway is in the
distance, and the famous
Graveyard is that white line
over the 2nd car from left.


Bill Ladabouche Photo
The water truck would run
for hours and hours,
turning the track into what
would appear to be an
undrivable quagmire.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Looking to Turn 1. That
tractor thing with multiple
tires is running in the
track surface. You can also
see the ticket entrance.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Early arrivers find ways
to pass the time.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Looking at Turn 4, and the Cow  Palace behind it, as the
Conover Auto Parts cars run
in the track.


Courtesy of Dan Ody
Steve Danish's car
sits in the background
in this mid 1950's
view of the infield.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
The old ticket entrance
around 1958.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Another angle.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Jean-Guy Chartrand
arrives at Fonda after rains caused a cancellation. The entrance is slightly changed here.


Muldowney Site Photo
Famous drag racer
Shirley Muldowney got her
start at Fonda. This is
that same entrance.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Car 555 runs in the

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
A full - bodied Car 73
running in the track.
This is Johnny Miller.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Willie Chest[54] and
Lynn Delong [2nd]
are among the cars
running in the track
before a 1955 show.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Jim Luke in Hal
Kempeny's 113 and
Paul Marshall in the
Warren Daniels
7-11 Jr run in the


Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bennett's 71, with its
driver du jour running
in the track. It is likely
Ken Jones of Canajoharie.

Muldowney Site Photo
The infield drag strip
was very short.
Ed Feuz Collection
A recuperating Pete Corey awards northern NY invader Buck Holliday around 1960.
Ed Feuz Collection
Utica's wild man, Chuck
Mahoney rams Lynn Delong
while driving for Dave McCredy.

Ed Feuz Collection
Bill Wimble wins one with Hal
Kempeny's 113, a former
 Dutch Hoag car.
Ed Feuz Collection
Bob Fiske wins with the
Clartk Bros. 45 sedan.
Ed Feuz Collection
Pete Corey, in the Bob Whitbeck
- built flaming 22, outdoes Dutch Hoag in Hal Kempeny's 113. That Harold Smith - owned 22 was the inspiration for Dave Lape's flaming 22's.

Lew Boyd Collection
Pete Corey was darned nigh
unbeatable in Bob Mott's 3
until NASCAR decided tp
enforce their ban on pre -
1936 bodies.
Ed Feuz Collection
Huge Don Hendenberg was
a good driver in the McCredy S33 before being killed at work.
Ed Feuz Collection
Corey flies the checkers in
the hole - ridden Bob Whitbeck 70. Corey hated the 2nd car. It went through other drivers before Jerry Jerome ended it in possible the  most spectacular crash in Fonda history.

Courtesy of Starin Family

Lew Boyd Collection
Corey nips George Welch in
Frank Trinkhaus' 62NY.
Ed Feuz Collection
A recuperating Pete Corey
is forced to wach from the
announcer's staand in 1960.
Ed Feuz Collection
In 1955 Steve Danish scrapped his familiar six in favor of a Buick V-8. The experiment and the year were both disasters.
Danish Collection
Steve Danish with one of his
seven 1953 Fonda feature trophies.

Ed Feuz Collection
A 1950's visit from the Sports
Car Owners & Drivers' Club
Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Don Stumpf,
Bellamawr, NJ
He won an upset at
Fonda, running it like
a paved track. Caused a change
in philosophy about which
grooves to run @ Fonda.

Ed Feuz Collection
A young Ed Pienazek,
probably with Johnson's
77 at that time.
Ed Feuz Collection
Johnny Gruner rams into Lee
Millington [7] as Larry Larrabee
goes over while subbing for
another driver.
Ed Feuz Collection
An unidentified Henry J
competed in 1953.
Lew Boyd Collection
Freeloaders used to steal a
show from outside the fence
on Rte 30A until one was
Romano Collection
Herb Dunleavy was the first
 hired driver for Joe and
 Andy Romano.
Ed Feuz Collection
George Welch had a promising career cut short when he was killed flagging at Empire Raceway.
Ed Feuz Collection
Fonda aerial shot in the earlier
pre -dragstrip era.
Lew Boyd Collection
George Gallup spent time in
both McCredy's S33 and Frank
Trinkhaus' 62NY in this
early era
Ed Feuz Collection
Chet Hames flags off a finish
with Red Knoblauch [13], S-5
Johnny Perry [middle] and
777 Jerry Jerome. Otis Eaton
would be killed in the S-5 and
Jerome would spectacularly wreck that car, later numbered 550.

Ed Feuz Collection
Herb Root leads Walt
Roberts at Fonda's very
first practice session.
Ed Feuz Collection
Irv Taylor goes through the fence in the Tony Palutti 75A.
Ed Biitig Collection
Jim "Trapper" Morse,
Troy, NY
Ed Feuz Collection
Jim Luke wins one with the
Burns & Wilson 100 around 1954.

Williams Collection
Johnny Perry, with the new Bob
Whitbeck 22.

Ed Feuz Collection
Ken Jones of Canajoharie
hangs an early Dick Bennett
71 on the fence.
Vogel Family Collection
Kenny Shoemaker, in full oppositelock  with Ted Vogel's 95 coupe.

He isn't spinning out - he
simply drove Ted Vogel's
car that hard

Geroge Caruso
Lee Bliss with a 1953 win in the
 Frank Michaelson 51 NY.
Ed Feuz Collection
Paul Brozyna with an early win
for Hal Kempeny.
Ed Feuz Collection
Habitual backmarker Red Knoblauch won a race [and a bet]. Fonda officials had to chauffeur him around
Fonda in a wheelbarrow.
Ed Feuz Collection
The Fonda book has this early
driver of McCredy's S33 as Don
Hendenberg. I think it is
Racin' Grayson Smith.
Johnson Family Collection
Rollie Johnson, an early
Fonda car owner [red #77]
and father of Jack and Joe.

Ed Feuz Collection
Track photographer Russ Bergh, Middleburg, NY

Ed Feuz Collection
Russ' checkerboard
stand is seen in the
background here. Otto
Pade was likely inside.

Marc Schultz Photo
Rollie Johnson and the #77
"Miss Pauline" crew. I believe
Rollie is 3rd from right. Driver
Eddie Pieniazek is center and
photographer Tony Farina is
at far righ
t. I thin Pauline was Farina's wife, maybe.

Lazzaro Collection
Lou Lazzaro's Italian brain
trust from Utica, NY: Lou,
Johnny Veletto, Jr. Bianco,
and Jan Manazzi. Bianco was his inseparable pal for years.
Dan Ody Collection
'Ol Red Knoblauch's 13 never ran faster than the night young Kenny Shoemaker goaded it to a win at Fonda.
Blackjack at Oldies But Goodies
A Fonda scrum involving Danish
Gahan and others.

Gerry LaVallee Collection
Ken Jones of Canajoharie was
likely the first in a long line of
drivers in Dick Bennett's Bernie's
Liquor Shop 71. But his propensity for wadding it up got him replaced.

Jim King Collection
via Gerry LaVallee

Ken Jones of Canajoharie was
introduced to the Fonda barriers.
Courtesy of Mike Russo
n Wayman was also an early
Bennett 71 driver for hire.
Courtesy of
Cameron Gray
Bob Bruno would sometimes
drive Allie Swears' 51 at
Courtesy of  Bill Fifield
Irv Taylor drove in dozens of cars,  including Mike Suraske's 10 - 10 Studebaker.
Maynard Johnson Photo
Hal Kempeny's 113
was an important early
Fonda entry.
Courtesy of Craig Revelle
Bob Ziegler, of Boonville
was an infrequent visitor to
Fonda from Watertown.

Lew Boyd Collection
Spectators sneaking a free look were one of the banes of Feuz and Gage's existence until one was killed by debris. Then sight barriers and
a determined security presence kept the freeloaders off the Route 30A fence thereafter.

Midstate Club Photo
No more sneak peeks.


Osterhoudt Collection
Lynn Delong crashes his car
nicknamed "The Picker Six"
after having already survived
being rear-ended by Chuck Mahoney earlier in the season. [See above]

Osterhoudt Collection
Track workers look it over
to determine how to remove
it from the racing surface.
John Osterhoudt is one
of those workers shown here.
Starin Family Collection
The wrecked Delong car
as it sat at Sonny Starin's
Starin Family Collection
The wrecked Delong car
as it sat at Sonny Starin's
Starin Family Collection
The wrecked Delong car
as it sat at Sonny Starin's
Starin Family Collection
Gawd, Lynn - Ya did it up good !.
Starin Family Collection
The wrecked Delong car
as it sat at Sonny Starin's

Ed Feuz Collection

Co - Promoters Jim Gage [left] and Ed Feuz clown it up during the first season at Fonda.

George Hunt Collection
Jeep Herbert and Pete Corey were early Fonda standouts.

Duke McSpirit Collection
A young Bill Kollar with an
early K71.

Duke McSpirit Collection
The Bill Kollar K71
under construction.

Andrew McCartney Collection
Jollie Ollie Palmer with an
early ride in this 333.
Danish Family Collection
Steve Danish signs autographs
for excited fans on the back of
his always - immaculate #61.
Swaim Family Collection
Chuck Mahoney would occasionally run the well - backed Hollebrand 53 at Fonda in the earlier days.

Lori Harris Michaels Collection
I think that is Jack Harris getting hit by a car 5 in this
very early action.
David Kilmartin Collection
A great early color aerial
of the track.
George Hunt Collection
1958 saw a visit from Miss

George Hunt Collection
......and from the
less attractive SCCA cars.
Rick Parry Collection
Frank's played a major role
at the track for decades.
Lori Harris Michaels Collection
This is Jack Harris on a better day than above.
Rick Parry Collection

Kurzon "Moose" Cary runs Frank Trinkhaus' heavy Chevy against Robbie Kotary in a Joe Romano 97 in this very early action.
Rick Parry Collection
Bystanders marvel how Kurzon "Moose" Cary wasn't hurt worse after doing this to Frank Trinkhaus' heavy Chevy. A similar accident cost Corey a leg.

Van Slyke Family Collection
This is driver Van Slyke with
an early Fonda entry.

Rick Parry Collection
Art Gelorian's 58 was
at least an occasional entry in the early Fonda years with drivers Sanders and Gerow.

Rick Parry Collection
Bernie Ingersoll was one of the
first drivers for the prominent
1950's Burns & Wilson 100 team.
Russ Bergh Photo
Keith Shoemaker Collection

Buck Holliday at Fonda,
with the Geary/Bacon
Russ Bergh Photo
Bill Kollar Collection
via Scott Belknap

Buck Holliday takes a win at Fonda, with the Geary/Bacon
Tim Warner Sr Collection
Early Fonda driver Cecil
Courtesy of Scott Belknap
A former driver himself,
Art Spore [Spoar?] fielded
this car for a young Pete

    After a rough start, with small fields and some track surface issues, the track grew incredibly fast into what came to be known as "The Track of Champions", and deservedly so. And, when some of its great stars would make occasional forays into Vermont to race somewhere and go home with the locals' prize money, it was a treat [at least for the fans]. Steve Danish won one of his last features in Fair Haven; Jerry Townley won one of his only wins in the #108 in Rutland; New Yorker and future Fonda regular Jerry Cook had his car [driven then by Ken Meahl] win one of its first races at Vergennes. These are a few of the stories that furthered the Fonda mystique in Vermont. Ironically, today, Vermonters like Dave Camara and Johnny Scarborough go to Fonda and come back with the prize money - frequently.

Photo from Otto Graham's Site

Jerry Townley, when with the Thomas Chewins 108, took a fairly easy win at
 the Vermont State Fair track in the early 1960's, beating out a field
of out-gunned locals. At Fonda ? Mostly a field filler.

Bittig Collection
This wonderful shot across the infield shows the stands in their full glory. Evident in the pits is the 54 of Willie Chest and Johnny Miller's 502.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
This great shot shows Fonda regular driver Jeep Herbert coaching Kurt Feuz, son of Fonda's promoter.


Danish Family Photo
Steve Danish,
Cropseyville, NY
Drove at Pico, Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee,
Ashland Park

John Grady Photo
Jeep Herbert,
Rotterdam, NY
One of JR Earl's  sedans
Drove at Pico, Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee

John Grady Photo
Pete Corey,
Crescent, NY
Bob Mott's 3
Drove at Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee


Photographer Unknown
Ken Shoemaker,
Schenectady, NY
Ted Vogel's 95
Drove at Fairmont,

Schenectady Collection
Hoppy Redner.
Young/Vine 75

Bob McDowell Photo
via Conde & parry Site

Chuck Mahoney,
Utica, NY

Photo from Bob Novak
George Baumgardner,
Saratoga, NY
Jim Young/Ray Vine 75
Drove at Pico, Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee,
Otter Creek, Ashland Park

McDowell Photo
Courtesy of Phil Miller

Walt Roberts,
Albany, NY
Drove at Pico, Stateline, Mettawee

Fonda History Bk. Photo

Spence Parkhurst,
Saratoga Spr., NY
Drove at Pico, Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee,
Ashland Park

Courtesy of  CJ Richards


McDowell Photo
Jolly Ollie Palmer,
Albany, NY
Drove at Pico, Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee
Courtesy of the
Starin Family
Ronnie Quackenbush,
Fultonville, NY

The former Oscar Porath 3

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Nick Carter,
Dolgeville, NY

The Racin' Detective

Otto Graham Site Photo
Tom Kotary,
Rome, NY
Theron Moore's 112
Drove at Stateline,
Otter Creek


Courtesy of  Rick Luke

Jim Luke,
Utica, NY
Hal Kempeny's 113
Drove at Airborne.

Otto Graham Site Photo
Dutch Reed,
Glens Falls, NY
Bill King's 90A
Drove at Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee,
Dutch Reed, Dev.Bowl

Courtesy of  Mike Russo
Irv Taylor,
Crescent, NY
Richard Welch's 77
Drove at
Otter Creek.

Otto Graham Site Photo
Lynn DeLong,
Glens Falls, NY
Delongs Drove at Fairmont,
Stateline, Mettawee,
Ashland Park, Otter Creek

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Unknown driver
Might have been named
Bob Gessinger but it
doesn't look like him.

John Grady Photo
Don Hendenberg,
Lee Ctr., NY
One of 1st Dave McCredy Cars

Fonda History Bk Photo
Don Courtney,
Schenectady, NY
Walt Roberts' Car

Fonda History Bk Photo
Cliff Kotary,
Rome, NY
Mike Michaels' Car
TA car from this Mike Suraske team ran at Otter Creek.

From Fonda Book,
Fuez Collection
Chuck Kotwicka,
Utica, NY

Otto Graham Site Photo
Otto Graham,
Burlington, NY
Von Benschoten's 20

Courtesy of the
Starin Family
Doc Blanchard,
Gloversville, NY

The Herb Roots 271
with number changed.
Wrecked in the Jerry
Jerome crash in 1958.

Fusco Collection
John "Smokey" Stover,
Glens Falls, NY
Drove at Ashland Park. Along with Parkhurst, he was in on the
ground floor in founding McGregor
Speedway in Wilton.

Otto Graham Site Photo
Joe Ciganenko,
Richfield Spr., NY
Frank Trinkhaus' 62

From Fonda Book
Johnny Miller

Fonda Book Photo
Herm Buttery
Sharon Springs, NY
Notice the infamous grave
yard in the background.

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Fred Shepard,
Cambridge, NY
The car ran at Stateline
and Fairmont.

Courtesy of the
Starin Family
Jack Harris,
Broadalbin, NY

Starin's 550

John Grady Collection
Larry Norgrove,
Colonie, NY

Schenectady Collection
Willie Chest,
Canajoharie, NY

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Ken Shoemaker,
Westmere, NY
Red Knoblauch's 13
Drove at Pico, Fairmont
Stateline, Mettawee

Schenectady Collection
Johnny Perry,
Ephrata, NY
Red Knoblauch's 13
Also Drove Al Paerry's
F84 in early years.


Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Howie Westervelt,
Ravena, NY
Cliff Wright's  and Bob Zautner's 24
The team ran at Stateline

Courtesy of the
Starin Family
Carl "Leadfoot" Taber

Russ Bergh Photo
via Otto Graham

John Grady Collection
According to John
Grady, Rollie Johnson owned
the"Miss Pauline" #77
before Richard Welch.
This shows Rollie and
 Ed Pieniazek. Need help
with the others. Photographer

Drove at Otter Creek

John Grady Collection
Guy Chartrand,
Montreal, Can.
Drove at Fairmont, DBowl,
Catamount, Airborne

John Grady Collection
Ray Sitterly,
Amsterdam, NY
Ray always had
nice cars.
Drove at Fairmont,


John Grady Collection
Paul Marshall,
Schenectady, NY
A huge man.
Warren Daniels' 711Jr
Drove at Otter Creek.
Lefty Coogan's car.

Ladabouche Collection
Pete Corey,
Crescent, NY
Bob Whitbeck's 22

Courtesy of the
Starin Family
Jerry Jerome,
Johnstown, NY

Moody Collection
Wes Moody,
Saranac Lake, NY
Former Don House XL-1
Drove at D Bowl


Russ Bergh Photo
via Bill Fifield

Lou Lazarro,
Utica, NY
Vinnie Maugeri's 4
Drove at Catamount,

Russ Bergh Photo
Lee Millington,
Palatine Bridge, NY
Dick Bennett's 71

John Grady Photo
Doc Blanchard,
Gloversville, NY
Drove at Otter Creek
and Devil's Bowl

Source Unknown


Dwyer Family Collection via the Fonda Book
Chuck Dwyer

Courtesy of the
Starin Family
George Gallup

John Grady Collection
Jeep Herbert
Schenectady, NY
Sam Kitler / Gibby Wolfe 37
The car ran at Pico &
Stateline - often with Jeep
John Grady Collection
Gigi Conover was a
sponsor, supporter,
and official for years.

Ladabouche Collection
Conover's familiar Jeep
is seen in the background
of this Jeep Herbert shot.


Courtesy of Midstate
Club Site
Cliff Kotary,
Rome, NY


Courtesy of The
Dave Brooks Family
Al Danish

May have run Fonda in
its earliest years.

Ed Feuz Collection
Perennial backmarker Red Knoblauch won a heat [and
a bet] with Fonda officials
Dave Talmadge and Pete
Slovik. He won a wheelbrrow
ride from them.

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
George Welch,
Schenectady, NY

Courtesy of Midstate
Club Site
Larry Nye,
Preble, NY

Usually a Watertown
and Waterloo  driver


Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Al Parry,
Saratoga, NY


Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bob Zimmerman,
Albany, NY

Fred DeCarr Collection
Tom Wilson,
Rome, NY

Charlie Pierce's P13


Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Herb Roots,
Gloversville, NY

Various Drivers

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Don Wayman,
Cobleskill, NY

Courtesy of CJ Richards
Charlie Morse,
N. Adams, MA

Ed Winn 467. A very
dominant early '50's

Ed Feuz Collection
ill Fake's charred car. He
was barely rescued in time
by Bob Whitbeck.

Rick Parry Collection
The Fake car before.

Ed Feuz Collection
ill Wimble,
Lisbon, NY

Hal Kempeny's 113

Ed Feuz Collection
The Top Wop,
Ron Narducci,
East Haddam, CT
Don Radbruch Collection
ob Whitbeck,
Canajoharie, NY

Actually winning a Fonda race
with a roadster. He went on to
be a car owner extraordinaire
and track official.

Lew Boyd Collection
Early Fonda figures
Carl "Leadfoot" Tabor,
Hoppy Redner, and
Tony Achzet.
Ed Feuz Collection
Pete Corey in Bob
Whitbeck's flaming 22
beats out Dutch Hoag in
the  113 he sold to
Hal Kempeny.

Herbert Collection
Jeep Herbert [shown
here with wife, Dee]
won the points title with
J.R. Earl some time in"the '50's.


Ed Feuz Collection
The Christmas 1954 card
was a warning of sorts for
the fateful following season.
It didn't go well with the

Ed Feuz Collection
1955 was not a red letter year for Steve Danish. He tried
Buick power that  year, which
may or may not have
contributed to that.

John Grady Collection
Doc Blanchard, from nearby
Gloversville, drove in a number
of cars at Fonda. This is Miller's

Ed Feuz Collection
Don Hendenberg

One of Dave McCredy's
first S33 drivers.

Ed Feuz Collection
Popular driver Howard
"Jeep" Herbert,
Rotterdam, NY

Here with Bob Mott's 3

Ed Feuz Collection
Ed Ortiz,
Ransomville, NY
Ed Feuz Collection
Paul Marshall,
Schenectady, NY

A gentle giant of a man.
Midstate Club Collection
Pepper Eastman,
Madison, NY

This shot likely at Morris, NY.
Lew Boyd Collection
George Gallup

With Dave McCredy's S33
John Grady Collection
George Welch

Bert Welch Collection

ohnny LeClaire Collection
Wayne Coon,
Delanson, NY.

George Hall 74 out
of Rotterdam.

 Courtesy of Jack Eaton
Otis Eaton,
Ephrata, NY
He had survived dangerous roadster racing only to be sadly the first Fonda fatality.
Ed Feuz Collection
Somber track workers clear up
the wrecked Otis Eaton S-5
after his fatal 1955 crash.

 Courtesy of John Chest
Willie Chest,
Canajoharie, NY

Rare color photo

 Courtesy of Annette Achzet-Ltaif
Red Knoblauch,
Johnstown, NY

The playful team made the car extremely similar to Corey's 3 NY
just to mess with the fans watching for the cars to come off the bridge to the track.
 Courtesy of Mary Lou Farina-Caprara
Irv Taylor,
Rexford, NY

A rare shot of  the Rollie Johnson
77 with a very different graphic
 Courtesy of Johnny Leclaire
Jeep Herbert,

The same car, now owned by
Richard Welch, in its
final season.

Courtesy of Rick Parry
Spiffy and new, the Clark
Bros. 45 - apparently ready
for Steve Danish to drive.
Courtesy of Jim Kelly
A very early Fonda entry,
said to belong to
Luke McDeen.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
The Mike Suraske 10-10
Studebaker arrives to be
driven by either Clifrf
Kotary or Irv Taylor

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
An early Danish photo.
Courtesy of Tim Warner Sr.
Ron Quackenbush, using
Cecil Warner's 82 to damage
some Fonda infrastructure.
Courtesy of John Danish
Al Danish may have driven
in a few races at Fonda.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Carl "Leadfoot" Taber with
car owner Tom Argersinger.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
 Al "Suicide" Sanders.
Kim E. Humbert Collection
Courtesy of Jeff Carter
A very early photo of Lee
Millington and crew.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Bill King's 90 afire; Al LaGreca
was the driver then.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Barney Barnard with the mysterious Henry J that
has been newly discovered.
Courtesy of Ed Sindoni
Steve Danish with a win when he was trying the Buick
engine in his car.


Ed Feuz Collection
ob Zimmerman leads the Rollie Johnson 77 [probably Ed Pieniazek], Harold Betts [inside], and Steve Danish.

Courtesy of the Starin Family
Chet flags off a 1950's feature. Jerry Jerome [far left] leads in the #777 which would become the 550Jr. The second car may be the Vogel 95 with Shoemaker aboard. The S-55 was Johnny Perry; the 62 was Joe Ciganenko in Frank Trinkhaus's entry; the 37 was likely Jeep Herbert; the 32, Paul Brozyna; the 3NY, Pete Corey; and Harold Betts was in the 40.

Photo Source Unknown
A good part of the Fonda contingent during the Golden Years. I recognize several: [Bottom row- Doc Blanchard, Unk., Unk., Unk., maybe Howie Westervelt, George Baumgardner, maybe Jack Roode, Don Wayman, Tom Kotary, and Unk. [Top Row- Ollie Palmer, Unk. Earl Maille, maybe Geo. Gallup, maybe George Welch, Bill Wimble, Ken Shoemaker, Steve Danish, Jim Luke, Paul Marshall, Buck Holliday, unk., and Lou Lazarro. Probably Corey and Jeep are in there, but I can't see them.


Courtesy of George Hunt
Earl Maille
W. Glens Falls, NY
One of the drivers to bring a
win to Henry Caputo.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
UNK car 105 hits the wall
but avoids the graveyard.

Frank Simek Photo
Doug Gallup


Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Photographer Russ Bergh

Jackie Ruger

Courtesy of Rick Parry
Russ Bergh Photo
Car 75 could be having a better night.
Not Young/Vine 75

Courtesy of Rick Parry
Car 52 not doing much better.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Jack Rugar wrecking his 107 car.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
More Rugar misfortune.
Courtesy of Scott Belknap
The end of the Rte 30A freeloading.

Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Otis Eaton accident article.
What was it with the 5's ?
1955 was a disaster and so
was 1965.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
George Gallup with an
early Trinkhaus car.
Courtesy of Scott Belknap
Red Cromer's car was
running hot for Baumie
that night.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
An early Trinkhaus
team photo. I think:
Ciganenko, House,
Frank, UNK kid,
and UNK crewman.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Red Knoblauch puts one
of his 13's on her side.
Poor Red probably didn't think it was as funny as these guys did.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Rolling her back over.
Courtesy of Joe Macekja, Jr.
Jolly Ollie finds success
with one of Jim Brush's
Courtesy of Frank Simek
George Emden
aka Jerry Jerome.
The former Whitbeck car.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Jeep Herbert with one
of Frank Trinkhaus'

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