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June 2 -    I have gotten the May news archived. I received a nice recognition for this site on May 29 at the DIRT Northeast Modified Hall of Fame in Weedsport, NY. The Len Sammons Award is a great honor, and I appreciate Andy Fusco suggesting me to the committee. It was a bit of a reach for the group which essentially operates out of my area; but, my fondness for New York sportsman and modified racing brought the site to their attention and they liked what they saw. See photos below.

Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
The Class of 2011: Me, Ron St.Marie,
Doug Hoffman, Jerry Cook, Irv Taylor,
and Dick Cozze

Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Me, offering a few comments
to a crowd, 99% of which had
no idea who I even was.

Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Me, Irv Taylor, and past
inductee Dave Lape.

      I have also added a big page on drivers Jerry Cook / Cam Gagliardi / Ken Meahl [if the system lets me do it. It's been cranky as hell lately].

June 9 -    I have added Column Page 64, on Stub Fadden.

June 12 -    I have added Column Page 65, on Dexter Dorr, Cohoes, NY car builder.
June 13 -    I have added four photos to the Ageless Buddy Bardwell page.
June 15 -    Thanks to the generosity of Don Richards, we now know the best - known of the Colchester tracks was sometimes called Malletts Bay Raceway. He lent me a framed poster of the track. I photographed it the best I could, with the glass causing the photos to be somewhat blurred.
June 20 -    Thanks to the generosity of Jack Rugar and John Rock, I now have the entire scrapbook of the late Bob Bruno. It was a huge scanning job. I have added some photos to the Bob Bruno page, although there are many more to come. I can only handle so many at once with the cumbersome system we have to use for the site.
June 23 -    Like the currency on the front page ? My grandson picked that up off the street. Some church outfit is using it as an attention grabber. Does anyone know who is really on a million dollar note [or is there even such a bill ?] I will be continuing with more Bob Bruno photos, as time allows, and I am now getting a number of Guy Chartand shots from Richard Chartrand, via Neal Davis. Thanks to all. I am hoping I don't make the wrong choice about Thunder Road tonight. It looks like rain, and I don hate to make that drive for nothing. Below is the remarkable Bob Dragoon who, at nearly 75, is still running in the renegade division at Airborne. If I get enough photos from that collection, we'll do a page.
   For those who may not regularly access the Thunder Road Coupes extra page, Troy Dodge put ten wonderful photographs on the site from shots his father, Donald Dodge took in 1963. I am not trying to steal anyone's material - I just want to make sure everyone gets to see them. Thanks Troy !

Dragoon Collection
Bob, in the 1980's, with one of his Monte Carlo's.

June 25-    The page on Jean Guy Chartrand is up, although it will have more on it later.


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