Malletts Bay Raceway or
Colchester - Bayview Speedway

The Walter Barcomb Track Near the Drive-In

      The main track in Colchester was always the Malletts Bay Raceway, on the road down to the lake past Malletts Bay Salvage and the famous drive - in theater. Supposedly, the Barcomb family, which operated the salvage yard, owned the track. The track started out in the 1950's with some of the most bizarre - looking machinery you'd ever want to see. Sanctioned by NASCAR near the end of the '50's, the cars were getting pretty good by the end of the track's life.

Courtesy of Don Richards
A great framed poster which verifies that the Barcomb track was called "raceway".  Don ended up as the owner
of the Malletts Bay salvage yard that was almost next door to the race track.


       Cars from Malletts Bay ran there, at Thunder Road, at Airborne Speedway, at Otter Creek Speedway, and even reached out the Northeastern and Fairmont Speedways. According to one popular legend, the owners of the drive - in, incensed by incursions into their shows by various "things" from the race track, managed to buy the track under some sort of disguise and summarily bulldozed it.


Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of C.J. Richards
A field races down the front stretch at Malletts Bay. Note the drive - in theater in the background.


Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of Bobby Castine and John Rock
Mixup at Malletts Bay. The # 128 and three I can't make out.

Competitor List Satellite Photo & Vestiges More Red Dooley Photos

A 1958 Payoff List



Red Dooley Photo
A race lineup sits on the front stretch at Malletts Bay. Note my photo from 20+ years later, showing those railroad ties.

Ladabouche Photo
Those railroad ties.

Red Dooley Photos
Red Dooley's wrecked coupe sits in the infield. Notice the hated drive-in in the background.

Red Dooley


Red Dooley Photos
A field of cars thunders
into Turn One.

Red Dooley Photo
Red Dooley's original car leads
 Don Smith's F80 at Malletts Bay.

Bob Bushey Fmily Photo
Curious pit onlookers give
Bob Bushey's super hot
Spud 19 car the once over.

Bob Bushey Family Photo
Bob Bushey comes down the tower steps after talking to track owner Walter Barcomb [hat on].

Bob Bushey Family Photos
Although it is not 100% certain, I'd say this is  turn 4 action from Malletts Bay Raceway.

Bob Bushey Family Photos
More turn 4 action from
Malletts Bay Raceway.

Red Dooley Photo
Big wreck on the
backstretch halts
a race early in the
track's history.

Red Dooley Photo
Dooley's hand writing id's
#31 as Ernie Barcomb. I
always thought Ernie
used #71. It ought to be
Gordy Owen.

Red Dooley Photo
Red poons a wierd-
looking car near
Turn Four.

Bob Bushey Family Photos
Even more turn 4 action from Malletts Bay Raceway.

Bob Bushey Family Photos
Red Dooley having clear
difficulties with the track.

Red Dooley Photo
A field lines up on
the front stretch,
right in front of
the stands.

Bushey Family Photos
Thanks to Jack Anderson

The crowd in the stands
at Malletts Bay

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
The Ivanhoe Smith
car, a Colchester area
regular. Smith also owned
Colchester Raceway:

Clarence Rock, driver
Willard Rock, co-owner

CLICK HERE for info

Courtesy of Mary Lou Richards
The final season - NASCAR limited sportsman coupes line up: C37 Jim "Sapphire" Leclaire, 50 Bud Besor, and others.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Ardyce Blohm

Another M Bay wreck.

Bob Mackey Photo
M Bay drivers Wayne Chandler [left] and Red Dooley. The photo is tiny - it isn't a thumbnail.





Driver names in blue

Anderson, Jack
Ballard, Keith
Barcomb, Ernie
Barcomb, Leonard
Barnes, Billy
Barnes, Buddy
Bigelow, Bill
Bushey, Bob
Bridges, George
Carmichael, Shorty
Chandler, Wayne
Chaloux, Norm
Chamberlain, Harley
Chapman, Wayne
Charbonneau, Ed
Cody, Art
Cross, Mickey
Cross, Tommy
Dooley Red
Dragon, Beaver
DuBrul, Jack
Farnsworth,  Ira
Farnsworth, Ronnie

Fuller, Barney
Gammell, Johnnie
Gilbert, Lloyd

Godin, Sonny
Gover, Sonny
Graves, Junior
Guyette, Foster
Hampton, Jim

Hart, Frank


are linked to a photo

Holliday, Buck
Keys, Ben
Lemay, Dick
Maynard, Bing
Maynard, George
Maynard, Pete
Maskell,  Allen
McDonald Billy
McGrath, Pat
Miller, Howie
Nephew, Dick
Owen, Gordy
Peterson, Jackie
Poirier, Bud
Quenneville. Vince
Rabideau, Sonny
Reid, Ernie
Richards, C.J.
Riley, Bob
Robare, Pat
Rock, Clarence
Saltus, Jimmy
Santimore, Bob
Shangraw, Allen
Shattuck, Rex
Smith, Don
Streeter, Chet
Trayah, Carl
Trayah, Herb
Trombley Brothers
Tucker, Lee
Wescott, Ollie
Wimble, Bill

Yarnell, Clyde


Courtesy of Bob Riley
Bob Riley could run his '34 Ford coupe at Malletts Bay when Colchester Raceway said he was too young.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
Bob Riley and friend Ed Benoit get in some photo ops before the race program began. Note the drive-in in the background.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
Ed Benoit, with the Bob RIley 17.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
The Bob Riley 17, numbered for the age he was when he started driving race cars.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
Bob Riley and his car.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
Apparently this is the Bob Riley car, flashing by Bucky Barlow.

Courtesy of Bob Riley
Bill Boisvert [lft] and Jacki Anderson in the Catamou nt Stadium pits in 1965. Bob Riley's #17 sportsman is seen here.

Courtesy of the Nephew Family

Kay Hanson [center] was one of the Chief Pit Stewards at
Malletts Bay Speedway.

Pay records from the track - notice yet another name for the place.
[So, that includes Malletts Bay Raceway, Bayside Raceway, and finally Colchester - Bayview Speedway]

Bayside Raceway
July 6, 1958

 Posted Lineup


Pos     #                      Driver                         Laps
1.         358                 Bob Bushey               20
2.         X                     Bill McDonald           20
3.         888                 Allan Maskell            20
4.         7-11                Ron Weston               20
5.         16                    Tommy Cross            20  
6.         385                 Clarence Rock           20
7.         3                      Wayne Chandler       11
8.         97                    Gordie Owen             10
9.         2                      Bob Santimore            8   
10.       56                    Junior Graves             5
11.       19                    Rex Shattuck              2
12.       71                    Ernie Barcomb            2
13.       12                    Oliver Wescott            2
14.       78                    Sonny Godin               1   
15.       1                      Herb Trayah               1 

 “Dead cars”

Heat 1 Finish

Heat 2 Finish

Heat 3 Finish

Consi Finish

Payoff Sheet

Car#   Driver                                                             Total
358     Bob Bushey                           45        15        60
X         Bill McDonald                      30          5        35
888     Allan Maskell                       20        10        30
7-11    Ron Weston                          15          5        20
16        Tommy Cross                       10          5        15
385     Clarence Rock                        5         10       15
19        Rex Shattuck                                               15
1          Herb Trayah                                                 15
3          Wayne Chandler                                          15
71        Ernie Barcomb                                             10
2          Bob Santimore                                             10
78        Sonny Godin                                                  5
27        Foster Guyette                                               5
12        Oliver Wescott                                               5
113     (?)                                                                    5
21        Pat McGrath                                                  5
56        Junior Graves                                                5
7          Buddy Barnes                                                5
97        Gordie Owen                                                  5
(?)       Pat Robare                                                     5

 Total expenses $412.00
Thanks to Justin St. Louis


Anderson Collection Photo
Jack Anderson,
Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Keith Ballard,
Hinesburg, VT

Catamount History Book Photo
Ernie Barcomb,
Winooski, VT

Bob Mackey Photo via John Rock
Leonard Barcomb,
Winooski, VT

Catamount History Book Photo
George Bridges,
S. Plattsburgh, NY

Catamount History Book Photo
Shorty Carmichael,
Plattsburgh, NY

Catamount History Book Photo
Wayne Chandler,
Colchester, VT

Bob Frazier Photo
Art Cody,
Keene, NH
Infrequent guest star from Claremont and Cheshire

Catamount History Book Photo
Mickey Cross,
Winooski, VT

Courtesy of Dooley & Blow Families
Red Dooley,
Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Bourgeois Family
Beaver Dragon,
Milton, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Jack DuBrul,
Shelburne, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Johnny Gammell,
St. Johnsbury Ctr., VT

Courtesy of Lloyd & Gregg Gilbert
Lloyd Gilbert,
Burlington, VT

Catamount History Book Photo
Junior Graves,
Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Jim Hampton,
Vergennes, VT

Bob Mackey Photo via John Rock
Buck Holliday,
Wadington, NY

Catamount History Book Photo
Ben Keys,
Plattsburgh, NY

Catamount History Book Photo
Pat McGraff,
Burlington, VT

Miller FamilyPhoto
Howie Miller,
Vergennes VT

Bob Mackey Photo via John Rock
Dick Nephew,
Mooers Forks, NY

Lew Boyd Photo
Sonny Rabideau,
Brattleboro VT

Catamount History Book Photo
Ernie Reid,
Massena, NY

Courtesy of C.J. Richards
Rex Shattuck,
Winooski, VT

Photo Courtesy of Dooley & Blow Families
Don Smith,
Winooski, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Chet Streeter,
Burlington, VT

Catamount History Book Photo
Trombley Brothers,
Mooers Forks, NY

Tucker FamilyPhoto
Lee Tucker,
Burlington, VT
With grandson, at Bear Ridge

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Ollie Wescott,
Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Chris Companion
Bill Wimble,
Lisbon, NY

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Jimmy Saltus,
Colchester, VT

Bushey Family Photo
Thanks to Jack Anderson

Norm "The Flying Frenchman"Chaloux,
Barre, VT
Recovering from broken shoulder and walking with former car owner Ralph Bushey

Bushey Family Photo
Thanks to Jack Anderson

Bob Bushey,
Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Chris Companion
Aimer "Sonny" Gover,
Hartford, CT

Owen Family Photo
Thanks to Cliff Owen

Gordy Owen,
Williston, VT
The Fightin" Trayah Brothers

Bushey Family Photo
Thanks to Jack Anderson

Herb, #100

Bushey Family Photo
Thanks to Jack Anderson

Carl, #111
No idea who the guy in the foreground is.

Courtesy of C.J. Richards
Jackie Peterson,
So. Burlington, VT

Courtesy of Linda Hedelund
Ronnie and Ira Farnsworth
Burlington, VT
Photos Courtesy of Bob Maynard
George Maynard,
Burlington, VT

Wrenched by Joe Maynard

Courtesy of Maskell Family
via Cho Lee

Allen Maskell,
Wolcott, VT

Car built by
Erwin Bettis
Courtesy of FE Hart Family
via Arnie Hill
Frank Hart [left]
Courtesy of Gary Poirier
Bud Poirier,
Burlington, VT

The "Little One" 5

Courtesy of the Owens Family
Buddy Barnes,
at Colchester Raceway


Courtesy of Don Richards
Sorry it's blurry. It is behind glass, goofing up my camera's focusing apparatus.


This appears to be the Charlie Ely
88, with Johnny Gammell aboard.
Starter might be Bucky Barlow.

Action on the backstretch.
Let me know if you
recognize anybody.

Bob Bushey with the
Sullivan 586, which
he also drove in New York State.

Action in the pits.

Car 8 [maybe Frank Hart]
finishes and takes the
flag from Archie Blackadar.

A lineup that includes
3Jr, Wayne Chandler, and
37, Mickey Cross.

The drive-in is seen clearly in
the background as a field of
Cars takes the green.

The starter jumps as a
feature starts on the pavement.
That same #128 Hudson that is
seen above, as well as the 88 of
Johnny Gammell.

Vermont State troopers talk
with a man in front of the
Malletts Bay F.D. ambulance.


Terraserver Satellite Photo
The old track is discernable on the left, with the drive-in in the center and the Malletts Bay Salvage yards to the right. Even though it did not exist when the track ran, Interstate 89 is seen at far left.

Terraserver Map
The Terraserver map of
the same location.

Cris DaBicaPhoto
This street is in the
housing development that
has wiped out all traces
of the layout.

Dooley Photo
A field going into Turn 1.
Below is approximately
the same place today.

Cris DaBica Photo 

Ladabouche Photo
These railroad ties supported the frontstretch fence.
Ladabouche Photo
These railroad ties formed the support for the frontstretch retaining fence. Note the cinder base for the old track.

Photo Courtesy of Blow and
Dooley Families

Red Dooley tinkers with
the coupe while an unidentified
 woman poses for the camera.


Photo Courtesy of Blow
& Dooley Families

Red looks on as a
crewman makes an
adjustment before
leaving the track.


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