November 2  I will archive the October news releases. I have also added a couple of satellite map components to the page of Northeastern Speedway. I am still working on progress reports at school, so the output here is a little limited. I definitely plan on having a separate page for the walking tour we took of the old Otter Creek Speedway soon. I may have located the old Mustang Speedway, just over the Canadian border - along Chemin de Moulin in Phillipsburg, Que. Check out this link and see if you can see it.,-73.21583&spn=0.05,0.05

November 4  I have added a small Mustang Speedway page because the short-lived Quebec track did involve Vermont drivers. Although dirt, I believe a few Catamount drivers tried it out in the late 1960's or early seventies.

November 5  The much - anticipated Ghosts of Rainbow Ridge page is up now. I have a few more shots: but, it is definitely in completed shape. If somebody sees Darrell Tucker, clue him into this please.

November 15  Hello Everybody. Sorry about the dead time between upgrades. The school work is hellacious. I have added a few plastic cars to the ACT Car Competitors Page.

November 17  Happy Birthday to my mother. I just wanted to put up some old photos that I think are interesting and fun [while not necessarily being good quality]. So, here is a plain page with some important, good, obscure ol' pictures.

November 21  After being one of the victims of the switch from Adelphia to Comcast, I am back. To Dave Moody and Neal Davis: I can get email, but I cannot, as yet, reply. Hooray Comcast ! I have made some adjustments to the ACT Competitors page and to the Otter Creek Speedway page. I also see that I never put in a link to the November 17 page I made. Click here to see that.

November 27  Several drivers in the history of Catamount Stadium were so versatile as to compete in anywhere from two to as many as four different divisions. One such driver was an unassuming, popular redheaded man from Westford named Dave Gibbs. Below are three photos, representing the four divisions Gibbs ran in during a career that spanned over ten years. I believe Dave also had a new Tiger, but I have no photo. His wife, Mary, also had a mini stock.
    I also added a shot of an early midget field in the Catamount Views page. I have also added a new page called Pit Crews of Yesterday.

Catamount Program Photo

The Hurricane

Catamount Program Photo

The Mini Stock

Courtesy of Dan Nolin

The Grand American


November 28  I am proud to announce one of my favorite projects is now completed and up - The Stub Fadden page. He is one of the nicest guys to ever grace a race track, and I took some of my time off at Thanksgiving to get this page up for him and his family. Please, somebody, let the Fadden family know.

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