The backbone of any stock car effort from yesteryear was the cadre of loyal supporters that driver had. Seeing as no team had much for economic backing - and none had any full-time help, the volunteer pit crew consisted of good pals, next - door neighbors, and fellas who just happened by the garage, one day, and kept on coming back. These photos show the rough and ready boys who skinned their knuckles to get those wonders of automotive technology in the early days of our sport.

Ladabouche Photo
Vince Quenneville, John Beeman,
and Gael Dundon[ kneeling]
Fairmont Speedway
Warning: the photo is very
large when opened

Bucko Branham Photo
Bill Branham [ctr] with
Gene Fountain [left] and
Don Burl.
Airborne Park Speedway

Ladabouche Photo
Gene Tetrault and
the crew
Otter Creek Speedway
Warning: the photo is very
large when opened

 Joe Connors Photo
Garrison Family Collection

Doug Garrison , with
Cliff Wright and the Tollgate
Ice Cream crew: Bob Zautner
and Tom Domeny
Rhinebeck Spdwy

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Ralph Palmer and his
Fairmont crew
Fairmont Speedway

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock &
Bobby Castine
The Marcel Godard crew
talking to Maurice Broderick
Airborne Park Speedway

McDowell Photo
Steve Danish and
the crew in cluding son,
John [2nd from left]
Fonda Speedway

Herbert FamilyPhoto
Jeep Herbert and
the Vince Barbuto crew
Victoria Speedway

Ladabouche Photo
Ed Foley and
the crew, including
the Pidgeon Twins
Fairmont Speedway

Howard Photo
Sonny Rabideau and
the DN3 crew
Cheshire Fairgrounds

Jerry King Photo
Ralph Soulia, with Jerry
King [left] and
Bob Ames [rt]
Devils Bowl Speedway

Magnum Site Photo
Jean-Paul Cabana
and early coupe crew.
The man in the middle is
the ever - present
Claude Faniau
Riverside Speedway [Laval]

Ladabouche Photo
Art Cody walks away from
his Henry Merrill 33 as Henry
[above] and another crewman
work on the car.
Fairmont Speedway

Bob Mackey Photo
 Courtesy of Mike Watts, Sr.

Don Burl and crew - with his
famous 7UP Studebaker Hobby
Division car.
Airborne Park Speedway

 Courtesy of Otto Graham

Mike Michaels [Suraske] and crew with their famous 10-10.
Victoria Speedway

Bob Mackey Photo
 Courtesy of John Rock.

Henry Jarvis and crew - with his
last car, the sportsman.
Airborne Park Speedway

 Courtesy ofAndre Chausse

Francois Chausse and the
LMS B45. The Beliveau brothers
were owners and crew.
Riverside Speedway [Laval]

 Courtesy of Terry LaFerriere

Ron Barcomb and part of his
always -  plentiful crew: Alan
Blondin, Dick Myers,
Buckshot Seguin, and
Ray Lasnier.
Airborne Park Speedway
 Courtesy of Blake Family

The crew with Beaver Dragon 's
best Flying Tiger ride - Blake's
63: Gray Blake, Beaver, UNK,
and Randy Blake.
Catamount S
Dragon Family Photo
The crew when Beaver had his famous upset win at Catamount
over the modified stars: Ernie Preiss
and Johnny Bourgeois.
Catamount Stadium
Dragon Family Photo
Bob Dragon's crew in his absolute
heyday, around 1973: Frankie Woodard, Billy Tower, Gary Desranleau, Veronica Dragon,
John Keefer, Steve Hibbard, and
Bobby Clark.

Catamount Stadium
Laduc Family Photo
Charlie Laduc's first race
car and crew: Charlie, Tom
Williams, and Phil Laduc.
Fairmont Speedway
Bob Mackey Photo
 Courtesy of John Rock.

Charlie Trombley and one of
his excellent crews" UNK, Charlie,
Paul Conover, and possbily
someone with last name Mortimer.
Airborne Park Speedway

Bob Frazier Photo
 Courtesy of Norm Vadnais.

Curt Prescott's New England
 Tower #2 is serviced by the crew
after Prescott got the car
from Ed Foley.
Devil's Bowl Speedway

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