January, 2006

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January 1 -  Updated the archives for the news page and added December archives page.

January 4 -  Added a Story of the Moonlight Gambler page.  CLICK HERE  to go that page.

January 8 -  At the annual meeting of NEAR, I was awarded the Coastal 181 Award - for what this site does to preserve the history of stock car racing in the region. I  was very honored to accept it. On the Meet the Author page, I have a somewhat blurry photo of the presentation by Jim Rigney, of Coastal 181 Publishing.

January 12 -  I have been having some problems with this computer. Those a--holes who send spyware and such into our computers ought to be dragged behind a truck that runs through a landfill. My son, the computer genius, will probably be changing systems for me. I don't know how it's going to turn out or when. So, I might not be upgrading much soon for a while. Stick around - it won't be forever.

January 15 -  Still haven't been upgraded. I have meant to mention this info for a guy since late Fall. This person whose real name I don't know sent me this information: "I would like to introduce the best kept secret in auto racing. It's called WLAR. It stands for We Love Auto Racing. I have been doing this since the beginning of the year (2005). This is a hot line of sorts but I run it like a radio show. Every Thursday I have a guest on the line........." - Jalopy Jack
I don't know much about this. It is out of New York, somewhere. Give it a try.

January 18 -  Small upgrades to the Fairmont Speedway page. I have noticed I will need to reduce the size of many graphics, due to the fact that many users' screens are smaller than the one I use here. It affects the layout. I also added a link to the NEAR website.

January 22 -  I have had another early race track brought to my attention by Charlie Smith. I am hoping people can add to the information he supplied when he sent me an old article on this crude track in Morristown, Vermont. I won't have time to tie into the entire series of links within the site, but CLICK HERE to go to the temporary page.

January 23 -  Minor changes and additions to the Otter Creek Speedway page.

January 29 -  My trip down to the NEAR Hall of Fame induction banquet was very enjoyable. In addition to my buds, Cho Lee, Lloyd Hutchins, and Bob Novak, I got to hang with legend and NEAR HOF'er Beaver Dragon and lovely wife Jane. I was proud to know the inductee from our region, Robbie Crouch. The Vermont contingent at these proceedings is becoming a little larger every year. It was a thrill to talk to the likes of Ron Narducci, Bill Wimble, Rene Charland, Bill Slater, and historian par excellence R.A. Silvia.
    Added an incomplete Northern New York Drivers and Teams page - for the coupe era. It can be accessed also through the Pre-History page, which is a great place if you haven't discovered it yet.

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