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Sept 2 -  I have added the September 2, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the trio of Spencer Parkhurst, Dave Brooks, and Gene Tetrault. I'll have to do the archives later.

Sept 5 -  I finally have the archives updated.

Sept 6 -  I added a few of my photos, as well as some from Steve McKnight and Norty Foster, to the Reunions 2005 [for the Airborne Speedway 2012 Legends Night] and to my Me And ... page. If anyone has photos from the Airborne legends night - I'd love to use them [particularly a shot of Bob Trombley]. I can think of a number of guys who should have been introduced that night who [in most cases] avoided it: Jack Rugar, Joe Goddeau, and the Branhams - to name a few. I don't have shots yet of Bob T., Wes Moody, and several others who did attend.

Sept 10 -  I have added the September 10, 2012 Weekly Blog, on early American racing in Quebec.

Sept 14 -  I have been experiencing some internet connection issues, which my son has fixed at least for now. If you see extended dry spells on here - it could be that I am having more internet ills. [It also might be that I am just busier than h---].

Sept 17 -  Major issues continue with the program I use to update the site. I have been trying to put this week's blog on, and it is fighting me tooth and nail. I will continue to try after taking a break so as to not throw this computer through the upstairs window. If I get the new blog on, I cannot guarantee what the layout will look like. Real struggle. The Weekly Blog for September 17, on Ken Meahl and early racing flips, is up. As I am writing this, I don't know what it turned out like yet.

Sept 18 -  I have added a few NY tracks such as Coxsackie, West Seneca, Brookfield, and Cambridge Fairgrounds, as well as Washington, ME on the Aerial Views page.

Sept 24 -  I have added the Weekly Blog for September 24, 2012, on durable race cars - particularly the three window coupe of Skip Roots. I also added some shots to the page on the
T-800 stock car which ran at Airborne and other northern tracks.

Sept 26 -  Thanks to the generosity of Rob Trombley, I  have enough material to do a Trombley brothers page, on Charlie, Bob, and Ronnie - from Mooers Forks, NY.

Sept 28 -  Thanks to more photos from Rob Trombley, I  have added to the Trombley brothers page. Also, from the same source, a few new modified photos on the Catamount Coupe Competitors page.

Sept 30-  On this, the last day of September [pissed off by the Milk Bowl being postponed] I have added material to the It's What's in the Background page. I also added a bit to the Weekly Blog for September 24, 2012, on the long - lasting Skip Roots cart - based on some information from a guy named Mike who emailed me. I may or may not add another blog today, depending on time. I had time to update to the new blog: Weekly Blog September 30, 2012, about a photo at Fairmont Speedway in 1964.

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