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NOV 5 -  I have updated the news and archives pages. I will also be adding some slides sent to me by Robert Flanagan. These are blurry because I had to photograph them, through light from a lamp; but, they are cool and rare shots of the early Original Flying Tigers at Catamount. More to come, especially if this lousy weather continues. HEY BOB NOVAK ! I also added some photos to the Blackjack DuBrul page. Some are good; some are poor and I should try to get back down to see Jack and take better shots.

NOV 8 -  I have added to the page called Vintage Lineups.

NOV 12 -  Scott Haskell and George Hill take note, I have added a page on the Goodwin's West Lebanon race track. I got some wonderful family photos from Sandra Fontana, daughter of Peanie Goodwin.

NOV 18 -  I need some help / information on these pictures:

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Dale "Tubby" Hatch, around 1960 at T Road.
Where did he get this car ? Anyone know ? It looks
like the old Wayne Chandler 3Jr.

From the Dan Ody 8mm DVD I
The great Spence Parkhurst ran a car just like
this. This is a shot from Victoria, about 1962.
 It would be Parkhurst, but I doubt it.
Did he sell the car either to George Voekler
or to Bob Holman ?

Courtesy of CJRichards
The great Spence Parkhurst in a photo
that is clealy him.

From the Dan Ody 8mm DVD I
This car ran at places like VIctoria, Fonda,
Otter Creek, and Stateline in the late '50's
and early '60's. I think various guys
drove it. Any idea whose it is and who
were some of the drivers besides Vince
Pucilis ?

From the Dan Ody 8mm DVD I
Two cars that  ran at Stateline in the George
Welch Benefit race. Any idea who either
one is ?


NOV 20 -  Moving further to the west, I have done a small page called Otto's Boys, featuring a few of Otto Graham's favorite drivers.

NOV 25 -  Happy Thanksgiving.  I took some of the photos given to me by the LaFond boys and added them to the Devils Bowl page. It is 10:17 at night and I have an uneasy feeling abvout how this is going to come out. If there are a lot of broken links on the page, I will fix it as soon as possible. It has been doing to me a lot in the past year.


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