AKA The Goodwin Track

Courtesy of Sandra Godwin Fontana
You see, Henrietta ? He has lots of nice, safe bars in there.

       Sandra Fontana, a daughter of New Hampshire 1950's driver "Peanie" Goodwin, was kind enough to track down his personal photos from that unnamed track, on what is now the landfill, near West Leb. I will eventually place all of Sandra's scans on this page, totally dependant on available time. My thanks to any and all members of the Goodwin family who may have helped with this. These are primary [non - professional] shots of a track that almost became completely forgotten.

Courtesy of Scott Haskell
Maurice Congdon [12] and Ray Sanborn [outside 3rd
row] are two entrants in this race lineup.

All Photos Courtesy
of Sandra Fontana unless
otherwise stated

Well - known 1950's NH
driver Maurice Condon.

Maurice Condon,
at speed on the
loose, sandy - looking
West Leb track.

Maurice Condon,
lining up on track.

Maurice Condon,

Two cops and another
man watching work in the
West Leb pits.


Two cops and another
man wearing one of
those awful '50's gas station hats talk to one of the drivers.


Work goes on
with the car
#7-11. Note the
Hell's Angels

One of the cars bearing
an almost - identical
#15. This one went
off the track [which
apparently wasn't too
hard to do].

Two men figure out how
to extricate #15,
"the sedan".

Pushing a car in the
pits near the other
car #15.

Another view of
pushing car #93. The 358, sporting an ad for the Riverside Grill, waits
to go by.


Car #34, with
the star on the
side. The driver
is obviously happy
to be photographed.

A great shot of
Car 34 - one of
the more technically
- sound cars seen
at West Leb.

A crumpled #1.

Big 'ol #37 sedan
sits somewhere at
West Leb.

My favorite shot
of the lot: a good
- looking car 60,
at speed.

Car 358, going off
the track.

Car 13 and another
entry had "a awful accident", as Jim Barton would have said.

Another awful
accident, this one
 involving car 6 and 1/8.
Another guy using his
hat size for a numeral ?


Nice view of car 5
coming out of what must
be turn 4.

Car 15 lined up for a race.
In the old days, they
would do the lineups
right on the track and
make the crowd wait.

Nice view of car 5
coming out of what must
be turn 4. This time, he
has company !

George Hodgdon Photo
Courtesy of Scott Haskell

George Hodgdon, likely
raced at West Leb.
The car certainly did - then
driven by Harold Hanaford.

George Hodgdon Photo
Courtesy of Scott Haskell

Called "Hot Rod" in those days, Harold Hanaford raced at West Leb. and
beat the Goodwins. They didn't like that.

Courtesy of The Davis Family
Pop Goodwin, seen here as champion at Claremont Speedway.


Courtesy of S. Fontana
Peanie Goodwin was not only a driver and member of the owning family; but, he was a successful lumberjack and builder.


A feature start at
West Leb.

Pit work at
West Leb.

Car 13 and another
entry had "a awful accident". Does this caption look familiar ?
Gould must have attended
the same day as whoever
took Fontana's shots.


There seemed to be
a lot of awful accidents.
I wonder how many got hurt
at West Leb.

The driver of
this car is said
to be Billy Byers.

Bringin' 'em in,
two at a time.

The West Leb
pit area. Mostly
different cars than
the Fontana shots.

Nice shot. It gives
you an idea of what spectators at West Leb saw for a show.

The driver of
this car is said
to be "Pop" Goodwin,
one of the track owners.

Courtesy of Robt. Morrill
Ray Sanborn, a
driver who raced at
many NH tracks.


Courtesy of Bill Baker
Northern Vermont star Harold "Cannonball" Baker had a rough debut at West Leb.

Courtesy of Historic Aerials

I finally found an aerial view of the track, taken in 1956. By then it wasn't operating.

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