June, 2006

June 3 -   Everybody. I haven't disappeared or died. Two things are going on: the end of the school year and the fact that this computer is not working well at all. When things clear up, I'll be more active. One of my projects is a page on that 1959 Pontiac that was introduced to Vermont by Jack DuBrul in the early 1960's. I have seldom received more responses to anything than when I began to work on the story of that particular car. The picture is the car, as a newly-built Grand National, with driver Elmo Langley.

Courtesy of Marty Little

June 4 -   The news of May 2006 is now archived. I also hope to start showing some of the legendary New York dirt coupes which, by their builders and drivers, influenced car building in Vermont.

McDowell Photo, Courtesy of Garrison Family

Lebanon Valley great Doug Garrison

    I have also activated a page that I prepared and forgot about - the 2005 Reunions page.

June 7 -   The legendary New York dirt coupes page has been started. The work is slow with my computer operating at about 1/3 speed. Much swearing.

June 8 -   I was the recipient of a good deed from the original racing McRae, George [older brother of Busch East owner Barney]. I would like to respond to George's kindness by putting an ad in for him for a while.


        I have added a few more car into the New York Coupes page.

June 12 -   I made some additions to the Dead Race Tracks page. There are tons more I could get from Pascal's page in Quebec and the Vintage Racers' Terraserver Satellite page; but that's another time. I talked to John Danish over the weekend and came away with a fantastic picture of 1953 Stateline Speedway. See that page.

June 18 -   I made some additions and corrections to the Stateline Speedway  page. I added Chuck Mahoney to that page. More coming - school's almost out. I had a good conversation with Henry "The Frozen Logger" Montandon at Thunder Road's NEAR show on June 15. Will have more on that later - either here or in my column in "Racin'  Paper". I also made a few additions and corrections to the page on Race Tracks in Colchester, adding a better Terraserver photo and one of Jackie Peterson.

June 19 -   I add photo of Charlie Smith to my Distinguished Graduates section of the Main  History Page.

June 25 -   I am still on vacation with my folks, but I'm at a hotel with high speed access; so, here come a few updates. I am not sure if I had the page on the Morristown race track. I have received six photos from Charlie Smith on that track - and I put them on that page.
   A special note to Ed Fabian. I just recovered pictures of your trucks that I thought were lost. I will start working on that ad for you now. Here's Ed in one of his prizewinning antique Mack trucks. You might remember - Ed has worked hard on the preservation of racing history in the Rutland County area.

June 27 -   I finished the page on the 1959 Pontiac in which so many people are fascinated. Check it out and let me know if you can help with information or pictures.


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