August, 2005

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August 2 - Additions to the Otter Creek Speedway page. I found NASCAR point standings from the track and tried to show as many of those drivers or cars as I could. Please remember to offer suggestions. I saw the site from someone else's computer for the first today. It could be that some of the graphics are too large for smaller screens. Also, please give some thought to possibly advertising on the site. It's size is going to make it very costly to maintain in the future.

August 3 - A few additions to the Catamount Views section. off the Main History page - and Limited Sportsman Competitors Page.

August 4 - A few additions to the Catamount Grand American Competitors Page. Nice to hear from Linda LaCroix, and - indirectly - from Richard Buzzi.

August 10 - A new page is under construction - it shows NASCAR points from the 1960's from places like Otter Creek and Catamount Speedways, as well as some others. CLICK HERE or find it from the Site Navigation page or Index page. I have also made a few additions to the Catamount Coupes Competitors page.

August 12 - A few additions to the Catamount Grand Later Late Model Competitors Page. Sorry you had to wait so long, Ron Shappy. I know my earlier and later late model sportsman pages kind of overlap each others' eras; but, I didn't originally intend to have two pages. Some day, it may have to break down to years.

August 13 -  Roxanne and I are going to grab the only vacation opportunity we will have this summer - starting tomorrow. So it's off to Maine, and I doubt much will be done to the website for a while. I am also going back to school soon; that'll put a dent in things for a bit.

August 22 -  Added Mike Cain's photos [and a few others] on the famous Beaver Dragon crash of 1987. It links off the Dragon Brothers page. CLICK HERE to see the crash page. Good to hear from Joe Spear, Sr. a Winooski native now down in Florida. Apparently, there are quite a few former Catamount participants living down there - in pretty close proximity. Joe is trying to locate former Catamount and Malletts Bay driver Jack Anderson for me.

August 27 -  I am working on a page concerning vintage race reunions, car shows, and also on a few of the legends I was lucky enough to meet this summer. Congratulations to Dave Moody on finishing the book on Dave Dion. I have heard great things about it from the publisher, Lew Boyd. School is starting for me next week [year 38 in the classroom]. That will make work on this site a bit more challenging, but we will muddle through.

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