May, 2006

May 1 -  Added an exciting new picture of Jerry King's original 5 Aces car that actually ran at Pico Raceway. On that same subject, I ran met a guy at the Tire Warehouse where we were getting snow tires off. He said he attended races at Pico as a teen. He remembered two new names to the driver list - John DeGraff and Charlie Shover. Also found a picture of mini stock driver Jim Carlson. Coincidentally, I met him at a restaurant the next night.

May 6 -  I obtained this new picture, which has come indirectly from Bucko Branham. It shows "The First World Championship" of Stock Cars racing on ice. In the shot, I can make out G1, George Bridges [Danny Bridges' father]. Also, on the outside pole is the #0 Hudson of Shorty Carmichael. Dick Nephew might be the car in the rear. If anyone knows anything else about this photo - please contact me.
    I also added pictures of Barbie Jean Willard, in the Hurricanes, and Allen Ward in the same division. I made corrections to the Hurricane page in the Milt Wright section. I mistakenly had the Grand American car there. Now "The Streaking Street Commissioner's" real original cars are there.

May 14 -  I heard from former Catamount competitor Joe Couture, "The Racing St. MichaelsCollege Student". I am hoping Joe will send me back more details about early Catamount - as he remembers them. Also, look on Early Late Model competitors page for a new shot of Jay Yantz. Thanks to Lisa Yantz.

May 15 -  Updates were made to the Airborne page, the Catamount Limited Sportsman page, the Hurricanes page, and the Early Flying Tigers Page.

May 17 -  Updates were made to the Early Late Model competitors page, adding Brad Kennedy, Bill Branham, Bob Greeley, Del Mayo's late model, Andre Beaudoin, and Clem Despault [when with Bob Pratt]. I also made a correction to the Bundy family on the Hurricane page and added a picture of Leon.

May 20 -  I added a small page just for the sake of remembering a part of my life I won't be re-living: when, as Bill's Letters Signs, I did the sign work on dozens of race cars - mostly in the 1970's. Check it if you're curious. I have also made the beginnings of the Bear Ridge Speedway page. I havea few pictures, but they aren't scanned yet. I am looking for photos - especially earlier ones from its fist few years.

May 21 -  I added a shot to the Bob Brunell page. I have recently scanned a ton of pictures I had for years. I will get them in as the opportunity arises. I have begun the considerable task of restoring my Dead Race Tracks List. Go to that new page and see if you can add any. Keep in mind, I have only done up to the M's [and not all the A through L's in Canada].

May 22 -  I added to the Dead Race Tracks List. Some of the entries have links to some of our pages here on the site. I haven't linked to external sites yet.

May 24 -  I needed my lawn mowed this week, because my lawn tractor was down. This guy not only mowed it for me, but he helped me fix the tractor in a few minutes - free of charge, thus saving me hundreds of dollars from the local tractor pirates. To show my appreciation, I am giving him this ad for awhile.

Prompt, Friendly and Dependable
Serving the Northern Vermont area around St. Albans.

802/ 524 - 4134            802/ 734-6208
Mowing  Raking   Lawn Rolling   Garden Tilling 
Aerator Punctures  Fertilizing   Herbicide   Brush
Hedge Trimming    Backhoe    Landscape Rake

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