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December 1 -   You probably will not see any changes until after Dec. 8

December 11 -   I have the sad duty of informing those of you who do not already know - that my dear friend, Cho Lee, reportedly passed away on his way to the Bear Ridge Speedway banquet last night. I can't find the words to express how I feel. The Vermont racing community and - in particular, our stock car racing historians' circle - have suffered a terrible loss. For those who knew Cho and did not know this, I am sorry you have to hear this way. God Speed, Cho ! They made you and then threw away the mold.

Steve Poulin Photo
This was a very familiar sight at Thunder Road. It ain't gonna be the same from now on.

     I have added Column Page 70 - about Jeep Herbert, New York driving legend.

December 12 -   Justin St. Louis released photos of Devil's Bowl champion, Ron Proctor, at the lavish Whelen Champions' banquet in Charlotte, NC. Boy, Ronnie, you picked the right year to win a track title ! I doubt any other D Bowl champs ever got to go to something like that, black tie and all. I also offer a shot of a very much younger Ron Proctor with some sort of a pro stock car, early in his career at Malta.

John Grady Photo
Young Ronnie

 Photo Supplied by Justin St. Louis
Mr. Proctor [center] at Charlotte. Click on the thumbnail
photo below for a bigger shot.

December 13 -   I just realized that the page I made up for the coverage of Reunions was never linked to the All-Links Page. It is now. I needed to find this to add some shots of Paul Bellefeuille and friends rescuing an ancient Ford sedan stock car from Williamstown, VT. If I have a page for such projects, I have forgotten where else it would be.

December 18 -   I added to the page called Aerials Views of Race Tracks. I also started a page on Lebanon Valley driver Nels Grignon. Nephew, Jamie Grignon promises more photos for this page.

December 20 -   I added to the page on Claremont Speedway.

December 22 -   I added another column page - Column 71, on New Hampshire flathead coupes of the 1960's. Later, some photos were added to the Albany-Saratoga Speedway page.

December 27 -   I made a rather large page containing the photographic contributions of Norman Morley, from Canada. For those missing new additions of Catamount stuff, this should make you happy. Thanks Norman. I also found I had a partially - done page on my buddy, Otto Graham. I am not sure if it is all going to work immediately.

December 28 -   I added onto and re-organized the page: Aerials Views of Race Tracks. Mucho effort to make it easier to use.

December 29 -  Scott K - I can't seem to get the "reply" to your email to work. Thanks for contacting me and good to hear from you.

December 31 -
 HAPPY NEW YEAR ! [It won't have to work hard to be better than his year was.]


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