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May 13 -  I have added some photos to the Dog River Speedway page. These are some of the wonderful shots R. Scott Haskell has found. He is doing a great job with the Northeastern Speedway website.

May 16 -  After talking to many people who are regulars visiting this site, I feel I have to give this advice. The site is huge and many folks are floundering around, trying to find
stuff [or just surf the thing] the hard way. Go right to this link on the main page and you can see every page on the site. There are so many I don't even have a grasp of all of them, so give yourselves a break. The All Links Page can be accessed here. Also, can anyone out there help with who this guy is ? I bought the photo from Danny Ody and he doesn't
elaborate on who it is or where he is. Actaully, I guess Danny thought it might be Stateline.

Photographer Unknown

May 19 -  I have added the Column #44 Page. It has an Airborne story about Paul Harvey and information on Buddy Bardwell.

May 20 -  I have added the Column #45 Page. It is about cars that are no longer in style.

May 27 -  Having a rare few minutes to sit down, I have added a page on Rutland driver Chet "The Jet" Doaner, who was a star at Devil's Bowl in the late '60's.

May 28 -  Waiting for the better half to get ready to go somewhere would afford me time to rebuild the computer, but I simply added the 46th Column page, in case you don't get the "Racin' Paper" that I write for. This one is from July 2008.

May 30 -  I need some help with many of the faces in this early photo of an Airborne drivers' meeting:

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of Wes Moody|
So far, I know Bill Wimble, Dick Goodelle, Carl Gorman, Rod Ritchie, Don Guynup, Don Roussin, and George Bridges.
The guy behind Wimble is supposedly Ben M. Anyone know the rest ? Is that a young Dick Nephew
to the right with a hat on ?

May 31 -  I added another column page - Column Page 47.


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