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July 1 -  I have added the July 1, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Schenectady Gazette. I will update archives later.

July 4 -  I have updated the archives. 

July 9 -  I have added the July 9, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Harold Hanford [a second collection of information]. I have apparently been affected by some virus that got into computer email systems this weekend. I was half asleep when the new story appeared on TV and I didn't get the name of the website to go to [something.org] to rectify the problem. If someone caught that and knows the solution or the site, I would appreciate a call. In the meantime, I have no email capabilities.

July 10 -  I am having a tough time with the last picture on the latest blog.. it simply will not appear on the page. I'll keep trying. BTW, I have email again [sorta]

July 15 -  I learned the blogs, for some reason, have limitations on size. I ended up removing the offending photo last week. I hope to be luckier this week with the July 15,  2012 Weekly Blog, entitled "I Thought I Told Ya Not To " Many thanks to Norty Foster for Moffitt Park materials; thanks to Jack Rugar for photos; and Merci Beaucoup au la famille LaBreche pour les photographies. I'll try to do more with the site soon, if the family can stop having crises.

July 16 -  I have added the LaBreche photos to the Bouvrette Speedway page. One of the materials they lent me was 8MM footage of Bouvrette. I photographed many frames from that. The pictures will be that usual blurry mess, but the material is very historically significant. Some of the last footage showed both Gaylord Rowe cars [Wimble and Goodelle driving] and Jackie Peterson's V1. It will be a bit before that material gets on the page.

July 21 -  I will be gone until later Monday. New blog coming then.

July 23 -  I have added the July 23, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Sanford Speedway.

July 25 -  I have begun the Bouvrette 8MM page, which will eventually contain many, many still shots from that 8MM footage I got from the LaBreches.

July 26 -  North Country racing has lost a great friend in the person of John Neveu. John served as an official at Airborne and for the NASCAR North organization. His and SueEllen's home in Keeseville served as "The Keeseville Hilton" for racing people needing a place to stay for the night, the weekend, or - in my case - most of one summer. My condolences to SueEllen and Bots, John will be sorely missed. John is about the only person I know who could drive long distances, mostly asleep. I know, I rode with him. It was interesting, to say the least. I also added a photo of Fred Baker on the Lebanon Valley Speedway page. It shows one of his mods and the track's imposing water truck.
   It is with apology that I put these next photos up. Bob Dragoon's girlfriend gave me four shots of him last year, and I just plain lost track of them until tonight. Bob seems to have retired, having raced into his seventies. This puts him in the company of Red Farmer, Hully Bunn, Clem Despault, and more.

Dragoon Photo
This is the earliest. It is
like those PIR late models
of the late '70's.

Dragoon Photo
An entry from the

Dragoon Photo
A Renegade division
car from 2000.

Dragoon Photo
A sharp Renegade
from the 2002

Ladabouche Photo
Bob, in his last
Renegade, with
old friend, Jack Rugar.

July 30 -  I have added the July 30, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Dave Dion. I have also screwed up the July 23, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Sanford Speedway, by a saving error. It will not work again until I redo it - later.


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