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   By all appearances, Bouvrette Speedway, off Rue Noel in the community of St. Jerome, QU, was either an old horse racing facility or perhaps the local fairgrounds. Named for its operator, Gustave Bouvrette, it ran from around 1953 to around 1958, even having a NASCAR sanction at one time. The venue, with its huge, impressive grandstands, featured what appeared to be a dirt half - mile track that was - in most areas - surrounded by various outbuildings [which might have been stables and the like].

Andre Chausse Photo
George Griffiths, "le vainceur a Bouvrette" on June 26, 1955. Check out the good - sized crowd.

         One thing that is certain about this long - gone race track is that it provided the launching point for many great careers in Canadian stock car racing. Meeting the challenge of invading U.S. stock car stars such as Sterling "Buck" Holliday of Waddington, NY; Dick Nephew, of Mooers Forks, NY; Jackie Peterson of South Burlington, VT; and others, young upstart Quebec drivers took to the long track and began what, in some cases, amounted to great careers.

Peterson Collection
Jackie Peterson, a Vermonter running a car out of Massena, NY, earns a Bouvrette victory.

        Known to have done much of their initial racing at Bouvrette included Jean - Guy Chartrand, of Rosemont, QU; Paul Hamel of Montreal; Gilles Brochu of Chomedy, QU; Andre Manny of Laval des Rapides, QU; Jean - Paul Cabana of LaPrairie, QU; and many more. The pace car, if you will call it that, was a Jeep pickup with portable starting gates suitable for horse racing. Bouvrette Speedway seemed to enjoy good fields of cars and large crowds of spectators. It is not clear exactly when it stopped running -or why. Today, there is a very prominent young driver with the last name of Bouvrette. I have no idea if he is related to Gustave.

Andre Chausse Photo
The Bouvrette pace car. One of these men could be Monsieur Gustave Bouvrette.

Andre Chausse Photo
July 1955 Jean-Guy
Fournier wreck. Why
did early race people
love to pose with
wrecks ?

Andre Chausse Photo
The wreck of an early
Paul Hamel car. The
905 was a well-known car
for years in that area.

Andre Chausse Photo
The Spoutnix car.
No other info.

Andre Chausse Photo
Another unknown
Bouvrette car.

Andre Chausse Photo
The 23Jr. car in
a wreck.

Andre Chausse Photo
The car 28.

Andre Chausse Photo
Car G1 wins one.

Andre Chausse Photo
Emil Gevry,
Waterloo, QU

Courtesy of Marcel Lariviere
Marcel Perron

Courtesy of Marcel Lariviere
Noel Patry

Courtesy of Marcel Lariviere
Noel Patry

Courtesy of Gerard Major
Frank Hodge
The prestigious
Mohawk Chief car

Courtesy of Cam Gray
J - P Cabana, supposedly
subbing for Andre Manny.

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Unknown #123
w/ flagger.

Courtesy of Cam Gray
An unknown
driver poses on
the nerf bar of
car 13.

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Another unknown
Bouvrette driver.

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Bob Bruno,
Morrisonville, NY
The Allie Swears 51NY
out of Glens Falls, NY

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Dick Goodelle,
Mooers Forks, NY
The Gaylord Rowe 80

Courtesy of Cam Gray
and Craig Revelle

Bill Wimble,
Lisbon, NY
The Gaylord Rowe 26
A future NASCAR national

Courtesy of Craig Revelle
Unknown 7UP -
sponsored car.

Courtesy of Yvan LaCroix
Unknown winner.

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Another early Cabana,
car 3/4.

Courtesy of Yvan LaCroix
Gilles Brochu, one of the
earliest Quebec drivers.

Courtesy of Craig Revelle
Gilles Gelinas,

Courtesy of Yan LaCroix
Accident involving
either Bob [as noted]
or Guy Chartand.

Courtesy of Yvan LaCroix
Rene Beausoleil

Courtesy of Yvan LaCroix
Speedy Boileau,
A more advanced -
looking car. 1958.

Courtesy of Gerard Major
Frank Hodge,
Montreal, QU
The Beliveau B45

Courtesy of Cam Gray
Jean_Paul Cabana,
Sherrington QU
Another version of the 3/4.

Courtesy of Gerard Major
Dick Foley,
Montreal, QU

Courtesy of Gerard major
Frank Hodge,
Montreal, QU

Courtesy of Neal Davis
An accident involving Richard Chartrand and others.

Stock Car Quebec Website

Andre Chausse Photo
Another huge field of cars - in 1956.

They look like they came from 8MM film frames.



Evans B. Knapp Photos - Owen Family Collection
Vermont driver Gordy Owen poses after having driven a Bouvrette car at the track. That is likely, the
car's owner on the left. [Below] A photo from the same day.

Many Are of Bouvrette Speedway

All Photos From LaBreche Family
Roger LaBreche, Sr. [2nd from left] and various officiels du Autodrome Ste-Martine.

All Photos From LaBreche Family
The 100 of Roger LaBreche, Sr.
in a lineup at Bouvrette around 1956.


Roger, Sr. and the
Bouvrette flagger. Sorry
if some of these are a
bit blurry - I didn't want
to disturb their framing.

Roger, Sr. and the
crew at their garage.

The 100 of Roger LaBreche, Sr.

Roger, Sr. and the
Bouvrette flagger. Different

The Beliveau B45
with an unknown

Roger, Sr. at the
Autodrome St Martin.
The white car is Bob
Gatien, and Jean -
Guy LaJeunesse trails.

Roger, Sr. at the
Autodrome Ste Martine.
Bob Gatien trails.

Roger, Sr. at the
Kempton Park track
in LaPrairie.

Roger, Sr. at Kempton
Park, maybe with crewman.

Roger, Sr. at Autodrome
Joliet with a crewman
and Roger, Jr. on car.


Roger, Sr. at Kempton
Park, missing a spinning
car as Guy Chartrand
leads the way.


The 100 of Roger LaBreche, Victory Lane - probably
at Bouvrette.

Maybe LaBreche family
women with a trophy
and Roger, Sr's car.

The 100 of Roger LaBreche, Victory Lane -
at Bouvrette.

Roger LaBreche,  Sr. [shirtless]
with track officials of
Autodrome Ste-Martine.
That's Jean-Guy LaJeunesse
at right.

Courtesy of Yvan LaCroix
Roger, Jr. at Granby.

Roger, Jr.'s Camaro at the
garage. That is Quebec star
Francois Chausse at left.

Roger, Sr. at Granby
with Roger, Jr.

Roger, Sr. and Roger, Jr.'s
cars at Granby.

Wrecked LaBreche Camaro
from Granby accident.
Below - 2 more shots.

Roger, Jr. at Granby,
with the family.
Roger III now drives
at Airborne.

Roger, Jr.'s Camaro

Roger, Jr. at Granby


The 100 of Roger LaBreche, Victory Lane - probably at Ste Martine. That is Bob Gatien
in the car at right.