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Aug 6 -  I have added the August 6, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the defunct Lakeville Speedway. I did the best I could to do the subject justice with limited information. I also took the page on the site which had gone  the longest without changing  - The Story of the Moonlight Gambler -and made some additions and improvements.

Aug 10 -  Shaun Miller is asking for help in identifying this old coupe he is restoring. I think it is believed to be an old Claremont Speedway car. If you know anything that would help Shaun, his email is : shaun1162@gmail.com . I wouldn't mind hearing what you tell Shaun. I also added a photo to my Dedication page. In the process of adding a page on the car owner, Bob Curtiss, an old Catamount friend.

Aug 11 -  I have added the August 11, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the defunct Victoria Speedway.

Aug 17 -  I noticed the margins in a lot of the older Columns that were put on the site prior to the weekly blog are too large and - therefore - some of the words are cut off. I had to make some corrections to the Column Page 23, and I hope to take some day when I am not being kept constantly busy to fix that on many more of the old columns.

Aug 19 -  Happy Birthday to my twins - Seth and Sarah. Doesn't seem like 39 years ago you were born - right in the middle of that insane Northern NASCAR season where they were trying to run five tracks a week. Below is a shot of a car Gary Miller is lovingly restoring. Also, Phil Bowler [a guy who was right in the middle of that hectic 1973 season as a crewman] sent me these thoughts on DeWayne Tiny Lund: "Just in case you forgot. I was racing with Claude Aubin at a little paperclip track in Quebec, I think that it was called Chicoutimi, when Bucky came over and told me about Tiny's death at Talladega. Dewayne "Tiny" Lund was born in Harlan, Iowa. I have been to that town and picked up some souvenirs at a very small store there and heard many "stories" about Tiny, as I have traveled around the country and mentioned his name. In 2011 I visited his gravesite at Berkeley Memorial Gardens near Monck's Corners, South Carolina." Tiny was great friends with a Vermont native whom I did a two - part article on a few years back - Paul Connors. When I mentioned Connors' name recently to Gary Balough, his eyes lit up. We can still cherish having Paul and Gary around, but Lund is a lost treasure.

Miller Photo

Aug 20 -  I have added the August 20, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Henry Caputo and Chris Drellos team cars..

Aug 25 -  I have added the August 26, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Roy "Pappy" Forsyth.

Aug 25 -  I have had major havoc wreaked on a huge file that contains almost everything that is on the website. Fortunately it is not the drive I actually directly use to power the site. I have replaced the whole thing from backup, in an exhausting session; but I need to have people let me know if the glitch raised hell with any pages on the site [if you happen to stumble across anything]. Thanks.

Sept 2 -  I have added the September 2, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the trio of Spencer Parkhurst, Dave Brooks, and Gene Tetrault. I'll have to do the archives later.


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