April, 2006

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April 1 -   After Ed Fabian's help and conversations with C.J. Richards, I decided to do some additions to the Devil's Bowl page. I have added on a page I had started a while back: Guest Stars and Distinguished Visitors.

April 6 -   I have been down with some software issues, which my son has helped out of. So, as I get time, I will be doing some considerable additions and updates. I have recently received some pictures from Chris Humphrey, whose father was popular street stock driver Cramer Humphrey. I also have been in contact with some other folks. I apologize if I have failed to mention them. My wife has been sicker than hell and she's is just now feeling better; so, I may have a little more time now.

April 7 -   I didn't have much time tonight. I have put a few more pictures on the Devil's Bowl page.

April 8 -  I have put a few more pictures on the Fairmont Speedway page and reduced the size of the printing there for more room. Added a few more pictures to the Catamount Later Late Model Sportsman competitors page.

April 12 -  I have put a few more pictures on the Catamount Street Stock page, the Hurricane Page, and the Grand American Page. I just downloaded some unbelievable old Airborne photos off the Outside Groove website. They guy goes by Old Timer and he uses wiggletowner in his photo location. If he would

Courtesy of Bucko Branham, via the Outside Groove

like credit for these fantastic contributions to the history of our area, he should contact me at . I have put a few of these utterly fantastic old photos on the Airborne page.

April 15 -  Thanks to site viewer Ronald Klein, I now know that the contributor of the old Plattsburgh pictures is none other than modified and Tiger runner Bucko Branham. Thanks Brian, I hope you have more of those. I worked on the Main Page, downsizing a lot of the graphics for those with smaller computer screens.

April 16  -  I have put up this picture of a car sent to me by Leonard West. He says his father had this car around Salisbury, Vermont in the early 1900's. It supposedly raced against Indy cars in 1911. He wonders if anyone can offer any information on the picture.

April 17 -  Made a few adjustments and added photos on the Airborne page.

April 21 -  Made a few adjustments and added a few late model photos to the page on Devils Bowl.

April 24 -  Made two new pages: Bob Brunell and Ron Barcomb. They will usually be linked through their pictures in the late model competitors pages.

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