1961 NASCAR National Sportsman Co-Champion


     When Dick Nephew and Bill Wimble tiued for the 1961 NASCAR National Sportsman championship, several factors were in place: 1.) racing excellence in rural Northern New York state was represented by both men; 2.) the two men were entirely different from one another; and neither was particularly pleased with the way the whole tie thing came about.
     I had the pleasure of talking to Wimble, for the first time in my life, in the summer of 2005 - at Airborne Speedway. Nice man. But, I knew Dick Nephew somewhat better, having written articles on him, and having visited with him at his home, on the Canadian border in Cannon Corners, New York.
    Dick Nephew [probably Neveu at some point back in the family history], was a broad - shouldered, profoundly powerful man who was capable of not only manhandling those ill-handling coupes in his day, but also of coming back in his 50's and winning modified races again - in an Olson Eagle.
    When I think of Dick and that house in the far northern reaches of New York, I think of my son, Seth - about 9 at that time. Seth went with me for one of Nephew interviews, and he never got over the fawn Dick had preserved in formelgahyde in a pickle jar. Dick had come upon the baby deer after it and the mother had been killed - and he felt the compulsion to preserve the little creature.

Nephew Family Collection
One of Dick's earliest


Nephew Family Collection
Same early ride

Nephew Family Collection
Dick works on a
newly-built version
of one of his 6 7/8's

Nephew Family Collection
Early 6 7/8 car,
probably with mechanic
George Palmetier of
Chazy, NY


Nephew Family Collection
The Palmetier car, after
apparently close action

Pascal Magnum Site Photo
A portrait, around the
6 and 7/8 era

Pascal Magnum Site Photo
A 6 and 7/8 era win-
at a Quebec track
[maybe Riverside]

Nephew Family Collection
Probably the first #6
This one was a Ford

Nephew Family Collection
Probably the first #6
which was a Chevy.
I think this a pre-
championship car

Nephew Family Collection
Nephew in Canada, going
by an Andre Manny spinout.
Check out the tree guy.


Nephew Family Collection
Nephew in Victory Lane
at Riverside with Paul
Demers, flagger.

Nephew Family Collection
Nephew talks with Andre
Manny, with what may well be
Mr. Foley, RIverside promoter.

Nephew Family Collection
Dick, driving the late
model Chevy of Dick
Foley, track owner's son.

Nephew Family Collection
Dick, with both sons in
Victory Lane in Canada.

It looks like little Gary
Nephew is being interviewed,

Nephew Family Collection
Working on an early
Ford stock car.

     Nephew's quest for NASCAR points in the early 1960's brought him to race all over the East, including some of the Daytona Permatex races. The championship year, he would often race in two entirely different regions of the East Coast on the same weekend. Dick recalled how exhausting it was and what a strain this was on his business and for his family.

John Grady Photo
Dick became acquainted
with Allie Swears, of Glens
Fall, NY when he ran the
familiar Swears 51 at Fonda


Nephew Family Collection
Nephew at Daytona with
Swears' 1955 Chevy
sportsman around 1961

Photo source unknown
Nephew in the Swears

Nephew Family Photo
Allie Swears, of Glens
Fall, NY walks by Dick
in the Daytona pits

Nephew Family Collection
Nephew at Daytona with
Swears' 1955 Chevy
the next year

Photo source unknown
The Swears crew studies
a problem with the sportsman

    After I respond to Gary Nephew's invitation to visit and talk about his Dad, I will have more thoughts to add to this little bio.

Mike Watts Photo
Dick shared this
Studebaker mod with
Rod Ritchie, thus the
strange number

Nephew Family Photo
Some people will race
anything, anywhere. This
is a 1960's Airborne
winter race.


Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Dick, in the '60's

Nephew Family Photo
Beginning the
championship year


Nephew Family Photo
Towing the 1961 car
with the family car

Nephew Family Photo
A bump on the road
to the title

 Photo Source Unknown
Dick in the most
familiar picture - as
the co-Champion

John Grady Photo
At either Malta or
Catamount, around
mid 1960's.

ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee

A NASCAR win at
Thunder Road, around


Nephew Family Collection
The 1961 trophy presentation
in Florida. Dick and Bill.


Nephew Family Collection
The second version of the
Olsen Eagle. He ran this
color in 1985.

Nephew Family Collection
Nephew with benefactor,
Shadow Broderick, of
City Taxi.

Nephew Family Photo
This photo was labeled
as 1965, but it doesn't
look like the one he
was usually photographed
with that year


John Grady Photo
Dick went to this
Falcon-bodied mod,
owned out of Massena,
New York by Don Borthers,
Nephew's bro - in - law.

Gerard FavreauPhoto
Dick poses at Champion
Speedway, a short-lived
track near Bedford, QU

Gerard Favreau Photo
Nephew, in the mod
feature lineup at
Champion Speedway

Pascal Magnum Site
The family poses
in the pits at
Champion Speedway



Richard Delisle Photo
Dick at Riverside
Speedway, near

Russ Bergh Photo
from Bill Fifield

Oh, to be back in
these days again !

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The two national points
chasers on the same program
at a Canadian track.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The less - known Rowe
entry that was run by
Nephew and others in
the 1960's.

     Dick's attempt at running with the Northern NASCAR late model sportsman ranks was probably among his more frustrating times in racing. He had a big, heavy Dodge and it never really got untracked. He didn't stay with it very long. Of all the old Airborne hands, only the low-dollar team of Danny Bridges had much luck. Nephew, Branham, Griffith, and others had little success.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
The Mason Dodge
Charger, towing into
Catamount in 1972

Devils Bowl Program Photo
A pose with the Charger

Photo Source Unknown
Dick doesn't look
all that thrilled to
be driving this big
LMS, but it was the
show in town.




Courtesy of Gary Nephew
A slip of paper with Dick's
total income from the 1960
season. Big bucks !

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
A receipt for the money
Dick made for attaining the
national co - championship.
Ridiculous or what ?

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The crew for the Allie
Swears Permatex Daytona
effort. It got Dick tons of

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The Allie Swears Permatex
car, under maintenance
in the pits at Daytona.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
An accident at one of the Canadian
tracks Dick competed at in
the early 1960's. Why they
photographed this one, Gary
was not sure.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
One of the NASCAR
competitors in Canada.
Not sure who.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The 1961 championship

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
High tech headphones
used for the Allie Swears Permatex Daytona effort.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Part of the crew for the national
points chases. Dick, Earl Nephew, and maybe Ross Reil.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Dick and Wes Moody,
rescuing Bud Goodspeed
from a burning car at
Devil's Bowl.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Dick in the late model car
of Riverside kingpin, Dick

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Ross Reil helps an
injured Dick out of the
George Palmetier
6 7/8 car.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The roster sheet from a big race,
like Langhorne or Syracuse.
Late 1950's. Dick is on there.
His name must have been cut
off in the photograph - I was

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Dick, with that odd-
looking Studebaker -
bodied car Fran Kane
built for him and Rod

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Dick talks with Lennie
BNosley [L&R Speed
Shop] by the Falcon
Dick drove for one of
his in - laws. I think.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Andre Manny spins, as"Dick escapes trouble. Gary loves the guy
sitting in the tree off the back. Now we
know where Codey got the idea.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Victory Lane, with
Mr. Broderick and
an unnamed onlooker.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The Moto Ski car. Dick
was good about sticking
around to meet fans.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Some sort of NASCAR
honorarium with Bill
France Jr. _ I am not sure
what Hall of Fame it is.

Ladabouche Photo
Courtesy of Gary Nephew

The 1961 National
Sportsman Championship

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The Geo. Palmetier car.
A win for Dick, with
starter Paul Demers.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The 1963 version of the Allie
Swears Permatex Daytona
effort. It is lined up behind
Bill Wimble's #33 entry.

Ladabouche Photo
Courtesy of Gary Nephew

An Autolite Trophy from"Riverside Speedway. When Canadians give
trophies - they give TROPHIES !

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
A 1957 Riverside win.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
The Reil accident.


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