Who Dem ???

   Ok people, there are supposed to be so many of you who look at this site at least semi - regularly - we need some help. I am going to be sticking photos on this page which show unidentified people. I would appreciate you showing your great Uncle Louie and that old lady down the street who was married to the guy who ran at that old race track near the corners, etc. etc. I'd like to find out who some of these people are before there is no one left alive who knows them. Despite all I know, I am only 62 and I didn't know most of these guys when they were in their twenties; so... HELPPP !!

Courtesy of Jodie Trayah,
thru Steve Jangraw

Some of the boys pose at the old Green Mountain track, run by Harvey Moodie, on the Brigante land in Colchester. From left- we know Herb Trayah, Ed Charbonneau, Carl Trayah, [roof] Elmer Charbonneau, Herbie Cobb, and Norm Chaloux in the back on a roof. I'd like to know the driver at far left, the first guy on the roof, and the man at far right.

Courtesy of John Rock &  B.Castine
Bob Mackey Photo
Is the unpainted coupe Bob Brunell ?
Who is 711 ?
Reportedly, Dick Manning, Chateauguay, NY

Courtesy of Cho Lee
In this photo of the Ray Forte fire,
can anyone help with the guys besides
Beaver and Bobby ?

Somebody told me - I can't find the notes.
One is Gordon Adams.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
In this photo of the first season at
Catamount, who is P2 - is that Maurice Trahan ? Who is #4 ?
 Probably Ray Manny.

Courtesy of Gerry LaVallee
Who is the crew member at the far right
posing with Don Wayman, Dick Bennett, and
Bernie Maruske [
Myrusky] ?


Courtesy of Hart Family, via Cliff Owen
Who is the guy with the cigarette and hat,
with Frank Hart, Pappy Forsyth, Jackie Peterson,and Ernie Barcomb ?
I have heard it is Henry LeClaire.

Courtesy of Ernie Bodreau
Know anyone here in this early
Claremont photo ?

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Who is this Whites Beach victor?

Courtesy of MVRCA
Who is this ? 1950's - Maine.

Courtesy of MVRCA
Who is this ? 1950's - Maine.
Terry Andrews
says it is Glen Andrews.

Courtesy of Gerard Major
Who is this ? 1950's - Granby, QU. I have seen in other photos, at other tracks.

Unidentified Internet Source
Who is this ? Don't even know where.

Unidentified Internet Source
Who is this ? 1950's - No idea where.

Courtesy of MVRCA
Who are they ? 1950's - Beech Ridge, Maine.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Who is this ? 1970's - Bear Ridge.

Courtesy of Andy Boright

Who is this ? 1970's - Bear Ridge.

Courtesy of MVRCA
Who is this ? I would guess maybe
Pete Peterson.

Courtesy of Wicked Good Racing
Who are they ? 1950's or '60's - Maine.

Source Unknown
Bob Knox, according to Mike Visconti.

Source Unknown
Lebanon Valley. Who ? When ?

Source Unknown
Lebanon Valley. 1970's ?

Source Unknown
Syracuse. 1970's ?
Mike Visconti
says it's George Henderson.

Source Unknown
Who's the guy ? What old track site is he at ?

Courtesy of Midstate Site
Lebanon Valley. 1970's ? Now I'm thinking more like Midstate Speedway.

Ladabouche Photo
Fairmont Speedway, 1962 [in fading susnset.

Ladabouche Photo
A Midstate Speedway car that showed up at Fonda around 1963. Joe Donahue had deriven at
Morris. Any idea who ?

Ladabouche Photo
This one showed up at Fairmont
Speedway, around 1963. Look at the sign
work on it ! No idea who it is.
Art Wilson's car, from Chestertown, NY
Roger Bolton, likely driver.

McDowell Photo
Stateline Speedway. Year UNK The car 21. Others look like Frank Hatch and Fred Searing


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