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          The track in Warrensburgh, NY was one of those seminal venues that, though it did not survive into the 1960's, was instrumental in establishing a lot of what racing in New York state became. Whether we know it as Ashland Park Speedway [named after Mr. Ashe who promoted for a while] or Warrensburgh Speedway, the old fairgrounds site played a key role in auto racing particularly in the 1950's.

         The site, once an active fairgrounds, was  used for a while as a horse racing oval according to Warrensburgh native Ben Gurney. He recalls the old men gathering around the paddock building and talking horses before adjourning to the Ashe Hotel, located at the fairgrounds entrance, for a few cold ones. Ben recalls the car races as well and the grandstands mysteriously burning around 1960.

         Warrensburgh began car racing with occasional open wheel races, including such greats as Hank Gritzback and Rollie Johnson. Later the tracks was in an informal circuit for roadster racing with Champlain Speedway [Ticondergoa] and Trout Lake Speedway [Bolton's Landing]. Stock cars ran there throughout most of the 1950's. The track supplied many of C.J. RIchards' earlier competitors when he first re-opened Fairmont Speedway in 1962.

        Warrensburg attracted competitors from the Saratoga/Glens Falls region [especially because of its relationship with Whites Beach Speedway. It also seems to have gotten some teams from Vermont. This page is looking at the names on the results lists and trying to put a photo with as many as possible - and explanations wherever possible.



Courtesy of Dan Ody
The famed old grandstands are visible in this shot of Rollie Johnson's car on the track at Warrensburgh.

Courtesy of Dan Ody
The J.R. Earl wrecker and stands are visible in this shot of Hank Gritzback's car on the track at Warrensburgh.
Courtesy of Dan Ody
Shot from the grandstands, this photo is very special because almost every photo at Warrensburgh is taken looking from the infield - not at it.
The Warrensburgh News
Big cars and sprint cars. I have no photo
of Harry Echart, unfortunately.

The Warrensburgh News
Big cars and sprint cars. I have a photo
of Hank Gritzback, both above and below.
The Warrensburgh News
Big cars and sprint cars. I have photos
of Whitbeck and Gallione below.
Courtesy of Bob Jefferson
Edward "Eddie" Gallione,
Schenectady, NY.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Henry "Hank" Gritzbach,
Schenectady, NY.
Courtesy of Carl Sweigert Collection
via Don Radbruch
Robert "Bob" WHitbeck,
Canajoharie, NY.
Courtesy of Dan Ody
Kenneth "Kenny" Gallup,
Albany, NY
Ernie Elliott's Sprinter


Courtesy of Ben Gurney
Results from 1952.
Tom Bennett drove a number of cars; Jr.
ballard, from Hoosic Falls, NY later
appeared at Fairmont with a big Buick
hobby class car; Wally LaBelle drove
a lot but I have no good photo yet.

Bob McDowell Photo via Phil Miller
Leo Nadeau.

Bob McDowell Photo Courtesy of Dan Ody
Ed Coon.

Ed Feuz Collection via Fonda Book
Earl Maille.

Photo via Starin Family
Ken Darling could be a misprint.
This is famed driver Ken Delong.

Courtesy of Dick Pennock
George Baumgardner at Warrensburgh with the exact
car mentioned in the results listing.

Bob McDowell Photo via C.J. Richards
Spence Parkhurst with the exact
car mentioned in the results listing..

Pennock Family Collection Photo via Dick Pennock
Nelson Moore with the Pennock
Super 38. With him is future
driver Jerry Pennock.

Bob McDowell Photo via
Warrensburgh Historical Society

Karl Duell, Jr. Can't tell the full number.

From Dan Odys's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
The blue car directly behind #13 was
the KD3. Renumbered 43, it was
being driven then by Dick Germaine.

From Dan Odys's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
The white car closest to camera is the
Whitehall - based 5&10, shown here
driven by sometimes Warrensburgh
driver Bob LaBarge. The listing calls
it 5-10.

From Dan Odys's 8MM Old SPeedways DVD's
Steve Bouplon. 

Photo via Tom Stover
Smokey Stover, shown here at left
with the Pennock family. The car he drove
in the results was the Spence Parkhurst

From Dan Odys's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
Wally LaBelle sometimes drove the
Athol, NY Hudson SUPER 6, shown
here at Whites Beach as the yellow car.
I have no photos of the #1.

From Dan Odys's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
Hank Schmidt,
Gansevoort, NY.

Courtesy of Ron Hoffer
Fred Winchell's usual car.

Ladabouche Photo
 Ed Baker, with the same car,
renumbered from Super 6 to
6 Pack - 10 years later.

Ladabouche Photo
The Bob Lanphear 19,
most likely.

Bob Mackey Photo via John Rock
 This is Joe Carter - most likely
the Carter mentioned in the
Shoemaker Family Collection
 Clff LaRose, owner of the Fire Two, sits on his car with young driver Kenny Shoemaker, who drive it before Steve Phillips.

 Ed Feuz Collection via the Fonda Book
 Ken Delong, K9, at Fonda.

Mitch T Photo
 Art Pratt
is said to be the last
car in this lineup in California.

Bob Mackey Photo via Ken Gypson
 Nelson Moore with the Loomis brothers
P38 out of Granville, NY.

via Rick Rudoph
 Art Pratt advanced from roadster racing,
to eventually sprint cars out West. [Left]
Here, he tried promoting races in his hometown.
From Dan Odys's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
Al Parry,
Saratoga Springs, NY.

From the Vogel Family Collection
Ted Vogel, Sr,
Granville, NY.

Ladabouche Photo
Kenny Guilder,
Corinth, NY

Warrensburgh Historical Society Photo
Emmett Witherall.

Herbert Family Photo
Jeep Herbert,
Rotterdam, NY

LeFrancois Family Photo via Mark LeFrancois
George Rogers,
astleton, VT

Ted Vogel Jr Photo
This is possibly the "Yellow 1" referred to
as Wally LaBelle's in many results here.

Bob Frazier Photo via Norm Vadnais
A better shot of the car that originally came
to Fairmont as the KD3. Here, it is driven by
Skip Wilcox.

Courtesy of Bud Brooks
Dave Brooks,
Manchester, VT

Courtesy of Jerry King
George Connors,
Danby, VT

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
A car T7 at Airborne. Can't be sure if it
is the same car.

Courtesy of Warrensburgh Hist. Society
The Vern Baker Super 6, at home. It had been driven first by Wally LaBelle and later by Ed Baker [no relation].

Courtesy of Warrensburgh Hist. Society
Spencer Parkhurst, with his car at Warrensburgh.
The car driven by him, Smokey Stover, and
George Baumgardner - all Saratogians.

Courtesy of Bud Brooks
Gene Teterault of Manchester Depot, VT lined
up beside the F40 of Hank Schmidt.

LeFrancois Family Photo via Mark LeFrancois
George Pritchard,
Castleton, VT


Courtesy of George Hunt
Joe Spellburg,
West Glens Falls, NY
It is possible[but less likely]  that this is the car #1 often"referred to with Wally LaBelle.
They came from the same town.

Courtesy of Dick Pennock
Dick Pennock,
Warrensburgh, NY

Bought this family entry that had belonged
to his father and another man - at the end
of the track's history.

Courtesy of The Hackel Family
Some outside possibity that this
is the Shell 88 referred to as driven
by Frank Weir. I don't see a Shell ad,
Courtesy of The Hackel Family
A car 37 that may be a different
37 than the car shown above. If a different entry, it could also be the
Wetherall car.

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