Brown Family Photo
Some of the Brown cars were a bit on the unusual side.

Brown Family Photos
Two of Walt Sr.'s cars.

Photo Courtesy of John Snarski

Brown Family Photo
An early Walt Brown, Jr. car. He seemed to always use #409.

Brown Family Photo                                                                                           Ladabouche Photo

The first Walt Brown
, Jr. car I recall. This one won one of the first heats in the debut of C.J. Richards' Fairmont Speedway.

Brown Family Photo
The next Walt Brown, Jr. car

    Ladabouche Photo
This was the favorite of my friend John Poljacik, seen admiring it at extreme left

   Courtesy of Woody Woodbury
The righthand photo needs to kept small - it
is kind of blurry.


Ladabouche Photo
I discovered the last Walt Brown, Jr. car I ever saw in the background of this 1965 Fairmont photo I took of Johnny Richmond. This was that odd, insect-like cutdown sedan he had.

Brown Family Photo
Same car - in color.


Brown Family Photo
Another Walt Brown, Jr. car.

Brown Family Photo
A later Walt Brown, Jr. coupe

Brown Family Photo
Much more recent. Dropped the 9, for some reason.

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