Freeze Frames From Early '60's 8MM Film Footage

           It is, at best, difficult to do much with those old 8MM movies people used to take at home or at other impportant events in their lives. Grainy at best, trying to isolate particular frames is one giant pain in the keister. Thanks to a generous donation of footage from Robert Brown, I have done what I could to get around fifty frames off that footage. Wherever possible, if I think I recognize a car, I will supply a better photo with the frame. This is where I really miss my friend Cho Lee, who could have done a much better job identifying cars than I. Almost every frame comes from behind chain link fence.

I think this is
Freddy Mills of
Groveton, NH -
a regular at the
Northeastern Speedway
in Lower Waterford.

Photo From Cho Lee

The lead car is that strange sedan
Marty Harty brought to the track.
Driver could have been Roger
Lancey or Ernie Gahan. The car
number 28 9/10 came from the
price of gas at sponsor Ralph Atkins' station in Troy, NH.

Photo From Cho Lee

Can't make out much in these frames. Same 3 cars.

Can't make out much here either.
Any ideas ?
A different yellow car.
Wayne Vincent leads the way
in the V1, from Burlington. He would
be seriously injured in that car
at the track later.

Photo From Terry Keith

I only recognize Fred Mills [lasdt
on the outside].

Photo From Cho Lee
The car in third place is the
purple 32, probably John Gammell.

Photo From Mark Austin
The car 53 is MIke Osborne; the next
car is the Libero Buzzi 93 with either Tony Collicchio or
Larry Granger.

Photo From Mark Austin

The Buzzi car again.

Photo From Mark Austin
Vincent leads the way.
Heat field on the backstretch.
Pretty sure Mills is third and Gammell is right behind him.
Turn four...that's about all I can say.
I can recognize the Harty 28 9/10.

Photo From Cho Lee


Action on the backstretch. The
last car is one of the George
Hay cars.

Photo From Cho Lee
The third place car is #65,
from Barre. One driver was
Bob Perry.

Photo From Cho Lee
Different version of
the 65 car.

Action that includes the Harty
28 9/10, among others.
A nice frame, I just don't know
the cars.

More action. Car 54 [in 4th]
was sometimes driven by
gammell [but not here]. 

Photo From Mark Austin
The lead car looks a lot like a
#9 Norm Cyr had around that

Photo From Cyr Family
Lee Cyr with driver
Rex Shattuck.

Thecream yellow car is the George
Barber - owned 46 of Roy
"Pappy" Forsyth. 

Ladabouche Photo
The Barber 46 restored.
Great frame of close action.
The Forsyth car takes to the
Vincent on the inside.
The Harty car takes to the
inside, leading the Hay car.
The Forsyth car runs alone.

The last [black] car is possibly
the X of Bill McDonald, from
Colchester.[No photo]

More action with the McDonald
car, the car 54 and more.

Freddy Mills chases 54.

Gammell 32 ahead of Perry 65.



The most recognizable cars are the
65 of Perry and Forsyth's 46.

There is some possibility that the
red car leading might be the 21NH
of Stach Hunt, although I am not
at all sure of that car's color.

Emilio Girelli is in the 2nd car.

Photo From Mark Austin

If you plan on using any of these
remember that the smaller the
photo size, the better it'll look.
Remember they won't print out
very well.

I have no idea who that all yellow
coupe was or what its number was.
Another nice shot when
kept smaller size.
Another field at speed.
 I  love the shots  from this angle.
You can make out Denny Dearborn's 7 [white car] in
the middle.

 I  love the shots  from this angle.

You can make out John Gammell's
Gordon Fitzgerald - owned 32
in the middle.

Here, we can make out the .
Pelletier 51 of Russ Ingerson and
Dwayne Remick's R1 beside.

 Here, we can make out the .
LIbero Buzzi 93 of Larry Granger.
Dearborn, Gammell, and that
all yellow car.

All hell breaks loose.

Emilio Girelli's car is 
towed off the track.
The last of the footage was this
large group, assembled in front of the stands. I don't know if it is
a meeting or a big argument.
 Recognize anyone ? Please let me know.  
B'duh  b'duh, b'duh that's all folks !


From Roger Emerson
 A page from an early T Road Newsletter. Thought it would go nicely on this page.


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