What Prominent Racing People Looked Like Younger..and Older



Ron Barcomb Lew Boyd Bob Brunell Hully Bunn Jean - Paul Cabana Norm Chaloux Rene Charland
Beaver Dragon Bob Dragon Stub Fadden  Carl Fink  Ernie Gahan John Gammell  Doug Garrison 
Harold Hanaford Jeep Herbert Lloyd Hutchins Dave Lape Lou Lazzaro Gardiner Leavitt Wes Moody
Dick Nephew Jackie Peterson Tom Pistone Steve Poulin C. J. Richards Jim Rigney Andy Romano
Brian Ross Ken Squier Irv Taylor Bill Wimble Frankie Woodard    



Acquired From HAMB Website
Ernie Gahan, in the late 1950's, with a young admirer
in Victory Lane at an unidentified track.

Ladabouche Photo
Ernie Gahan, in the mid 2000's, at one of
Ronnie Bouchard's vintage meets.

Acquired From Steve McKnight
Ronnie "Red Dog" Barcomb, barely
20 years old, at Catamount.

Source Unknown
Barcomb, in 2007, at the Milk Bowl - being
interviewed by Ken Squier as a past winner.

Ken Paulsen Photo
Johnny Gammell, in 1952, at the Webster Flats race track
with his second of many race cars.

Source Unknown
Gammel, in 2007, at the Milk Bowl - being
interviewed by Ken Squier as a past winner.

Ken Paulsen Photo
A young Norm Chaloux, at Malletts Bay Raceway with Ralph
Bushey apparently not long after a bad crash he had at the Dog
River track in Northfield.

Ladabouche Photo
Norm Chaloux [right], with Lloyd Hutchins and Harold
Hanaford at the 2005 Barre Old Home Days vintage meet.

Courtesy of Scott Haskell
Harold Hanaford at the Franklin Motordrome, with his very
first car, the former George Hodgdon entry.

Courtesy of Cho Lee

Car restorer extraordinaire, Lloyd Hutchins [left], back
in the 1950's as victorious owner of Leland Ingerson's

Ladabouche Photo
Harold Hanaford [center] at the 2005 Barre Old Home Days vintage meet.

Ladabouche Photo
Lloyd, with an autographed tire off one of his restored
flathead stock cars he displays annually.

Courtesy of Jo Towns, via Otto Graham
Irv Taylor, in the Bennett 71, in the 1950's.

Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Irv Taylor [center] with me and Dave Lape - at the
2011 DIRT HOF induction ceremonies.

Ladabouche Photo Collection

Dave Lape - at Victoria Speedway - with his first stock car,
in the mid 1960's. Lord, Dave - you had hair !

Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Irv Taylor [center] with me and Dave Lape - at the
2011 DIRT HOF induction ceremonies.

Nephew Family Photo
Dick Nephew, around 1955, with one of his
first cars.

Courtesy of Wes Moody
Nephew, in hid 50's at Airborne in 1984. His return to racing netted him at least three wins that season.

Keene Sentinel Photo - Ladabouche Collection
Rene Charland, as a young driver still living in
Holyoke, MA, receiving a trophy from the
MSCRA at Cheshire Fairgrounds.


Courtesy of  Hemmings Site
Charland, well into retirement, with Val LeSieur and Punky Caron.

Courtesy of John Grady
Bill Wimble, with Hal Kempeny's 113 at Fonda in the '50's.

Norty Foster Photo
Bill Wimble, with me - comparing books
at Airborne in 2010

Peterson Family Photo
Jackie Peterson, in 1957, with his V-1 car that toured the Northeast and Quebec.

Ladabouche Photo
Jackie, at age 89, building another sprinter
at his home - in 2011.

Moody Family Photo
A young Wes "Slugger" Moody, with crewman
Bobby Eckert, at Saranac Lake Speedway.

JZ Photo
Wes, with yours truly, in his hauler, in 2010.

Courtesy of James Howard
A very young Ken Squier, awarding a plaque to someone
at the Cheshire Fairgrounds race track in the '50's.

ACT File Photo
Squier, in the early 2000's, with Beaver Dragon.

Courtesy of CJ Richards
Young Brian Ross with one of his
first modified cars.

Steve McKnight Photo
Brian, at Airborne in 2011 with yours truly.

Dragon Family Photo
Bobby Dragon, with an early Flying Tiger
Division trophy at Catamount.

Sheila Somers Photo
The Twenty - First Century version.

Vintage Modifieds.Com Photo
Hully Bunn, with "X" car owner
John Melnick in 1952.


Vintage Modifieds.Com Photo
Hully Bunn, with his midget - driving into his 80's.

Herbert Family Photo
Howard "Jeep" Herbert, early shot.

Robert lansing Photo
Jeep, around 2006.

MaineVintage Racing.Com Photo
Gardiner Leavitt, with his B Class Coupe
around the late 1950's or early '60's.


ACT Photo
Gardiner, in the mid 2000's
receiving a lifetime
achievement award.

Courtesy of Mike Watts
A young Bob Brunell with a NASCAR coupe.

Steve McKnight Photo
Bob Brunell and me at Airborne Speedway
for the 2012 Legends Night.

From Dave Dykes Site
Lew [sometimes known as Batman] Boyd, with a hobby
division sedan somewhere like Seekonk - mid 1960's.

Cho Lee Photo
Lew, with me and Dick Berggren, at the 2011 Milk Bowl.

Rigney Family Photo
Jim, at Naples Speedway in New York in the early 1950's. What is that
on the roof ?

NEAR Photo
Jim Presenting me with an award
from NEAR around 2007.

Courtesy of Dan Nolin
Barely 20, Steve Poulin stands with his first race car, a former
Jimmy Gates Chevrolet.

Cho Lee Photo
Steve, with me at the Old Guys Club headquarters at T Road
around 2011.

Bob Frazier Photo   Ladabouche Collection
C.J. Richards, only in his 20's, proudly displaying the
sign to his new race promotion. Typical horse crap
from my good friend - it was the ONLY 1/2 mile in VT.

Dan Kearney Photo
C.J. [right] with a bunch of us hooligans at one of John Casey's
old - timer picnics at T Road's 3rd turn pavilion.

Pistone Website Photo
Tiger Tom Pistone, with a 1960 Pontiac, at Daytona.

Steve McKnight Photo
Tiger Tom Pistone, with me at one of John Casey's
old - timer picnics at T Road's 3rd turn pavilion. Couldn't
help but squeeze the little bugger.

Norman McIver Photo via Cho Lee
A still - very - young Jean - Paul Cabana poses for
Norman McIver, when the latter was doing a series of
portraits in the early 1960's.

Steve McKnight Photo
Cabana patiently puts up with me in this 2009 shot at the Milk Bowl.

Courtesy of the Bourgeois Family
Beaver Dragon, with his dramatic win at
Catamount in 1966, beating modifieds with
a sportsman. Ernie Preiss [lft] and
Johnny Bourgeois [rt]

ACT File Photo
Beaver Dragon, in 2005 with Ken Squier.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
Louie, as he looked in 1962. He wasn't very
old here, but he always passed for older
than he was.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
Louie, towards the end of his career, with lifelong dear friend
Junior Bianco.

Courtesy of  Romano Family
A young Andy Romano must have won some sort of race with dad,
Joe's 97 here. Regular driver Tom Kotary is at left and Joe is 2nd from left.

Courtesy of  Romano Family
A recent shot of Andy Romano with his All Star League
helmet in hand.

Courtesy of  Rod Case
A shot of a young Frankie Woodard [future Northern NASCAR mechanic]
with John Keefer's Vermonster.

Courtesy of  Bill Kaigle
Frankie Woodard, along  with John Keefer [right] and VT State Legislative Minority Leader [and past Catamount driver] Don Turner, Jr. - at the
unveiling of Catamount's historical marker in 2018.
Courtesy of  Phil Miller
A shot of a young Doug Garrison, with what must be
close to his first car somewhere in New York in 1951.

Courtesy of  Walt Schimming
Doug, towards the end of his career - when he wasrunnin that
cutdown version of the Ross 19 he bought.
Cox Photo via Joe Grossetti
Carl Fink stands with an early version of the Harvey Ford 62Jr.
at Coxsackie Speedway around 1951.

Ladabouche Photo
Carl Fink with restored midget at Airborne Speedway in 2006.
Photo via Cho Lee
The Flying Fire Chief, Stanley "Stub" Fadden of North Haverhill, NH
stands in Catamount Vic Lane with son Alvin at right.
BGNN Promo Poster
Stub, at the end of his career - before he was struck with illness.
By then , he was driving Busch Grand Nationla North cars.


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