Clarence "C. A." Crouch

Courtesy of David Turner, Jr.

    Clarence Crouch was, in many ways, the antithesis of his famous son. Calm and quiet to the point of almost inert, he was a simple man with an eye for the ladies. Clarence once confided me, as I was lettering a car for him in St. Albans, "Hell, Bill, if I got a pack of cigarettes and a six pack of beer, I'm in hog heaven !" And he was. He didn't much. I have trouble remembering when he wasn't wearing a matching suit of Dickey work pants and work shirt.

Ladabouche Photo
The second color scheme for the Chevelle, with C.A. fussing on some detail in the background.

Photo Source Unknown
Daniel, with Clarence's '68 Chevelle - when it was still in one piece.

           When Robbie returned soon hauling a Florida dirt Nova, with which he would soon tear up the competition, Clarence stayed on with Gerbode and fellow driver Tim Dykman. At one point, after Gerbode had handed over the reins of his black 24 to Mike Barry, the team won the prestigious Oxford 250. Clarence was now preparing the team's #36 car for the younger son, Ricky. Due to his untimely death the before his race debut, Clarence never go to see Ricky race. After that, I don't remember how long he could still stay in he sport he loved. Things weren't the same.

Photo Source Unknown left. Right - Ladabouche Photo
Ricky, and his intended car.

            We lost Clarence a number of years back. I felt a personal loss.

Ladabouche Photo
The C.A. Crouch car. C.A. is in the background in the red and white outfit,
talking with Barney McRae whom he was probably helping.

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