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    Nothing fancy here. Up to the 2017 season, Ken Squier would address the crowd at Thunder Road at the first race and inform them of any racing figures we had lost since the preceding season. That hasn't been done since. I was struck by what it meant to a lot of people to hear this information; so, I decided to use this page to try and let people know, to the best of my ability, who has passed on in the racing community [at least up this way].

Speedway Line Report Photo
Leo Cleary,
Hanover, MA

Modified / Sportsman Driver

Courtesy of Chris Companion
Cleary, in the pits at Catamount Stadium around 1966.

Courtesy of Race Chasers Online
Very early Leo.

NASCAR File Photo
Pete Hamilton,
Dedham, MA

Modified / Sportsman Driver
Grand National Driver
Car Builder

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
Hamilton leads Charlie Trombley at Airborne Park Speedway around 1967.
 Photo Courtesy of Fuel

Pete was closely involved with the Petty Enterprises kit car program besides driving.
MVRCA Site Photo
Bob Walker,
Oxford Plains Speedway

Track Announcer

Photo Courtesy of Walter Newell
Bob interviewing Oxford Plains
regular Wally Patrick.
 Photo Source Unknown
An interview with 250 winner Morgan Shepard.
Photo Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
Jim Byrne,
Castleton, VT

Race Driver

Photo Courtesy of Lou Senecal via Diana Peters

Jim's late model in the Devil's Bowl pits mostly
through another challenging season.
Photo Courtesy of Lou Senecal via Diana Peters
Did anyone get the license plate of that truck ?
Jim's dare devil class Ford at Devil's Bowl
Photo Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
Robin Branham,
Plattsburgh, NY

Race Driver

Photo Courtesy of Joe Bouyea
Another early late model for Robin at Airborne.
Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of Dave Brwon
Receiving an award in 1975 for Bob Brunell at what
was then called Plattsburgh International Raceway.
Bob Frazier Photo Courtesy of Mike Richards
Ed "Peanut" Foley,
Leicester, NY

Modified / Sportsman Race Driver

Photo Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
Foley's last appreciable ride was with the
Austin Dickerman 357 modifieds at
Lebanon Valley.
Photo Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
Many Devil's Bowl fans still associate Ed
with this, the last car he owned himself.
Bob Frazier Photo Courtesy of Mike Richards
Al "A.G." Ryan
Whiting, VT

Car Owner

Bob Frazier Photo via Rutland Herald
Al [far right] owned the 1965 Fairmont Speedway
track champion car  driven by Roger Gauthier.
Bob Frazier Photo via D. Bowl Program
Jerry Pennock was one of several top drivers who
served as chauffeurs for Al Ryan cars.
Photo Courtesy of Tom Pelletier
Ed Pelletier,
White River Jct, VT

Car Owner / Builder

Photo via Mike Gilbert
Ed, [leaning on car looking at camera] talks
to pit steward Archie Blackadar at the old
Northfield, VT track in 1963.
Photo via Cho Lee
Ed is best known up our way as the owner of the
beautiful yellow and black 51's driven by Russell
Ingerson. Here Ed [[middle] is seen with Ingerson
and Ed's team partner Doug Falzarano [2nd from right].

Photo by Frank Simek
Irv Taylor,
Rexford NY

ified / Sportsman Driver

Russ Bergh Photo via Otto Graham
The ultimate driver for hire, Irv drove for dozens of
teams; ironically, he may be best remembered for
this, a car he partly owned.

Photo by Russ Bergh
One of my favorite Irv rides. Don't know if Rollie
Johnson still owned it or if Richard Welch had
bought it by then.
Photo Source Unknown
Thomas "Tom" Curley,
Barre, VT

Track Owner / Promoter

Photo via Dragon Family
Curley talks to Beaver Dragon, one of his
iconic stars on the beer tours, around 1986.
 Photo via NEAR Website
Tom is delighted to induct Jean - Paul Cabana into the NEAR Hall of Fame.
Photo Source Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Carl "Fuzzy" Van Horn,
Phillipsburg, NJ

Driver / Promoter

Bill Cooper Photo via
The opposite of Curley,Carl drove a lot
and promoted only a little - at Harmony Speedway in his home town of Phillipsburg, NJ.
Bill Young Photo via Kevin Budden, thru Three Wide
Carl drove these 2a's often, like the 71E's.
Photo Source Getty Images
Bud Moore,
Spartanburg, SC

Car Owner / Builder
Pinterest Photo
Although Moore's owning career went at least well into the 1990's, my favorite Moore cars were his Mercurys with Darrell Deiringer in the mid 1960's.

Photo Source Getty Images
Bud shown here with Joe Weatherly, one of his earlier drivers. He was heartbroken when Weatherly was killed at Riverside in California in one of these 8's.
Photo by Ladabouche
Marty Harty,
Barrington, NH

Car Owner / Builder / Innovator

Bob Doyle Photo via Cho Lee
Of all the descriptors that could be used to
describe Harty race cars - "usual" was not
often used. The odd number came from the price of gas at Ralph Atkins' garage, a faithful sponsor.
Harty Photo Collection via George Hill
Jim Traverse in a Harty entry at Brookline,
MA. Marty sure did like ' em well off
the ground.
Russ Bergh Photo via Alan McDonald
Jim Hoyt,
Saranac Lake, NY

Driver / Builder

From Dan Ody's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
Inspired by the fact dad was a Mopar dealer and
by all Henry Caputo had accomplished with a
similar Plymouth, Jim built this beauty at a young age and raced it a bit at Airborne, as well as his father's track Saranac Lake Speedway.
Frank Simek Photo via Andy Fusco
Jim had one of the most spectacular wrecks in he history of Fonda Speedway, setting high speeds on a pavement setup. He missed the Fonda book only because they couldn't find photos of the crash.
Norman McIver Photo via Cho Lee
Harold "Hardluck" Hanaford,
Plymouth, NH

Flathead Coupe Driver

Photo Courtesy of Scott Haskell
Harold literally started out oat the beginning of stock car racing in the Northeast. Believe it or not, he traveled extensively with this car and won just as extensively.
Bob Doyle Photo Courtesy of Mark Austin
Hana is best known for driving this particular
flathead coupe at Thunder Road. He won the
first Milk Bowl with it.
Howie Hodge Photo
Maynard Troyer,
Spencerport, NY

Modified Driver / Car Builder/

Jim Simmons Photo Courtesy of Mike Shaub
via Three Wide's Picture Vault
Maynard raced for years, was a member of the
All Star Stock Car Racing League, established a
car building business so big, the cars had to have serial numbers. and may have been best known for this Falcon.... But..
Photo Courtesy of
... recently, Maynard had joked to someone  that
he wondered if he wasn't more famous for his
spectacular wreck of this car at Daytona than for anything else. [I kinda doubt that].
John Grady Photo
Edward "Doc" Blanchard,
Gloversville, NY

Modified / Sportsman Driver
John Grady Photo
Doc may be best known for this pavement
Valiant that he drove well and made it onto the cover
of S
tock Car Racing magazine with.
Russ Bergh Photo via Bob Novak
I first saw Doc at Otter Creek Speedway with this very car, around 1962.

Bob Dragon Family Photo
Ron Lamell, Sr.,
Essex Ctr., VT

Flying Tiger Driver

Courtesy of the Lloyd Gilbert Family
Ron, with one of his beloved Fords at Catamount.

Courtesy of the Bob Dragon Family
Ron, with Bob Dragon, Ron Barcomb, and starter Jack Paradee in Vic Lane at Catamount.

Photo via Mark Bourcier
Bruno "Shany" Lorenzet
Stafford Springs, CT

Racing Photographer

Photo by Shany Lorenzet Courtesy of
Ginny Ross via Dick Hansen and LVC
Ironically, him being a photographer, I don't have any other photos of Shany. This great Rebel Harris shot s an example of his work.

Shany Lorenzet Photo Courtesy of Dave Dykes
This shot of Hoppy Jensen in the Sharkey  Gaudiosi
sedan is typical of Shany's great work.

Photo via Gary Dwinel
Gardiner Leavitt
Kezar Falls, ME
The Geezer From Kezar

Race Driver

Courtesy of Maine Vintage Race Car Association
Gardiner started out with these uniquely Maine Class B cars.

 Photo Source Unknown
Gard, in the midst of his long career with NASCAR North.

Photo via Ed
Bob Judkins
Meriden, CT

Race Car Owner

Paul Michaud Photo
Ed Flemke, Sr. with the famed 2X at Catamount
around 1968.

 Bob Frazier Photo via Joe Grossetti
Gene Bergin had the legendary Judkins Pinto up at
Devil's Bowl around 1970.

ACAQ Photo
Denis Giroux
Quebec City, QC

Race Driver

Courtesy of Pascal Cote
One Of Denis' earliest cars.

Bob Frazier Photo  Ladabouche Collection
When I think of Denis, this is the car that comes to mind.

Lebanon Valley Classics Photo
Frankie Schneider
Lambertville, NJ

Race Driver

Courtesy of Jeff Ackerman
What I think of when I think of a Frankie sedan.

Gene Stratton Photo 
What I think of when I think of a Frankie coupe.

Courtesy of David Turner, Jr.
Perry Poquette
Georgia, VT

Race Driver

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Perry was a force in the Hurricane division at Catamount.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
One I lettered for Perry around 1976

Courtesy of Gary Cuthbertson
Maurice "Cuffy" Cuthbertson
St. Johnsbury, VT

Race Driver

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Cuffy ran in the Flying Tiger division at Catamount
and T Road as well as coupes previously. he also ran coupes at Bear Ridge in the late 1960's.

Courtesy of Paul Bellefeuille
With Pete Racine [left] at a car restoration project.

Courtesy of Midstate Club
"Wee Willie" Allen
Weedsport, NY

Race Driver

Courtesy of Blackjack Racing
I recall Willie with this car, running the open
competitions at Lebanon Valley.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
With the former Pete Gillette 45.

Free Press Photo Courtesy of
Wayne Bettis
Gerald "Jerry" Driscoll
E. Randolph, VT

Race Driver
Hill Climber

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Jerry with the first car he ran on the
Northern NASCAR circuit.

Courtesy of Dick Berggren
Jerry was a serious and accomlished driver in
the Mount Washington hill climbs until quite
late in his life.

Photo Courtesy of
tti Ann Rendini
John Podolak
Auburn, NY

Race Driver
Gater Racing News Photo Courtesy of Bill Field
John, crew, and family at Rolling Wheels. Stepson
Bill Field is at far right.
Courtesy of Bob Miller
John Podolak, at speed.

Photo Courtesy of Rounds Family

Don Rounds,
Warwick, RI

Race Driver

 Bob McDowell Photo
At Stateline Speedway. sporting a local sponsor.
Courtesy of Rounds Family
Classic photo with his iconic car. Note all the
feature win decals.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Cardarelli

Henry Van Acker,
Champlain, NY

Race Driver
Van Acker Collection

The racing lawyer and magistrate, at home
with members of his crew
Van Acker Collection
Henry [far left] and crew fuss over their newly -
built Camaro, which was unfortunately badly
wrecked not long after this shot.

Russ Bergh Photo Courtesy of Otto Graham

Richard "Otto" Graham,
Burlington Flats, NY

Race Driver

 Courtesy of Al Sanders Collection
A young Otto being towed off the track somewhere like Midstate, Richfield, etc.
Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
My friend Otto Graham introducing me at
my induction into Weedsport in 2011.

John Grady Photo Courtesy of Otto Graham
Ray Sitterly,
Amsterdam, NY

Race Driver

Russ Bergh Photo   Ladabouche Collection
I am proud to say that I was at Fonda the night Ray won his feature. I think it was this car.

Bob Frazier Photo
  Jerry King Collection
Jerry King provided his car for Ray at
Devil's Bowl around 1968.

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
Allie Swears,
Glens Falls, NY

Race Car Owner

Ladabouche Photo
The familiar Allie Swears 51 tows into
Fonda past promoter Jim Gage
around 1963.

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
Dick Nephew with the Allie Swears
Daytona car in Florida.

Eastern Race Chatter Site
Jay Bleser,
Schenectady, NY

Race Car Driver

Mike Budka Jr. Photo Collection
The familiar Mike Budka Camaro in

Mike Budka Jr Collection
He could drive the Budka modified
pretty well, too.

Midstate Club
Ralph Raastad,
[left with Dick Schoonover]
New Berlin, NY

Race Car Driver

Rick Parry Photo Collection
via Midstate Club

Ralph's familiar 26. He seemed to
prefer Fords.

David Kilmartin Collection
Friend, Dick Schoonover would also
drive Raastad equipment.

From Lisa Yantz
Warren "Jay" Yantz,
Monkton, VT

Race Car Driver
Andy Boright Collection
A Ford man through and through, his
signature car may have been this
fast Grand American class Mustang.
Cho Lee Collection
At Thunder Road [right] with his friend and Ford hero, Dave Dion [ctr].

From Chris Cardarelli
Bob Ailes,
St. Johnsbury, VT

Race Car Driver

From Andy Boright
Bob drove at nearby Riverside Speedway in Groveton, NH. He also ran a number of
races at Catamount and Thunder Road.

Ladabouche Photo
Bob led this race at rustic Can Am Speedway
near Newport, VT until the suspension on
his pavement car could not hold up on the
very bumpy track.

From Seven Days Site
Robert E. "Bobby" Miller,

Race Car Owner/

From Dragon Family
Bob [center] chats with former driver Bob Randall of Maine and Beaver Dragon, whom he set up with top class equipment before selling the team to Pepsi's Skip Farrell.
Dragon Family Photo
The impressive N.E. Systems team.

From SCR Magazine via Norwood Site
Ray Stonkus,
Concord, NC

NE Race Car Owner/
NASCAR Crew Chief

From Mark Bourcier
Pete Hamilton, one of the many
top shelf drivers of the Stonkus
Flying 9 modifieds.

Via Andy Boright

The impressive N.E. Systems team.

NASCAR Record Bk Photo
Ed Ortiz,
Ransomville, NY

Modified Race Driver

Burlingame Photo via Pedro Alexander
Ed Ortiz, in an early ride out in
Western New York.

Russ Bergh Photo via Ladabouche Collectin
My first and favorite photo of Ed, at Fonda.
I notice he left his glasses on the car.

Pettit Collection
Link Pettit,
Schenectady, NY

Stock Car Driver

Pettit Collection
An early ride for Link - his own car 00,
seen here at Mettawee Speedway, North Granville, New York.

Joe Grossetti Collection
Although Link drove for several owners, he is somewhat permanently associated with the
top notch Von Vricken RU21 car.

Source Unknown
Clarence "Butch" Jelley,
Londonderry, VT

Stock Car Driver

Bob Frazier Photo  Ladabouche Collection
My all - time favorite Jelley photo, in the Ed Winn Y at the opening of Fairmont Speedway in 1962.

Neal Davis Collection
Butch's other signature ride was in various Martin Riiska yellow X's.

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