Having been a sign painter, and having used those limited skills to wheadle my way into the stock car racing world, I always pay more attention to the graphic work on the car that I do to the motor, etc. My racing friends just look at me sadly, but knowingly when they say something technical about a car and I just look at them like they were speaking Portuguese. I have sometimes saved photos of particular cars just because I liked the old school graphics the sign painter put on them. This page will feature a few of those.

Courtesy of Edward B. Brown II
There is nothing unusual about the sign
work on this Al Tasnady car; but, I
love the clean, crisp simplicity of it.
Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
The Martin Riiska Yellow X
cars were always the same,
and very well done.
Courtesy of Edward B. Brown II
Don Penuel knew what he was
doing with Speedy Jester's car.
Courtesy of Daniel Proulx
Randy Goulet's Autodrome Ste- Therese
car is typical of some of the great sign work that came out on Quebec cars.

Courtesy of Joe Grossetti
This early car of Buddy Krebs
had great color combos and
nice crisp lettering.
Via Pinterest
Don House had an unusual way
of  mounting his car's body, but
I loved his sign man.
Courtesy of Edward B. Brown II
Red Foote with Junie Donleavey's 90. A pro can make simple work look great. This one speaks to me.
Bob Farlee Photo
Courtesy of Joe Cryan
via Chas Hertica

This 356 car of Dee Dee Kruger [and sometimes Ray Brown] shows what a pro can do on black. It's a pain !

Courtesy of Ray Lasnier
Barre Sign Co. knew what to do to
make Jerry Perantoni's VW sharp for T Road and Catamount.
Courtesy of Chris Companion
Whoever did this coupe for Leo
Cleary knew what they were
Courtesy of Edward B. Brown II
NJ pilot Lew Mood always
seemed to get a good lettering job.
Courtesy of Mark Signor
A northern NY Plattsburgh area
sign artist managed to bring
Dick Nephew's car to life
without using any shadowing.

Courtesy of Mike Gray
Dave Davies did a ton of cars
for tracks around Fonda. He was one of my sign painting heroes. Sometimes, he spelled "New Britain" right; sometimes he didn't.

Courtesy of Edward B. Brown II
Even Colorado seems to have
sign painters with the right idea.

Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche Collection

George Baumgardner, with RIchard Welch's car. The way those 7's were done inspired me more than anything else to dabble in sign painting.

Ladabouche  Photo
The job done on Pete Silva's Le Mans is not old school, but it was way ahead of its time [pre vinyl wrap].

Courtesy of Mike Cranston

Peppy Peppecelli always used Dave
Davies for lettering. This one is
one of Dave's best.
Warren Morse Photo
Rocky Mutter has some great old Pennsylvania sign work on this car.
Pinterest Photo
Norm Nelson's USAC car
has those great 3 dimensional
numerals, a big thing on Midwest
cars for a while.
Ladabouche  Photo
I did that same thing on this
car of Barney McRae.


Russ Bergh Photo via Bill Fifield

Lou Lazzaro always had his 4's professionally lettered. On this one the sign painter hit a home run.

Courtesy of Norm Morley
Wally Branston's car raced at Places like Buffalo Civic Stadium and Ottawa's CNE. This is an example of vintage lettering style- and very sharp.

MIdstate Club Photo
Dick Warner and his
tomato 57 car. I love it.

Johnny Clapham's Rutledge Rocket
was just fun to look at.... and a
very fast, radical car !
Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
More old school vintage style
graphics on this NJ car.
Russ Bergh Photo 
Ladabouche Collection
The lettering on Jack Farquhar's
Teresco & Mancini 685 was
done by Star Neon, I think.

Courtesy of Sam Barlow
I love the whole package
on Jim Bedell's car.
A. Ainsworth Collection
Don Ackner's Dexter Dorr -
built mod had some very
sharp sign work.
Courtesy of Johnny Racer
Barre Sign Co. did a fancy
job on Joey LaQuerre's
HAWAII 5-0, driven by
Johnny Gammell.

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
The sign painter for Link Pettit's McCarty car sure gave them a variety of styles on the Ford.

Legends  of NASCAR Site
This one must have looked
great in color .

Courtesy of Rick Falkiewicz
I always loved this shot of Dave Marburger's car.

Courtesy of David Peek
Dave Davies did masterpiece work on some of Harry Peek's earlier cars.
Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
The signage on Joe Carpento's car
seems simple. I've seen it in color - trust me, it's exceptional.
Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
The signage on Joe Plazek's car
was always eye catching -
especially the number.
Joe Lawrence Collection
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
This is one of the few cars Joe
Lawrence ever bothered to have lettered professionally. It was well worth it. A
former Mert Hulbert car that ended
up with Stan Wetmore, I think.

Courtesy of Kevin Lepage
Burlington, VT sign painter
Irving "Steck" Stecklar always did
cars for the Lepage family. Thhis
was his finest, for a beginning
Kevin Lepage at 17 yrs old.
Courtesy of Chris Companion
There is not a ton of lettering
on this car of Marty Bezema
[at Catamount], but what there
is for sign work is superb.
Gillespie Collection
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
This is one of the former Will Cagle
cars, and I love how it was done.
Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
The signage on Phil Orr's
car had clear purpose but
was really classic old school
Gordon Reinig Photo
This beer treatment on the Cam
Gagliardi car is sharp.

Source Unknown
Darling Don Shaw's car has clearly old school signage.

Courtesy of Ed Duncan
Gene Gamache's car is
a little wild but well done.
Edw. B. Brown III Collection
A great looking Florida car.
Russ Bergh Photo
The Vince Barbuto 2
[Jeep Herbert driver at the time]
was a lesson in effective use of
sign paint color on a neutral
car color.

Courtesy of Leann Cominsky
WIllie Beardsley's iconic
number style was a great,
old school circus type.

John Grady Photo
 Ladabouche Collection
For sheer variety of fonts
on short notice you couldn't beat this Ford of Tommy Corellis, in tne Albany - Saratoga semi late models.

Haag Photo Courtesy of Dave Dykes
went by this photo three or four times.
Finally, I gave in. Excellent one - color
work [and likely freehand].
Courtesy of Real Racing USA
In order to fully appreciate how
good Nick Ronca's little pavement coupe looked, you had to be closer than this. Likely, another Dave Davies job.
Courtesy of Leb. valley Classics
At the very end of the hand
lettering era, Ed San Soucie had
this beauty.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Great numerals on Ben Stone's
car !

Denis LaChance Photo
Courtesy of Pascal Cote
I always liked the looks of the Thomas Bros Country Ham car of Sam Ard and now Brett Bodine.

Ladabouche Photo
This Oxford Plains
charger, sitting in the pits
during one of the Oxford
250's, caught my eye. I
thini it's J.C. Marsh.

Ladabouche Photo
This great shot of early Grand National champ Bill Rexford shows how different
graphics were on early cars. Many sections and details about a single sponsor.
Courtesy of Mike Parenteau
This Charland car is right in the
middle of his championship years.
While busy, the graphics were
very well done.
Wiscassett Site Photo
The Mustang of Earl
"Parnelli" Jones had simple
but appealing graphics.
Midstate Club Photo
Adrian Flath's clear, crisp
signage was effective.
Steve McKnight Photo
Don Rounds' actual car,
one of great longevity. I
always thoguth the
graphics were great.

apl.nincom Site Photo
Corey's behemoth Studebaker
was another of Dave Davie's
great pieces.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
The last flathead car of legendary
car owner [and Bear Ridge Spdwy
founder] George Barber has very
well done graphics.
Ladabouche Photo
The job I did on the New Tiger car of
"The Racing Grandmother",
Lorraine Parsons is one of
my favorites of my work.
Bob Mackey Photo
via Mike Watts, Sr.
The "Top Wop" never got
too fussy about his lettering
but someone got very creative
with Ron Narducci's sedan
this time.

Ladabouche Photo
The 8 Ball owned by Art Wilson of Chestertown, NY may not have had much writing on it but look at the work the sign painter did do.

Ladabouche Photo
When Barry Roy had this Clarence
Bushey coupe restored, the sign
painter did a bangup job .

Ladabouche Photo
Nothing fancy here, but it was one of my first big jobs; I think I pretty much hit themark on Jim Barton's memorable and  long - lasting Camaro Grand American.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
The sign painter did not
get fancy on this Tom TIller
Flying Tiger, but he definitely
hit he mark.
Source Unknown
Steck made sure that the
graphics on Ron Barcomb's
one - of - kind, heart- stopping
Torino did not overpower the
overall look of the car.
Bob Frazier Photo
Dragon Family Collection
Whoever did the graphic
design on Beaver Dragon's
Ray Richards - owned coupe
knew what they were doing .
Might have been Mal Brown.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Barre Sign Co. did this
job on Boomer Cleveland's
H.A. Manosh car in 1970.
Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of Mike Russo
Dick Bennett's 71 [seen
here with Don Wayman] was a bit gaudy, but the sign work is
typical and well done.
Courtesy of Gerard Major
Gaetan DiPietro's car is
a good example of Montreal
area sign painting.
Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Gerard Major
Marcel Godards car is
another example of Montreal
area sign painting.
Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche Collection
JIm Devine's car shows
Fonda area sign work from
probably Dave Davies.
Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
Lebanon Valley driver
Karl Haeussel [HOY-zul, just like it sounds] always had good - looking

Courtesy of Caron Family
Larry Caron's NASCAR
North car - great numbers !
Source Unknown
Link Pettit's Jon Van
Vricken - owned RU21
had a wonderful variety
of lettering.
Courtesy of Gerard Major
Marcel Simard is one of
several Quebec drivers to
pilot the Lucky 7. Some
of its best graphics here.
Courtesy of Andy Boright
Owen Wimble bought Henry
Van Acker's GA Camaro and
picked up some good sponsors,
along with great signage to
show them.

Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche Collection
This earlier Ray Sitterly C88
shows how simplicity can
still light up a car.
Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Clarence Rock's 1950 car
shows classic old style
Ladabouche Photo
My wife, Roxanne, with Rick
and Sharon Parry's restored
Villano Falcon. Great old
school work [probably still by
Courtesy of Steve Pecor
The Pelletier/Falzarano
Chevelle of Russ Ingerson
had non-sophistcated lettering
that still created an exciting effect.
Ladabouche Photo
I stayed up all night
 lettering Sonny Gover's
6 cylinder Grand American


Courtesy of Bill Force

NJ's Bill Force working on
Tom Skinner's 659.
Courtesy of Mike Bruno
Chuck Ely, from the Bennington,
Vt area. He was a driver, photographer,
and sign artist.

Courtesy of Dave Moody
Maine's Warren Hamilton is one
of the best pure talents I ever saw.
Courtesy of Mike Budka
Dave Davies [shown her eon Mike Budka's car with son] was a huge
inspiration to me.
Ladabouche Photo
I have no photo of Scarborough, ME sign painter Irving Joe Tufts [sp?].
  This was typical of his great work.

Courtesy of Walter Newell
Boothbay, ME's Jon "JC"
Marsh was a racing sign
painter and a damned good one.
Courtesy of Kevin Lepage
I have no photo of Burlington, VT sign painter Irving "Steck" Stecklar.  This
was typical of his great work.
Bob Frazier Photo
via Mike Richards
Mal Brown lettered dozens of
Fairmont and Devil's Bowl
cars in his career .

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