Since stock car racing began, there had to be a way to get the jalopies to where they were being being raced. I know quite a few of the earliest racers simply drove their entries up the back roads [or sometimes not - so - back roads] to the track. A few cars were unceremoniously loaded into something like a farm truck. The transport of stock cars, now almost exclusively done in enclosed trailers and stacker haulers, went through phases like stiff hitch [flat towing], flat bed trucks, single axle trailers, double axle trailers, school buses, and finally slant bed haulers before getting to where we are now. I will try to show some of all of these phases - and maybe a few variations. Those  pickup truck with paint schemes matching the car seemed to double as stiff hitcher and trailer puller.




Lawrence Collection

Courtesy of Art LaBelle
Fairmont Speedway driver Art LaBelle, formerly of Bethel, CT rolls out of a Rutland, VT neighborhood with the family convertible as his crewman
keeps an eye on the coupe.

Courtesy of Danish Family
Legendary Steve Danish
started out with a stiff
hitch and even a hired driver.

Ladabouche Photo
Athol, NY owner Vern Baker stiff hitched feature winning Ed Baker's
6 PACK the same way he did when equally - successful Wally LaBelle drove it in the 1950's as
the Super 6.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock
The first Royce Tucker car, on trailer arrives from Vermont as Bob Bushey, holder of the track's all -time feature wins in a season record, walks by.
his car is stiff hitched from almost the same place in Vermont.

Courtesy of Ed Feuz Collection
Early car building legend Bob Whitbeck, of Canajoharie, NY
flat towed his cars for a while. This one was run by Pete Corey.

Courtesy of Vogel Family
Despite the fact that his then - partner. Loomis
owned a trucking firm - Ted Vogel was, at first, flat
towing from Granville, NY.

Ladabouche Photo
George Proctor hitches out of Fairmont in 1963 after a surprise win. He seems to be faring better than Mac McDonald [50] with his trailer and matching
pickup tow truck.
Ladabouche Photo
Bob Pratt [left] hitches this Pontiac from Otter Creek Speedway in 1963. Once an Emo Langley GN car, the '59 behemoth was too heavy to run on the 1/2 mile dirt track.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
When Midstate Speedway regular Al Sanders towed his former Bob Adams L8, he found out it wasn't in the car's best interests.

Ladabouche Photo
John Maguire stiff hitched
the F30 of Fairmont's "Unbeatable Lennie" Wood in 1965.
Brown Family Photo
Walt Brfown, Jr., of NH could trailer his 409's. But he needed only to hitch it to Claremont Speedway - which was a stone's throw away.

Ernie Bodreau Photo
Future HOF car owner Frank "Stroker" SMith tows his 111, in front of Henry Courtemanche's WIllys in the 1950's in New Hampshire. 
Maynard Johnson Photo
via Chas Hertica
Legendary Steve Danish came up with the ultimate stiff hitch arrangement by the end of his career. The dolly kept the rear end from being turned all the  time but he didn't have to tow a trailer.
Dave Brunelle Photo
Dave Brunelle hitches up his Coke yellow Flying Tiger to head to Catamount Stadium around 1966. It was even kept at he Coke plant in
Burlington, VT.
Coonradt FamilyPhoto
via Ron Coonradt
Harry Coonradt hooks up a for 1950's local races. In the "Other" section, you
will see Harry again.
Ladabouche Photo
Fair Haven's car owner had as many as four different black and silver cars with some variation of #6, all at the same time. From around the block, he could hitch the mor even drive them to Fairmont.
Myers FamilyPhoto
via Benny Myers Jr.
Beech Ridge's lwo budget stalwart Benny Myers, Sr. would use a trailer later but started out flat towing like so many others.
Photo viaBob Barber
The 3 1/7 Hudson of
Al "Pop" Green, a technical engineer, started out being flat towed.


Ladabouche Photo

Photo via Cho Lee
A big flatbed trailer from Bellavance, a granite hauler out of Barre, VT unloads two cars at Catamount Stadium. That concrete loading platform is about all that's left of the track.
Vogel Family Photo
Ted Vogel, Sr. used a flatbed to haul this particular car in the mid 1950's.
Bushey FamilyPhoto
via Jack Anderson
Rex Shattuck pushes Gordy Owen into the pits at Colchester Raceway around 1952.
Laduc Family Photo
Barb Laduc smiles out from the cab of the converted farm flatbed they hauled their cars around for several years as Charlie tried different forms of racing. He always went back to Devil;s Bowl.
Paul Connors Photo
Paul Connors didn't knowwhen he snapped this shot of Dave Brfoks at Stateline that he, himself, would end up in the Florida racing hall of fame and compete in the Grand Nationals.
Ladabouche Photo
Northern NASCAR's shoestring - budgeted Ford star Danny Bridges used this flatbed hauler for years..
Harry Heath Collection
Very early NH competitor Ray Sanborn from Andover used this cabover flatbed.
Ladabouche Photo
Swashbuckling Shelburne, VT entrepeneur Black Jack Dubrul was a hero of mine when I was younger. Here's his flatbed hauler at Otter Creek Speeddway, Waltham, VT.
Ladabouche Photo
John Narducci and driver Joe Tiezzi struggled all the way up to Otter Creek Speedway in northern Vermont from Connecticut  in this awful old flatbed only to not race. I don't know why they didn't run.
Ladabouche Photo
Fairmont's 1966 sensation Graham Trudo had this early version of today's flatbed hauler.
Ladabouche Photo
Jake Daigle unloads a Plymouth late model on Catamount's loading dock around 1973.
Visconti Family Photo
via Mike Visconti
Granville, NYer Art Visconti with the '40 Ford he ran atop the flatbed he used for a while around 1964.
Courtesy of Ken Robertson
Before running with Frank Smith, NEAR HOFer Sonny Rabideau ran a family car, off this flatbed. This is Keene, NH around mid '50's.
 Photo From The Outside Groove Website
Milt Wright, one of the most loyal supporters of Tom Curleys's tours, started out with this flatbed and a Huricane car.
Ladabouche Photo
Mack Miller, longtime
Airborne driver, gave the Northern NASCAR circuit a try.
Ladabouche Photo
Marty Warner, another Granville, NYer with a
flatbed had a short but very popular stint at Fairmont around 1964.
Ladabouche Photo
Fairmont received an unknown visitor around 1963. I never did figure out who this was. They didn't run.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
An unidentified Chevelle off loading at Catamount. around 1974.


Probably Courtesy of Richard Chartrand

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock
This Pete Corey hauler
matched the car. It could have also been in the flatbed section.
Jeff Martel Photo
Rene Charland, in the
midst of his championship years.
Connie Stevens Sanders Photo
Bill Stevens,
West Sand Lake, NY.
They were red and black.
Joe Grossettie Photo
Martin Riiska's truck
qualified as matching
until he went to a school bus.
From A. Ainsworth
Hoffer Family Photo
via Ron Hoffer
Bob Hoffer's Argyle
Racing Team truck.

Ladabouche Photo
John Grady Photo
Bob Mott's pickup
matched his Pete
Corey - driven coupe.
Joe Cryan Photo
Henry Caputo's haul
vehicles always matched the cars.
Danish Family Photo
Earlier in his career, Steve Danish often used matching tow vehicles.


Courtesy of Phil Butler

Jeep Herbert and Bob Mott's 3 were one of the first cars I can recall seeing, back in 1952 at Pico Raceway.
Ladabouche Collection
One of Buddy Bardwell's earlier cars, at Keene, NH.
Ladabouche Photo
Hank LeClaire, entering Fonda around 1963.
Vogel Family Photo
via Ted Vogel, Jr.
George Ingalls and Cecil Bosworth came up with this newly - purchased coupe for Devil's Bowl in 1967.
Ladabouche Collection
Local driver Rudy Charbonneau used this coupe to win the 1964 Vt State Championship at Fairmont.
Ladabouche Photo
Da Champ decided to try the Northern NASCAR late model toour in 1972. [Not with much success].
Walter Mateer Photo
via Joe Grossetti and
Chas Hertica
An early Karl Hauessel car.
Ladabouche Photo
Bob Zimmerman's car
72, Pepper Eastman,
Ladabouche Photo
Ed Winn's second car,
Frank Hatch's M2.
Ladabouche Photo
Chet Doaner's second car.
Rick Parry Photo
The beautiful '54 Chevy of Joe Johnson.
Walter Mateer Photo
via Joe Grossetti and
Chas Hertica
Neal Dunston,
Voorheesville, NY
Woody Woodbury Photo
Butch Jelley at Fairmont
with his own Y car.
Denzil Rice Photo
An unknown car, early
in the history of Bear Ridge Speedway, Bradford, VT.
Dundon Family Photo
via Mike Dundon
Gael Dundon - owned
car for Vince Quenneville, Sr.  1966 version.
Chas Hertica Photo
Clyde Smith's VS
Falcon in Port Ewen, NY
Chas Hertica Photo
43 of Jim Horton, Sr.
for Mike Grbac.
Ladabouche Photo
Ken Canestrari,
Cohoes, NY

[The more popular choice by six to one]

Ladabouche Photo

Ladabouche Photo
An early Ray Sitterly car
entering Fonda in 1963.
Ladabouche Photo
Guy Chartrand arrives at Fonda all the way from Montreal only to find it has rained out.
Ladabouche Photo
Bill Fowler shows up at Fonda with Ollie Palmer's 27Jr.. Looks like another Fonda rainout is nigh.
Ladabouche Photo
Lou Smith,
 Munnsville, NY
Ladabouche Collection
One of Canada's cars
which never used a number.
Rsce Songs Photo
Lucky Jordan's famous
deuce, renumbered for
some reason.
Joe Grossetti Phot
Martin Riiska's famed X
when Doug Garrison was driving.
Otto Graham Photo
NJ / PA circuit driver
Tommy Sheetz.
Jeff Ackerman Photo
Whippany, NJ
Barney 14
Ladabouche Collection
Early car for legendary
NY car owner Frank Trinkhaus.
Walter Mateer Photo
via Joe Grossetti and Chas Hertica
Possibly John Ody.
Chas Hertica Photo
Bernie Darling's
70 coach in
Port Ewen, NY.
Ayotte Family Photo
Roger Guillemette,
Quebec dirt car.
Robert Clock Photo
Sal Mauro, another
NJ/PA car.
Leb. Valley Classicsn Photo
Barry Tripp
Midstate Club Photo
Bob Wing at  Midstate Speedway with a former Bill Wimble car.
Source Unknown
The actual Wimble car
after what might have been the career - ending crash.

Midstate Club Photo
Maple Grove Speedway,
Waterloo, NY driver
Chuck Stillwell.



Ladabouche Photo

Wayne Mohr Photo Courtesy of Mike Shaub via Chas Hertica
Winsted, CT owner Martin Riiska wasone of the first to use a school bus hauler.
 Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Part of Bob Dragon's
brain trust, outside his hauler around 1978.

Dragon Family Photo
Beaver Dragon's first
bus, which came before the one above.
Thisshot really shows a good bus hauler.
Even the Brits got in on
the school bus hauler craze.
Two black buses and one black street stock..

Pascal Cote Photo
Well - sponsored Langis Caron, of Quebec City, was the only Canadian to use a school bus. Like Barcomb's, the rack was on the back, outside.

Johnny Racer Photo
When Dave Dion and his brothers hauled a Grand National Ford down South in this old bus, the GN establishment laughed. When he outqualified most of them, they shut up.

Ladabouche Photo
Ronnie Barcomb surveys
the Catamount pits from the ramp off the back of his school bus hauler. Stub Fadden's bus is at left.

Ladabouche Photo
Harry Rathburn used this bus to haul two, almost identical Grand American Camaros on his team.

Claudy Lessard Photo
Brad Kennedy's bus is seen in the background.

A Torino getting a ride.


Ladabouche Photo

Courtesy of Lew Boyd
Sharkey Gaudiosi had one of the more typical haulers of the day. This one has the flatter bed.
Vogel Family Photo
via Ted, Jr.
Future car builder extraordinaire, Dexter Dorr started out with what is essentially a flatbed.
Paul Michaud Photo
An earlier hauler for Canadian great Jean - Paul Cabana..
Ladabouche Photo
Caban's later J.E. Fortin - supported hauler with a tandem trailer in tow..
Mike Parenteau Photo
Russ Betz had the standard flatbed
hauler setup.
Otto Graham Photo
Ed Pieniazek shows up at the Valley with two Pintos on what looks a lot like Corey's hauler.

Ladabouche Photo
Bob Brunell's flat
bed hauler, from
Peru, NY.
Alexander Family Photo
Alex Alexander's hauler after wife, Linda ran somewhere on the dirt with the Granada.
Dragon Family Photo
Quint Boisvert's slant bed hauler was fairly state of the art for years.
Ladabouche Photo
Stub Fadden's Northern NASCAR slantbed, from
No. Haverhill, NH.
Ladabouche Photo
Fast Eddy Ruggieri's Northern NASCAR slantbed, from Springfield, MA.  
Ladabouche Photo
Jack Anderson's
hauler out of Burlington, VT.
Russ Dodge. Photo
Wall Stadium's Don Stumpf had a hauler of this type before very many others did.

Hot Rod Craft.Com
Upstate NY's Grand National independent Dick
May's hauler.

Marty Kelly, Jr. Photo
Devil's Bowl's unpredictable Bucky Dragon.

Manny Family Photo
via Marco Manny
A well -traveled slant bed hauler for Andre Manny prior to his Northern NASCAR days.
Marty Kelly, Jr. Photo
The first hauler of flamboyant VT owner Ausitin Dickerman.

Dick Sconnernmaker Photo
Danny Mitchell came prepared for any eventuality at Nazareth.

Dick Schoonmaker Photo
The hauler and two cars
from the NJ team of Joe Kelly.
Randy Ayers Modeling Forum
Well - heeled PA modified
driver Tighe Scott.
Ayotte Family Photo
Quebecer Guy LeClerc's rather rudimentary hauler.

Wayne Dempster Photo
An earlier hauler for Marvelous Merv Treichler.

Cho Lee Photo
Lennie Stockwell's
unique hauler The Munstermobile..

Jalopy Journal Photo
An early Benny Parsons hauler..


Mercury Racing.Com

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Canadian Claude Aubin used this construction trailer as one of his haulers.
 Photo From The Catamount
History Program of 1986
Red Mead used to bring  this Hurricane car to Catamount in 1970 hooked to a garbage truck.
Ladabouche Photo
Roger Dutton came out of Keene, NH to Fairmont in a dump truck.
Ladabouche Photo
Tom Bennett came down to Fairmont from the Warrensburgh, NY area - also in a dump truck.
Ladabouche Photo
Carl Moore used the same
mode a year or so later.
Lew Boyd Photo
Gino Spada's hearse could go here or under Matching Pull Trucks.
Cho Lee Photo
Joey LaQuerre once brought so many cars to Catamount he needed a salvage yard hauler.
Fred DeCarr Collection
via Midstate Club
It may be another trailer but not everybody towed with a Cadillac like Dave McCredy.
Davis Family Photo
Lefty Casey came in on the wrecker every week.

Ladabouche Photo
Source Unknown
Hebron, Maine's Alan Wilson has been known to take a race car to Oxford Palins Speedway on a log truck and unload it with that log hoist.

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