September, 2005

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September 9 -  Sorry about the lack of updates. I am back teaching and, if any of you work in the area of public education, you have some idea of how much extra work it has become. I have made a few updates to the Airborne Speedway page.

September 10 -  I was flattered and pleased to hear from prominent race historian Marty Little, who gave me some more information on the 1957 Pontiac car that so many Northeast drivers used at Daytona. I will eventually have a page on that car, which has attracted so much attention around racing circles.
      I am still working on a page about various racing reunions and car meets. The page will also show legends I have met and photographed in the last two years. It will take a long time to complete, but CLICK HERE to see what is there thus far.

September 19 -  I had some disturbing news since I last added to this site. My son, serving in Iraq, was blown up in Humvee recently. He will be OK after extended healing and therapy, but we didn't know that for a while. Now I know how all those other families feel who have relatives in that mess.
    I will be putting up some rare pictures of Bobby Dragon's very first car - both on the Early Flying Tiger page and on the Dragon brothers' page. I have received a lot more info on the 1959 Pontiac which DuBrul and others ran at Daytona. I have been contacted by former Northern NASCAR owner Leonard West, as well as New Hampshire's Bob Manley. Thanks guys. Thanks to Kathy Caldwell. If I have overlooked anyone I apologize.

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