October, 2005

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October 10 -  I thank everyone who expressed concern about my son. He will be OK, if he does what the doctors tell him. School and the book I am writing are raising Cain with this site. I did hear from a Bruce Mason today. He is the mystery driver of the #99 Hurricane [ a 1960 Ford]. 
This is Bruce, who now lives in Kansas. Thanks, Bruce. See the HURRICANE PAGE for more.

     I will try to get some additions to this eventually, although I know the schoolwork will not die down. This job is a lot tougher than it used to be. With Beaver's unfortunate injury, the book may slow down a little for a while.  I hope everyone will remain patient.

October 11 -  I have added a small page for Catamount action photos. It will grow gradually from this modest start. It was good to hear from former race journalist Paul Cook. CLICK HERE for that new page.

October 12 -  Thanks to suggestions from Cho Lee, I have made some corrections to the Northeast Speedway page and to the Catamount Early Tigers page.

October 16 -  Thanks to Dan Nolin for providing a ton of photos. I added a few new ones to the Late Model Sportsman [earlier] page. I used to get impatient with other web masters for slow updating, but now I know how long it takes to update anything.


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