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Dec 4 -  I have added the Weekly Blog, December 4 - about certain Thunder Road rosters. I will archive soon.

Dec 5 -  I put on the Starrin Family Photo Page. Jackie Starrin was a pioneering female stock car driver at Whites Beach in the 1950's. Many of the photos are very poor because my camera could not focus well in the room we were in at a conference due to lack of good light. I hope to access their stuff again some day and get better shots.

Dec 7 -  I put on those same Starrin photos on the Hudson River Speedway [Schuylerville] page, and I repaired a broken link on the Jean-Paul Cabana page.

Dec 10 -  I have added the Weekly Blog, December 10 - about the former Exeter, Maine race track. If every detail is not perfect, bear with me -I have done my best to use every research source online I could find.

Dec 17 -  I have added the Weekly Blog December 17 about how sad abandoned race tracks are to see. :(

Dec 24 -  Happy Holidays to All. I My wife and I were called, in the middle of the night on the 22nd to go down and deal with health issues with my mother. Christmas and everything else is altered for now. There will be nothing new on the web site for the immediate future - I have no internet access down there. Sorry. I can't get email either.

Dec 30 -  Things are at least temporarily stable with my mother. I finally happened upon something most people already know about - Andy Boright's cache of Catamount -related photos on Facebook. I hope people realize how hard Boright works at preserving photos and history, particularly of Catamount. I have downloaded a ton of these shots because they are so important. I will use them in various places, particularly the rarer ones. There is no point in a Boright page on this site - he already has his own. Thanks for what you do, Andy. I have added some nice photos from Ken Robertson on the Sonny Rabideau page and the Cheshire Fairgrounds page. I have begin adding Boright photos. The first ones went on the Catamount Hurricane Competitors page.

Dec 31 -  HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I will get to the archiving later. I did add the Weekly Blog December 31, 2012, on generations of drivers at Devil's Bowl.

Jan 4 -  Still trying to get to the year - end archiving... no time yet. I heard from Bill Hoffnagle of the very untimely passing of George Morse, at only 61 years of age. A very nice guy and a good racer ! My condolences.

Jan 5 -  Added some photos to the page called Phun Photos. They are just shots I really like, for whatever reason.


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