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July 2  -  We have a new blog :Weekly Blog July 2, 2013 - about the hugely influential racing community centered around the Brandon/Whiting, VT area. Hope to archive soon.

July 4 -  Happy Independence Day ! I am some archiving this month, although the pages are giving me a hard time. I received a great photo of Al Green's 3 and 1/7 Hudson [dark - colored version] from Bob Barber. Thanks Bob.

Courtesy of Bob Barber


July 8 -  We had one helluva scare this past week. I acquired what is called The FBI Virus, which freezes your computer with a message that you have violated federal laws, including child pornography, and will either pay a $300 fine from their convenient payment window or face having your computer destroyed in 48 hrs. I was ripped and not even slightly convinced by this crap. My brother, God bless him,  went into a 12+ hour marathon rescue effort and actually rooted out the virus - something one leading computer repair business could not. If you ever get this crap slipping past your web security, don't give in. They aren't going to destroy the very system they would use to extort money from you. Fight it, and don't pay the bastards. 
    Anyway, this just served to point out the tenuous situation with the website. The computer is aging, as are my programs being used to put out the website. If this computer goes, I will have to go to much newer programs, and I don't know if they will be compatible with the older Microsoft Front Page program I use now. If the site seems to freeze in time for a prolonged period of time - this may be what happened.

July 10 -  Gary Poirier sent me rare, never - before - seen photos of a car driven by his father, Leonard, and his better - known uncle, Bud Poirier. I am not certain which photo shows which man but maybe Gary will see these and let me know. The family numbered the car 5 and referred to it as :The Little One"

July 15 -  We have a new blog :Weekly Blog July 15, 2013, on Moffitt Park Speedway. Sorry it has taken so long. We are currently dealing with setting up a new computer and trying to determine if my old programs are going to work or whether the newer stuff might be compatible.

July 19 -  I have added a huge page that displays photos which Andy Boright has obtained and - in one form or another - shared. Boright has so many, I will have to do at least another page in the future. Often, I don't know who took the shots. If you haven't seen his stuff on social media sites, take a look at the Andy Boright Photo Page I. I have bought another computer, to experiment with while this one still soldiers on. Preliminary work suggests that I may be able to get a program to sue for the site that can stand up to Microsoft's ridiculous Windows 9 operating system.

July 27 -  We have a new blog : Weekly Blog July 27, 2013, on Unity Raceway.


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