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June 2 -  I have added the June 2, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Addison County, Vermont's cantankerous car builder Norm Scarborough. I have also updated the new archives pages. I have finished exhaustive scanning of the Mike Richards collection. I will use this material as I can find time. Although many of the photos are from programs [and therefore not very clear] they are wonderful old items. Thanks again, Mike and Ray. I have also taken a few of the Richards photos and placed them on the Devil's Bowl page. Look for the link at the top entitled "Nostalgic Shots of Fans and Staff". More to come. I also added a newspaper article the Rainbow Ridge Raceway section of the Otter Creek Speedway page.

June 4 -  I realized that the St. Lawrence Valley Speedway page is not in my All - Links Page. It will be from now on. Still scanning the Richards and Byrnes submissions. Great CVRA stuff ! Added the car of Lew Irwin to that page on the St. Lawrence Valley Speedway .

June 7 -  I have started the Mike Richards Photos page, which will ultimately be somewhat larger. Mike had many clippings, some of which will go on my clippings page, and some which will go on his page.

June 11 -  I have added the June 11, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Clarence "Cornfield" Rock, a Chittenden County, Vermont driver from the 1950's.

June 13 -  I have finished the Mike Richards Photos page. Many of his clippings will eventually end up on the clippings page.

June 18 -  I have added the June 18, 2012 Weekly Blog, on Harold "Hardluck" Hanaford, a New Hampshire, Vermont driver from the 1950's and 60's.

June 24 -  I have added the June 24, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Triangle Racing Association, a  1950's racing sanctioning and promotion group. Sorry most of the updates to the site, lately, have been blogs. I am trying to deal with a huge influx of new materials, trying to keep up with work around the place, and I have been lucky enough to attend a large number of races this month. Ya never know what the weather will be like in subsequent weeks.

June 25 -  I have added a Phil Butler Photos page, after his kind permission to photograph many entries in his albums.


Ladabouche Photo

June 26 -  I have added 2 photos to the Phil Butler Photos page. Check out the shot above of Butch Elms and Mike Richards. What else would ya talk about at Devil's Bowl besides cattle and race cars ? Below - Two shots of Carleton Hughes: One, [walking towards camera] at Airborne last week  helping the Tremonts; and one in the late 60's at the Valley [looks like he had inherited Steve Danish's sponsor]. In my last series, we see a progression of former Wes Moody wrench man Fran Kane - from quite young to last season. Finally, I added a few to my  Me and page.

Ladabouche Photo

John Grady Photo


Bob Mackey Photo
A very young Fran contemplates the odd - looking Studebaker he and Denton Dow built for Rod Ritchie and Dick Nephew to share.

Courtesy of Phil Butler
Fran and Denton Dow, at work for Wes Moody.

Moody Family Photo
A young Andy Kane appears to be trying to protect Fran
from Wes Moody. Perhaps that wasn't a bad idea.


Courtesy of Phil Butler
Fran, still active at the race track in his 70s, listens in on the
confab with Andy Costello, Wes, and Patrick Dupree.

July 1 -  I have added the July 1, 2012 Weekly Blog, on the Schenectady Gazette. I will update archives later.


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