Lou Lazzaro

         I tend to say that Lou Lazzaro's career started with the Maugeri bunch. This group was a bunch of young Italian guys from Utica, NY operating out of Vinnie Maugeri's Esso gas station on Bleeker Street. The station was home to a number of Utica stock cars, mostly all flying the maroon and white colors of Utica's Proctor High School and all sharing something to do with the number 4. One of the youngest of this bunch was a hulking teenage named Louie Lazzaro, who by virtue of already having a receding hairline and considerable size, could pass for much older than he was.

       I always loved that high school connection because I went to Proctor High School in Proctor, VT [slightly smaller,. no doubt] and we had the same school colors. It is not very arguable that Lou Lazzaro could be coinsidered the best stock car racer to come out of New York. Lou Lazzaro, the younger * feels that Lou's career centered around three key cars while Peter Lazzaro says it's more like five cars. To be honest, I  don't know the third key car. I would hazard a guess it's the one L&R built, but I don't know what the car looks like. At any rate, the man could race on any surface, any track configuration, and was - therefore - one of thebest to be in the All Star Stock Car Racing League from 1967 - 1973.

       For the longest time, I held the opinion that cars from this Utica group once went on a tour or sorts, running in Rutland, VT in 1951 and at Beech Ridge Speedway in Maine. The cars had rthe same colors, they had numbers centering around 4, and the drivers really looked Italian. Young Lou is insistent that the group never traeled that far nor used Fords as race cars in that era; so, I guess I'm wrong there.


From the Fonda History Book

From the Fonda History Book

Sitting at Brookfield Speedway with early team cars. Lou is on the roof of the car 46 with white tee shirt.

Courtesy of Midstate Club
A very rare shot of Bill Brunschmitt, at Brookfield, giving the rookie Lou Lazzaro a rough initiation.

MVRCA Site Photo
This photo gives evidence of the tremendous progress Lazzaro made in a short time at Fonda. This
is a shot of some of the biggest stars of 1962. and Lou is profoundly younger than the other three. With
the helmet covering the balding head - he really looks it. Steve Danish and Jim Luke were other FOnda
stars much older than Lou, as was Ken Shoemaker.


Rutland  Herald Photo
This car looks a lot like a Utica car. Having
won one of the first races
at Pico Raceway, the driver is a mystery.


MVRCA Site Photo
This is probably a similar car to the Pico entry, if not the same. He has taken down catch fence at Beech Ridge.

John Grady Photo
Apparently one of the first cars ever.

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
The 3 window coupe,
said to be rthe first maroon 4

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
A group shot from
the first Fonda win. 

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
A finish line shot from
the first Fonda win. 

John Grady Photo
Lou, at maybe U - Rome, around
1960 with an odd, mostly -
white 3 window coupe. I would
have thought that car was
maybe this color before going to
mostly maroon.

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
The 3 window coupe, with the
established color scheme and the
familiar Mercury tow car.


Courtesy of Ron Wetzler.

Lou, with Mrs. Lazzaro. This car
is what I believe is young Lou's *
first key career car [and my
particular favorite]. Note the Frank's
Speed Shop tee shirt.
Lazzaro Family Site Photo
A very early shot, judging from
the Mercury car .

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Lou, in conversation with
starter Johnny Tellini and
then - Airborne Promoter
Gaston Desmarais in 1964.

Source Unknown
A win at Utica - Rome.


John Grady Photo
Lou seemed to see a
lot of the track clowns.

Herbert Family Photo

Source Unknown
You'd think he was
a big buck operation,
to look at him here
at Fonda.

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
A color shot from
1960 with the more
usual 5 window car -
likely young Lou's* first
key career car.

Source Unknown
Probably 1964,
judging from the
Corey Studebaker
in background.

Ladabouche Photo
Towing into Fonda in 1963.
Blackie is watching the kids
while the Italian Stallion raise
 hell out the back window of the Mercury.

Courtesy of Bill Fifield
Lou , with the famous
Steve Danish six banger
in the background.

Source Unknown
Towing into Fonda.

Jakes Site Photo
via HAMB

Lou, in a Fulton Speedway
lineup with Dave Lape 22,
Sonny Seamon 18, and
the Trinkhaus 62. The
legendary Jim Shampine
is in the 8 Ball.

Coastal 181 Photo
NE Vintage Mod Site
Lou sits next to
Rene Charland, in the midst of
the latter's four - year national
championship run.  I doubt
he was all that impressed.


Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Lou running at Airborne
in the '60's.

Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of Bill Fifield.
Lou's cars pretty looked
the same for a number
of years. This is typical.

Courtesy of  "Monks Fan"
A really attractive
older - style upright
sportsman coupe -
around 1962ish.

John Grady Photo
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Might be Victoria.

Frank Simek Photo
A pose with a coupe
used at least sometimes
for dirt.
Frank Simek Photo
A Fonda pose.
Frank Simek Photo
Another Simek shot
{obviously] - probably
under caution.
Danish Family Photo
A gigantic trophy
presented by Mr.

John Grady Photo
One of dozens of wins.
But this is at Victoria.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Another Victory Lane
 - ho hum.

Ladabouche Collecton
My personal favorite. First one
I had of Lou with Troup.

Shany Lorenzent Photo
via dave Dykes

Another Victory Lane
this time thought to be
at Stafford Springs.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
If I understand correctly.
this dog here is Troup,
Jr. Bianco's dog. Blackie
came later on.
Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of  Edw. B. Brown III

Another good shot of career key
car * 1.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
Another good shot captures one of
the 4 crew. A rare glimpse of Lou
Christopher's 13 behind.
Gater Racing News Photo
A concerned Lou, stopped by the
scary Wimble fire at Syracuse.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
Early racing shirts.
Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of Dave Dykes.
Lou flying checkers at
Victoria with that first
key car*.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
A kind of a arare shot with no
Maugeri or Lazzaro ad in the
white wave. Maybe fresh
body work.

Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
A shot of Fonda Victory Lane,
mobbed by fans.

Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
One of those typical 1960's
racing pins.
Courtesy of  Jerry Christian
Apage from some 1960's
race program.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
The 1960 version behind
thefamilar Mercury.
Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
The newer  2* key career modified
when apparently quite new. I think this
one would get the fuel injection later.

Bob Hunter Photo
aid to be a win at Five Mile Point. Jeez, folks why dontacha mob the guy !?
Bob Hunter Photo
Beating out Merv Treichler at Monroe County Speedway in 1965.
Joe Cryan Photo
This could be the beginning of
young Lou's 2nd key* car [and he one
 that would become infamous as the
ugly coupe later].
  It's definitely lower.

Courtesy of  Joe Cryan
The coupe when it was still
in pretty good shape,
body - wise, at Nazareth.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Don't know much about the
color variation or the
number variation. Could have
been when he had both a
modified and sportsman
at Fonda simultaneously.
It's at the Valley here.
Source Unknown
More of the strange blue 4X.

Courtesy of  Joe Dowling
A coupe win before it became a three window.
Frank Simek Photo
Car at left when a
little less used.

Ladabouche Collection
This slightly water -
damaged shot is from
1970, when Fonda first
went fuel - injected.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Another beauty.

John Grady Photo
via HAMB

Hard to place the year.

Dick Lingle Photo
off  Three Wide Site

More creative body work.

Courtesy of  Dan Lazzaro
The beginning of
the ratty coupe era.

Lazzaro Family Item
The "big money" Fonda
special races saved
Lou's racing team.


Lazzaro Family Item

An article from early in career.

Gater Racing News
The modified at Syracuse
in 1973, giving Gerald
Chamberlain fits.

Lazzaro Family Item
Just another pretty boy
with a fancy car.
Donald Steates Photo
Gater Racing News

is wreck might have started
the battered coupe era.


Courtesy of Dave Dykes
One ugly modified.

Courtesy of Ed Feuz Collection
Yet another Fonda win with
the 2* coupe.
  Somewhere along the
line he got of trying ro maintain the
five window coupe body line.

Source Unknown
Unknown track,
familiar car.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Louie, buckling up
at Lebanon Valley.

Source Unknown
Similar car, but
likely later than one
at left.

Lazzaro Family Photo
Blackie soaking up
attention in one of
the coupes.

Source Unknown
Someone is building
a tribute car.

Source Unknown
1970 - Langhorne or
Source Unknown
This is the period when he just let the body go I have a feeling he was racing too many times a week to bother.

Courtesy of Midstate Cluib
Lou, at Langhorne, parked next
to the Dave McCredy team.
Courtesy of Ed Flemke,. Com
Leaning on that injected beast
he drove for years.

Courtesy of EdFlemke.Com
Battered coupe era: Ugly car , but beautiful performance.

From Lou Lazzaro, Jr, Dan Lazzaro, or Peter Lazzaro. Unless Otherwise Stated

Courtesy of  Dave Dyles
In a borrowed early
Richie Evans car, at
Utica - Rome.

Lazzaro Family Item
John Grady Photo

More Lancer. 

Lazzaro Family Item
A Lancer - bodied mod
supposedly built by
Sonny Seamon.
Source Unknown
1973  At Shangri - La
with Blackie and the Valiant.
Courtesy of The Bullfather
In the Jerry Rose car at
Islip's final race.
Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the post 1984

Coastal 181 Collection
Blackie, looking ignored,
guarding the Gremlin.

Jakes Site Artwork
The Gremlin. 

Source Unknown
Trying out the Rose
93 at Thompson.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
The Gremlin, at
Lebanon Valley.

Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984

Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984
era. Roofless race,

From HAMB Site
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984

From Greybeard Gil
Louie and Blackie

From Dan Lazzaro
Lou and one of his
last cars.
Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984
era with the Walt
Schwinning chassis.
Bob Zeller Photo
Gater Racing News

Gil Cramer 70 Permatex
car, wrenched by Cam Gagliardi and driven here by Lou.

Lazzaro Family Item
Lou had his chance in the
well - used Cramer/Gagliardi
Pontiac, driven by many NY
drivers at Daytona.

Courtesy of Dale Dallessandro
A newer modified
from the post 1984
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Louie actually managed to
wad up the Dick Bennett
Bernie's Liquor Shop 71
at Fonda one night when his
car was down.
Courtesy of Earthlink.Net
Lou with another earlier roofless
run whatcha brung entry
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Lou at Daytona with the
Cramer 70.
Courtesy of Earthlink.Net
At speed with a Gremlin.


1968, 1971 Champion

Courtesy of John P. Avery
Winning a RiversidePark All Star League race against Fred Desarro.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
One of Lou's ASL
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Lancaster Speedway ASL program.

Courtesy of Dick Tanner
Showing Reutimann around Fonda at an All Star League race.
Courtesy of  Lazzaro Family
1971 All Star League champ.
He got that honor twice.

Photo From ASL Program
Lou Lazzaro -

Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Larry Mendelssohn ASL program.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
1971 ASL champ. There is less
reference to the `1st ASL title
in 1968.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
A different Lou Lazzaro
 ASL   helmet. Trackstar
 instead of McHal
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
1971 ASL champ.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro Family
Lou Lazzaro leads will Cagle at an All Star League show.

Russ Bergh Photo
From the Ladabouche Collection - Gater Racing News Photo 
By 1968 Lou was in the Fonda drivers' photo .

Source Unknown
Lou Lazzaro ASL Portraits


Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro Family
Lou in another Fonda drivers' photo .

Ladabouche Photo
Lou Lazzaro
showing up at
the 1972 Catamount
ASL show.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Lou with a Fonda ASL win.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Louie with one of his many ASL victories.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family

Lou's dog Blackie steals the show during ASL introductions somewhere. 
Joe Cryan Photo
Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro

       Lazzaro at Nazareth.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
Louie with a Malta ASL victory with Big Bob O'Rourke and track promoter Harry Hebenstreit.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family

Lou Lazzaro leads Richie Evans during his championship year. 
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
All Star League champion Lou Lazzaro sports an ASL T-shirt.
Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
     Lou with the Jerry Rose at
 an ASL pavement race.
Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Lazzaro sometimes appeared at pavement shows in Jerry Rose's Pinto.

Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
By the way, Louie won the  ASL crown. 
Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
           Lou featured on
an ASL poster.

Courtesy of Lou Lazarro
Louie, with his Valiant and the ASL helmet.

From Lou Lazzaro, Jr,. Unless Otherwise Stated 

Frank Simek Photo
A Fonda portrait.


Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
Lou's dear friend Junior Bianco
with Troup, his dog [often mislabeled as Lou's Blackie]

Lazzaro Family Item
Pietro Lazzaro, Lou's

father and namesake for Peter,

I am sure.

From Ron Wetzler
A rare shot of Lou
with his wife.
Courtesy of Dave Mariano, Sr.
Catching a a moment's peace
in the puits somewhere..
Russ Bergh Portrait
Courtesy of Blackjack Racing

Russ Bergh's portrait for Victoria Speedway's entry in the
Cavalcade of Auto Racing.

Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
At an unknown track, with
Richie Evans and another
man whose face I can't see.
From Main Menu - Tripod
A nice portrait with Blackie.

Courtesy of Lazzaro Family
A very young Louie, with
a full head of hair !

Gater Racing News Photo
This is  in that ugly car era. The photo makes me wonder why Utica - Rome never went for an All Star League team. Sister track, Albany - Saratoga always did.

Courtesy of Lazzaro Family

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