aka Golden Spur Speedway

Source Unidentified
The property was once known as Camp Joe Hooker, in honor of the Union general in the Civil War, Joseph "Fightin' Joe" Hooker, who briefly
was commander of all Union forces in the East. The location was used as a training ground, apparently. [See Below]

Worth Point Site Photo

The Golden Spur name supposedly came from some sort of business establishment that was on site before the race track.
I don't know when the oval was actually put there. It may have been a fairgrounds track.

Source Unidentified
This might be left from the reunion. The graphics and the vinyl banner were less common when the track was actually open.

Urban Planet Photo
Two aerials of Lakeville [Golden Spur] Speedway, as it lay dormant for several years.

Google Earth Photo via Image Shack


Scott Kazan Photo
Turns 3 and 4

Scott Kazan Photo
More 3 and 4

Scott Kazan Photo

Scott Kazan Photo
catch fence

Scott Kazan Photo
Front stretch
catch fence

Scott Kazan Photo
Flag stand
Scott Kazan Photo
Out of two to
the backstretch

Scott Kazan Photo
Turn 2, back
toward one

Scott Kazan Photo
Looking down the
front stretch

Scott Kazan Photo
turn four


Yankee Racer 134 Photo
Probably after the
reunion had
restored the track
a bit

Yankee Racer 134 Photo
Different angle
on flag stand

Yankee Racer 134 Photo
Likely, backstretch

Yankee Racer 134 Photo
Part of the
retaining wall,
[not getting any



Dick Berggren Collection via Dave Dykes
The typical eclectic nature of Lakeville racing sees Dr. Dick Berggren's supermod moving under Dick Hansen in Bruce Carmen's standard stock car sedan.

Lew Boyd Collection via Dave Dykes
Lew Boyd, at speed with the former Lee Hendrickson sedan at Lakeville. Boyd used the number 181 in honor
of Pepper Eastman, a popular driver from Madison, NY who was killed in a freak accident at Fonda.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Fred DeSarro tried out Pat Doherty's coupe at Lakeville.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
The great Gen Bergin tries out Len Thrall's midget at Lakeville, some time in the track's earlier days. Anybody know what the deal was with those helmet with the stars ? They aren't All Star League helmets that I know of. I don't know if this midget is, in any way, tied to the family of NEAR President Al Fini, who was from the Springfield area. I thought his family were all turf farmers.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
An early field of midgets at Lakeville from the forties or fifties, before the track went to stock cars, apparently.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Gomer Taylor suddenly flips his sedan in front of the stands. Many in the crowd have not even had time to react yet.

Courtesy of George Caruso
One of the old supers that
would often get into the races
at Lakeville

Courtesy of Glen Tavares
This shows the assortment of cars
 that would often get into the races
at Lakeville

Courtesy of Glen Tavares
A great shot that gives
you a feeling for the
atmosphere and setting
of the Lakeville track

Courtesy of Yankee Racer 134
Supposedly an early entry at Lakeville

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
This is one of the most iconic photos of Lakeville - a modified start in the latter years.

Courtesy of Glen Tavares
Like most tracks, great and small in that era, Lakeville had no idea what to do with a big fire. Look at em' scatter !

Courtesy of Yankee Racer 134
A happy Victory Lane scene at Lakeville - no idea who these people are.

Courtesy of Glen Tavares
A wonderful aerial shot of Lakeville on a racing afternoon.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Another shot of Lew Boyd, in action.

Boyd Collection Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Nice coupe, Finch - er, Lew.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
The ever - popular Johnny Richmond leads the highly - regarded Dick Hansen as fans climb on cars to watch. Is that a muffler on
Richmond's exhaust pipes ?

Lakeville seemed to be popular with drivers and teams close to Rhode Island. Warwick's Rounds used the track as his last stand, so to speak.

Courtesy of Don Rounds, Jr.
This shows the stark contrast
of cars on the Lakeville track.
Rounds has the same 101
coupe he had run in the late
1950's, and he is avoiding
a spinning "supermod".

Courtesy of Don Rounds, Jr.
Someone had Rounds
drive this car at Lakeville.
It is likely a former
Tattersall Grand
American car.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
His family largely associated
with Seekonk, which was
nearly in Rhode Island,
Deke Astle became a
regular favorite at Lakeville.

Cavalcade of Auto Racing Photo
Johnny Richmond was
from Peacedale, RI

Historic Aerials. Com
A view of Lakeville from 1971. Anyone know what the oval on the right was ?

Historic Aerials. Com
Lakeville, as it looked in 2005 before the semi - restoration for the 2012 reunion.

Boyd Collection via Dave Dykes
The Boyds, enjoying a day out at scenic Lakeville. I bet that shirt is worth something now.

Courtesy of Mike Parenteau
Dave Alkas, a regular at Lakeville

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