Ken Shoemaker Beaver Dragon Don Wayman Sonny Rabideau Johnny Gammell
Irv Taylor Vince Quenneville Sr      

        It seems like some guys never preferred to own the car they were racing [or maybe they couldn't afford it]. At any rate, there has been a number of hired guns who had particularly long careers driving for car owners; and, maybe that was because they didn't burn nearly the midnight oil that their counterparts did who were preparing their own cars weekly. I can bring to mind a few of these guys now, but I could always listen to suggestions for others. My limited travel schedule, especially in my younger years, does not allow me to know a ton of such drivers.


Photo From Cavalcade of Auto Racing

      I don't know if Ken Shoemaker ever bothered to drive his own equipment. His book notwithstanding, I cannot possibly show all his rides here, and I won't even try. It is arguable that Shoemaker was the poster child for Northeastern drivers - for - hire. Something about that name... Schumacher in drag racing and in Formula One; it's all the same name.


Fonda Book
Corey, Jr. Collection

Supposedly Pete Corey
and Kenny shared this,
their first car.

Shoemaker Family
Ken and Cliff LaRose,
with Cliff's "Fire1" -
out of Whitehall, NY.

Vogel Family

Ken , at Pico Raceway
in Rutland, VT in 1951.
This is his first stint
Ted Vogel.


Vogel Family
Ken and owner/driver
Ted Vogel, Sr. made up
a potent 1950's team for
a few years.

Vogel Family Photos
Ken went on to
Ted Vogel's 95 coupe before Ted decided he
was too hard on the equipment, as evidenced
by the Fonda wreck below.


Courtesy of Dan Ody
Ken took the ordinarily -
Red Knoblauch
13NY for a few good
rides in the mid '50's.

Courtesy of Jo Towns
 via Otto Graham

Ken spent some time
in the
Sam Kittler/Gibby Wolfe 37. Here he wins
at Fonda.

Ladabouche Collection
Ken, with the same
number 37 - now owned
A.C. Caprara.

Source Unknown
Ken drove a bit
Allie Swears
of Glens Falls. I have only this little photo.

Vintage Modified Site
Id'd as 1956; but it
looks ,more like the
Chris Drellos or
Henry Caputo years 1959-63. He started with the unique Hudson Falls owner, Henry Caputo.

Ladabouche Collection
Shoe's first Caputo car,
the 3 window 111a. This one was never as good
as his eventual, familiar


John Grady Photo
The newly - built
111.This car would
carry Ken to dozens
of wins with Caputo and, later, Drellos.

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham

The 111. Note the
Caputo "innovations":
roof flaps for Lebanon
Valley and a brake light.

Bob Mackey Photo
via Mike Watts, Sr.

The Caputo 111 -
fresh and new.

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Ken chats with Charlie Trombley behind the trailered Caputo 111 -
at Airborne.

Ladabouche Collection
The Caputo team was sold to Chris Drellos, of Smith's Basin, NY. Here Ken and the familiar 111 strike a jaunty pose as another Fonda feature is won.


Ladabouche Photo
The Drellos 111 -
after a win at
Otter Creek Speedway,
Waltham, VT.

|Ladabouche Collection
One of many Fonda wins
in the Drellos 111.

John Grady Photo
As did everyone else
in the Fonda racing world,
Shoe raced the
Frank Trinkhaus 62.

John Grady Photo
via Dan Ody

Arguably Ken's best
ride was the
Cliff Wright /
Ron Zautner
24 NY. This was
the first version, taking over from Don Wayman.

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham

The most potent Wright car was this pavement version, later driven by Don MacTavish.

Glen Eckel Photo
HAMB Website

Rival and friend, Pete Corey, occasionally got
Ken into one of his potent modifieds.

Bob MackeyPhoto
via Mike Watts, Sr.

Right after the 24,
Ken spent some time
Bill Fowler's 27Jr -
towards the end of that
team's life.


Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham

Ken did a cameo
appearance in one
of the
Joe Romano

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Shoe did a stint
Jeff McWalker's
81A. It might have
been an old Romano


Courtesy of
Arnie Ainsworth

Ken drove modifieds for
this Massachusetts team.
The car were always called
"Little Susie" but I can't
recall the owner.

Courtesy of
Arnie Ainsworth

Different car; same

Courtesy of Otto Graham
The first Leto ride -
at the Valley.

Courtesy of
Arnie Ainsworth

Ken drove modifieds for
Joe Leto, definitely his
most flamboyant owner.
A very successful team.

Courtesy of
Arnie Ainsworth

Ken in Vic Lane with
Joe Leto.

Found on the Web
Ken drove the famous
Bob Judkins 2X -
after Ed Flemke.

Courtesy of
Dave Roode

This is what that
first Judkins car
looked like.

Source Unknown
A brief stint in the
Broderick Jay Lin 40.
His future
Leto ride is in the

From the Shoe Book
Ken drove a number
 of other cars,. too many
for me to deal with. I
's Gremlin
to be the most
significant of the other rides.

Ladabouche Photo
His plaque at the Hall of fame in Weedsport, NY



Dragon Family Collection

      Harmon "Beaver" Dragon drove almost every type of stock car there was to try. As far as I can tell, he did not directly own any of them. he may have chipped in on some of his earlier rides; but there was always someone with deeper pockets to help out. Beaver is a good friend and a great driver, coming from that era where all it takes is some tlent and arich father to become a big star.


Bourgeois Family Collection
Beaver had Johnny Bourgeois as a second
father, of sorts and an early car owner. Here is Beaver's first [highly illegal] race car, and Bourgeois daughter, Jackie.


Dragon Family
The next car, an
equally - tricked - up
54 Ford, still had a
lot of Johnny's

Dragon  Family

Beaver's first sportsman coupe, still owned largely by Bourgeois. He upset a field of prominent modifieds with this car
in 1966.


Dragon Family
Ernie Preiss built this Falcon sportsman for Beaver and Johnny. It lasted until he ran it at Lebanon Valley.

Dragon Family Photo
Beaver drove a Flying Tiger division car for the ownership team of George Blake and Ray Devarney.


Ladabouche Collection
After a falling out with Catamount management, Beaver went down to Devil's Bowl and drove this sportsman for  Ray Richards. The body came off Beaver's first Catamount coupe.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Another version of the
Blake/Devarney Ford.

Catamount Program Photo
Upon returning to Catamount from the D Bowl exile, he tried this potent, but heavy Ford for a few weeks. Owner: Paul Norton.

Dragon Family
When D Bowl paved, he
ran another Richards
coupe for a season.


Dragon Family
At Airborne.

Catamount Program Photo
Milton neighbors and friends, Paul Robar and Herb Everest bought the
Pelletier & Falzarano 51NH to put Beaver in a competitive ride. It didn't bear much fruit.


Dragon Family
When the bought car did not work out, the same Milton group built Beaver this Chevelle, which was

Dragon Family
When the 1964 Chevelle began to show age, the same Milton group bought Beaver this Chevelle from Bobby Allison.

Dragon Family
When the Northern NASCAR circuit began to really up the technology, the Robar/Everest group
went out and bought
a Mike Laughlin chassis

Dragon Family
Beaver's made a cameo
appearance in
Bobby Giroux's back-up car,
his old '57 Chevy.


Dragon Family Photos
Beaver's drove 2
stints for Maine's
Dick Bahre - with
the superspeedway


Dragon Family
Beaver's relationship
with the Milton owners
ended with the sale of the Laughlin car to Pete Silva.
Beaver went on to drive
fro NH owner

Quint Boisvert

Ladabouche Collection
Boisvert fielded one
of Beaver's most famed
rides, the Black Magic.

Beaver tries out
's Gremlin
on the dirt.

Dragon Family
Boisvert ended up
dropping Beaver in favor
of Chuck Bown, who
came in with a huge
Skoal sponsorship. Beaver tried driving this car for
Roger Chadore.
the car was dreadful.


Dragon Family
 Beaver finally landed back on hnis feet when the
Maine - based
Deering brothers hired him to drive their cars. Here, he has a strong sponsorship from
Barre, VT's Rossi Buick.

Dragon Family
Bobby Miller came along
and lured Beaver away
from the Deerings. His New England Air Systems
cars were also top

Dragon Family
Miller eventually sold
his team to
Skip Farrell,
the area's big Pepsi
bottler. This would be arguably the best deal Beaver ever had.

Dragon Family
Farrell provided Beaver with every imaginable
means of winning,
including the hot item
of the mid 80's - the six banger.

Courtesy of Mike Cain
Beaver's most infamous crash came in a Farrell - owned "plastic car" at
Catamount's final race.

Dragon Family
After Farrell, I no longer know all his car owners, despite writing the book. The first new owner to step forward was VT contractor
Dick Kingsbury, who bought his team a Port City car that Beaver says is one of the best he ever had.

Dragon Family
The Kingsbury car had
many sponsor
arrangements. Here,
the next owner,
Harrison Concrete, appears as
a co-sponsor in the Kingsbury era.

Dragon Family
The Harrison Concrete deal
became the
Harrison / Fielding Team, which spared few expenses to
support their hero.

Dragon Family
When Harrison wanted
out of the sport, Beaver
was saved by a
surprising person. he
Tom Curley
bought the car and
called the team
MGM Racing.

Dragon Family
After Farrell, I no longer know all his car owners, despite writing the book. One of his post - Port City owners was Peru, NY's
Dick Nephew.

Dragon Family
Beaver spent a
somewhat frustrating
season in the Busch Grand National North circuit
Tom Pease.

Dragon Family
Somewhere, along
the line, Beaver spent
an enjoyable season
running in Quebec
with this car, for
Denis LaChance.

Dragon Family
Rodney Weed, a
former crew chief
of Beaver's, was one
of Dragon's last
car owners.

Dragon Family
Beaver's last car owner was his son,
Brent Dragon. He ran a LM at Airborne and
ended up wrecking.



Photo From Conde & Parry Site

      Don Wayman started out racing near his native Cobleskill, NY at tracks such as Richfield Springs and Sharon Speedways. He raced at the fairgrounds in Morris, as well. I did not see him until I went to Fonda, and he was driving one of the Cliff Wright cars, along with Howie Westervelt. Wayman did own his own car, at first, but that car was demolished in one of Fonda's worst wrecks [also involving Jerry Jerome and Doc Blanchard]. Wayman, like Shoemaker, drove for more owners than I care to keep track of - but that sheer number is testiment to the respect with which he was regarded.


Courtesy of Otto Graham
Don Wayman was his own first car owner. The car wrecked at Fonda was
much like this one.

Fonda Book Fuez Collection
Don and Jerry Jerome
tangled in a feature,
bringing an end to
Wayman's car ownership
and Jerry's career.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVDe
Don took his car
to Langhorne in
the 1950's.

Conde & Parry Site

Don , at a local speedway
in the 1950's. The
owner is unknown.


Courtesy of Otto Graham
Early in the career. This
is the
Harold Betts {Bugs
Bunny] car. Betts was
a Cobleskill neighbor.


Courtesy of Dan Ody

Don could wreck a car when he put his mind
to it. Here, he has
put an end to one of
his first owner's cars -
Cliff Wright.

John Grady Photo
As did almost everyone else,
Don spent time in the
Dick Bennett 71, the Bernie's
Liquor Shop car.


Courtesy of Mike Russo
Another Dick Bennett

Mel Ogden Photo
Don spent some time in this rig at Midstate Speedway, Morris, NY. I don't know who owned it.

Ladabouche Collection
Happier days in the Wright/
cars. A heat win
at Fonda.

Ladabouche Collection
Happier days in the
Wright/ Zautner cars. This car was a rocket. It ended
up as Ken Shoemaker's
highly - successful ride.


Conde & Parry Site
Don did a few stints
Frank Trinkhaus
cars. This was
the earliest.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
A later version of
the 62.

Conde & Parry Site
One of the last Trinkhaus
entries: a fuel - injected
mod. Soon after, Frank
gave up after a couple
of disastrous mishaps
with Lee Millington.

Joe Cryan Photo
3 Wide Vault Site

Wayman, at Langhorne,
maybe. Another of
Frank's odd cage


John Grady Photo
With the famed
Smith & Sons Jewelers
sedan - supposedly
Sam Smith's car.

Conde & Parry Site
Wayman drove for Godfrey Wentzel in his sedans.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Wayman drove for Russ Betz . Here is the less
familiar Betz sedan.

Courtesy of Steve Judd
Wayman briefly drove for Russ Betz . Here is the more familiar Betz coupe.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Somewhere, along this time, Wayman drove for Wally Albro in the 9NH -
a car more famiiar in
my neck of the woods.

Conde & Parry Site
Wayman probably drove for Rene Charland. This car, built by Charland and Rosner, was
all over the asphalt racing
world in 1970 - or so.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Don with a Jay Lin
Paul Brauer - owned car from Massachusetts.

Conde & Parry Site
This one really looks
like a Jay-Lin car. The
team was associated
with Charland.


Conde & Parry Site
Maybe the same as
the 3 car above.

John Grady Photo
Even Southern New
Sharkey Gaudiosi gave Don
a try.



Photo From NEAR Website

      Moran "Sonny" Rabideau may not have often been his own car owner; but, he was a consummate machinist, at Angell Automotive in his home town of Brattleboro, VT. Getting started at the Brattleboro Speedway, in nearby West Brattleboro, VT, Rabideau had his most famous moments driving a cutdown for Stroker Smith. He did, however, manage a long career with multiple owners.


Courtesy of Joe Crowley
 His brother, Homer Rabideau was his  first car owner. The car was an
evil - handling affair. In
this shot at Brattleboro,
he [Car 7] leads Smith's
311, in which he would
become legendary.


Courtesy of Ken Robertson
Another family car
#7, I assume. From the
four feature winner
 stickers, I  would say it was a better car.

Ladabouche Collection
Sonny was noticed by
the prominent DN3
group out of North
Adams, MA. and drove
for them at Keene.

urtesy of Paul Zampieri
When Sonny teamed
up with
Frank "Stroker" Smith, of Keene, NH, the
team became almost
unbeatable - for years.


Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
One of the most
familiar car / driver
combos in the history
of Northeast racing.


Cavalcade of Auto Racing

The next car owner was Sonny Rabideau. He
found himself without a
ride in 1965; so, he
bought the #333 of
pal, Leo Vaillancourt.


Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
Rabideau drove cars
Leo Vallancourt, on
and off, for years.


John Grady Photo
Sonny, in Leo
V's pavement car
at Devil's Bowl 1970.


Ladabouche Collection
With a typical
Vallancourt dirt


Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Sonny, at some point,
returned to Claremont
to run a newer 311 - probably his.


Courtesy of Kristin F. King
This shot shows
Frank Smith was
back as car owner.

Ladabouche Photo
Sonny, in 2006,
with Terry Marks'
restoration of his
most famous car.

Ladabouche Photo
Sonny, in 2006,
with fellow star
Don Rounds - at
Swanzey, NH.



Norman McIver Photo From Cho Lee

      St Johnsbury Center, Vermont's Johnny Gammell was not only a Champion on several levels during his career, but he was a consummate gentleman and one of the most popular men to ever walk the pits at tracks such as Northeastern Speedway, Thunder Road, and Catamount Stadium. Gammell, who occasionally did field a car of his own in the early days, drove for a large number of car owners. Perhaps his best success was with the 32 of Gordon Fitzgerald, who was also a founder of Catamount.


Courtesy of  Ken Paulsen
 This marvel of race engineering was his first car, built for him by  Ken Fenoff . It was likely run at such places as Webster Flats, Lyndonville and other early '50's ovals.

Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
Reported to be his 2nd
car, I don't know who owned it.
Courtesy of Cho Lee

I have no idea whose car
this 54 is; but, it is one of
his earlier cars.

Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
The 99 of Phil Badger
was his 1960 ride at Northeastern.

Courtesy of Mark Austin
On the starting grid at Northeastern beside Ronnie Marvin with t
he 99 of Phil Badger.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
One of the most
cars for John was the Charles Ely 88, shown here at Northeastern.

Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
Another 88 of Chas. Ely.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
Another 88 of Chas. Ely -
hauled in on a U Haul
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the Charles Ely
car. He had at least one
title with this car.
Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Mike Watts, Sr.

With the Charles Ely
car at the Colchester - Bayview Speedway in Colchester, VT. The flagger
is Bucky Barlow.
Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
The 91 car. Unknown

Courtesy of Mark Austin
Under caution at Northeastern.
Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
The 91 car in action at T Road. It is supposedly a Plymouth.

Courtesy of Mark Austin
Bad luck at Barre.
Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
Gammell also drove this
65 car. Not sure of the owner there either . Johnny is leading brother, Dick, at Northeastern here. 
Courtesy of Cho Lee
A win with this
65 car.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the Gordon Fitzgerald
32 car.
Courtesy of Ken Paulsen
The Fitzgerald car. He had at its home base. 
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the Gordon Fitzgerald
32 car. He had   lot of
success with this car.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With 32 owner Gordon Fitzgerald in Victory Lane somewhere. 
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the departure of Gordon Fitzgerald promoter C.J. Richards is said to have provided this 32 car.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
John would drive almost anything if you asked him to.  I think this was a B Class car - probably at Northeastern.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the Bill White
4 B Class Studebaker car.
I think this after White had had the wreck at T Road and decided racing wasn't for him anymore.

Courtesy of Doug Farrow
With the Joey LaQuerre
HAWAII 5-0 car. The former GT-1, this was the last decent ride Johnny had.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Dick Blake's crew delivering a wrecked Hawaii 5-0 to the LaQuerre pits.
Courtesy of Doug Farrow
A happy moment with the Joey LaQuerre Hawaii 5-0 gig. That's Johnny and Joan, with a very young Cho Lee peeking over Joan's shoulder to the left.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Somberly walking away after  dumping LaQuerre's Hawaii 5-0. he may have suspected another quality ride was not inthe future.
Courtesy of Rich Palmer
With the Gil Rhoades
25 Ford, at Barre. This began the substandard rides in the Flying Tiger division at end of his career.
Ladabouche Collection
Hancock, Vt's Paul Norton
would this former Flying Tiger to try out as  Limited Sportsman in 1970. Johnny was his first driver.
Courtesy of Rich Palmer
 Paul Norton
returned with a newly - built Ford in 1971. The car was too high and drove like a tank. Johnny gave up on  it after a week or two.
Ladabouche Photo
The Paul Norton team came back in 1972 with this sweet Fairlane 500, complete with Holman and Moody power. But it still didn't handle, and Johnny had enough, retiring.
Courtesy of Chris Companion
Johnny felt somewhat vimdicated when the likes of Clem Despault [shown above], Beaver Dragon, Larry Demar, and Del Thompson had no better luck. We're not dumping on Norton here, hey gave it their all.
The just finished Paul Norton Fairlane at Spring practice
in 1972 - high hopes !
Courtesy of Andy Boright
John did race the Mini Stock of Suzanne LeGault [probably so he could race with son, Harry].
Courtesy of Cho Lee
John got to share the podium in the minis with Harry [center] and future VT Racing Commissioner Randy Therrien.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Johnny was often seen at
Catamount and T Road. here he drives the pace car with Catamount employee Neoma Paquette. Note  the name of the track here.
Ladabouche Photo
John never missed a chance to be at a racing reunion, if he felt well enough at Barre.



Frank Simek Photo

      Irv Taylor, variously from Crescent and Rexford, NY, was almost exclusively a driver for other car owners during his long career. One of the few men allowed into the confidence and team of Pete Corey, Taylor did occasionally produce a car [he certainly could] but he spent most of his career as a driver for hire. Irv drove mostly at places like Fonda Speedway, Victoria, and Albany - Saratoga; but, I first saw him at Otter Creek Speedway in Vermont [when he was driving for Richard Welch] and I know he did also drive that Welch car at
Stafford Springs towards the end of that track's dirt era. My special connection with the recently - passed Taylor is that we were inducted into the hall of fame at Weedsport at the
same time, along with Doug Hoffman, Dick Cozze, Ron St. Marie, and Jerry Cook.


John Grady Photo
One of Irv's earlier rides was this Tony Palutti 75A. It may have been a sort of team car to the Ray Vine 75.

Courtesy of Sam Barlow
The Palutti car. This is aid to be at Langhorne.

Courtesy of Otto Graham

A confident pose in the Palutti car.


Courtesy of Dan Ody
A not - so confident moment.

Ed Feuz Collection Photo
Irv headed out towards the canal at Fonda.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD's

Irv with the Palutti
car at Stateline.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
A Langhorne shot in the Palutti car.

Courtesy of Bill Fifield
Irv also drove the Mike
Michaels 10-10. This
looks like a Fonda win.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Irv joined the many other drivers who took a turn in the Dick Bennett  Bernie's Liquor Shop 71 car.
Courtesy of WIllard Martin
Irv also drove for noted '50's car owner Henry Caputo of Hudson Falls.he This is one of the rare times the 111 won when not driven by Ken Shoemaker.
Courtesy of Racing one
A very rare photo of Irv with another Caputo car. This is at Daytona.
Courtesy of Racing One
A familiar photo of Irv with the Rollie Johnson - built Richard Welch car.
Courtesy of  Lew Boyd
An article about Irv
and the
Welch car.
Courtesy of Conde & Parry Site
Irv also joined the many other drivers who took a turn in the Frank Trinkhaus car.
Courtesy of Andy Fusco
Another Trinkhaus car. Check out the roll cage. 
Source Unknown
Another shot of the Trinkhaus car with the
strange roll cage.
John Grady Photo
When Pete Corey came out with the famous Falcon, Irv Taylor tried running his own for a while.
Frank Simek Photo
Another shot of the
Taylor Falcon.
Frank Simek Photo
The Taylor Falcon leads a former ride of Irv's, the Welch 77.
Ed Biitig Collection
Another shot of the
Taylor Falcon.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
This is just a theory: Irv may have sold his Falcon to John Cross. Looks like Irv's car with the Cross colors and number.
Courtesy of Greg Rickes
Arguably his best - known ride, the T & M 1NY, of which hje was part owner. 
$ Bill Photo via 3 Wide
Another shot of the
T & M car.
Russ Bergh Photo
Irv at Victoria.
Source Unknown
Another shot of the
T & M car flying checkers.
HAMB Message Board
Irv is back at Langhorne, this time with his T&M car.
Ed Biitig Collection
Another win.
Courtesy of Greg Rickes
The 1 at Victoria.
HAMB Message Board
Irv is on the track
at Stafford.
Bergh Photo, Cavalcade
via Chas Hertica

Irv must have loved Victoria.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Irv sometimes drove
Pete Corey backup
Courtesy of Conde & Parry Site
Irv also had seat time
in a variation of the Vince Barbuto 22.
John Grady Photo
Irv ran the older Godfrey Wenzel 03 for awhile.
Gater Racing News Photo
Irv runs the older Godfrey Wenzel 03 fn pursuit of Maynard Forrette in the team car.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Irv in his own coupe.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Irv in a mod I know nothing about - maybe the last ride he had.
Courtesy of Starrin Family
This is the article for
the 111 win shown above.
Courtesy of Lew Boyd
Irv with friends who
include Dave Lape, Lew Boyd, and Andy Fusco.
Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Irv during his Weedsport
HOF induction.
Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
Irv during his Weedsport
HOF induction.
Roxanne Ladabouche Photo
I was honored to have my Weedsport  HOF induction
with Irv. That other guy was
pretty great, too.

Source Unknown
Irv, with Lew Boyd
at an autograph session.



Courtesy of Mike Bruno

      For the first several years of his career, Vince Quenneville, Sr. drove for two owners - both of whom were close neighbors in or near his Whiting, VT home town. He began his career, for all practical purposes with Norm Scarborough, spent soe yhears with Gael Dundon, and then returned to Scarborough. Scarborough remained as the chief wrench when Austin Dickerman took over the purse strings on the Quenneville team for a numer of season that saw him start to branch out beyond Devil;s Bowl to places like Lebanon Valley, Fonda, and Quebec. Vince would race for different owners in Canada. His last ride seemed to be Jack Ryan's 28. He was killed by a drunk driver while working as a tractor trailer driver.

Bob Mackey Photo
via Norm Vadnais
This Norm Scarborough GMC 6 Chevy was first seen at Otter Creek Speedway in 1961 and later, at Fairmont Speedway, too.

Ladabouche Photo
The first Scarborough car is seen at far left
at Otter Creek in 1962.

Ladabouche Photo

The second Scarborough car, seen here at Fairmont, was a car bought from
Bob Hoffer of Argyle, NY.

Courtesy of Mike Dundon
The first Dundon car. This one ran in 1964 at Fairmont
and Otter Creek. It was run two seasons and sold to
Harry Duffany.

Ladabouche Photo
Local kids around the first  Dundon car, after races at Fairmont,

Ladabouche Photo
The second Dundon car, bought from Chuck Grime and Bob Viviari in Connecticut, was a genuine overhead V-8 sportsman. From left - Vince, Gael, and one of the Beemans.

Courtesy of Mike Watts, Sr.
The second Dundon car, seen here winning at
Saranac Lake, had been lowered by 1966.

Ladabouche Collection
The second Dundon Chevy, once gorgeous, was pretty well used by the endo fthe 1966 season.
Courtesy of Russ Farr
The next car purchsed [for the new Devil's Bowl] was this Dooger Jones - owned  coupe seen here at Catamolunt with Russ Shaw.

Ladabouche Collection
The third Dundon car [equipped with a Dutch Hoag - inspired periscope roof mirror] started out with the number 38.


Ladabouche Collection
The third Dundon car as #3 later in 1967 at the Bowl.

Mike Bruno Collection Photo

By 1968 VInce was back with Scarborough, and they had
this short - bodied rocket ship that won the 1968 D Bowl title. I think it was the 1967 body, altered.


David Frazer Photo
A thrash with the Scarborough
1968 car at the Bowl.
Norm is center, bent over with white tee shirt and
Vince is behind him, kneeling with the black shirt.

Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
Around 1969, with Will Cagle dominating the Bow with a Rossell - built sedan, VInce and Norm built this sedan which could compete with Cagle. This was last Scarborough car. After that he would be bought out by Austin Dickerman and Norm would be the crew chief.

Bob Frazier Photo
Courtesy of MIke Watts

The sedan, now in
Scarborough colors and number.. 
Courtesy of Leb. Valley Classics
The Dickerman - owned sedan, now in Austin's colors.
Bob Frazier Photo
The next phase for Vince was this Northern NASCAR late model sportsman which was rumored to belong to C.J. RIchards. I can't be sure.

Bob Frazier Photo
Courtesy of Ed Fabian

The seond [and better] RIchards car. This one won a feature at Airborne.
Via Arnie Ainsworth

After the LMS period, I struggle with what Vince had for cars. They were all dirt, that's for sure. I have no idea
who owned this one.
Source Unknown
This dirt Gremlin appears to be a DIckerman car.
Courtesy of Quenneville Family
and Norm Vadnais

Vince drove a car in Quebec for Roch LaVallee as well as other owners.
Courtesy of Quenneville Family
and Norm Vadnais

Vince is said to be the  owner of this car.
Courtesy of Christian Genest
This car ran at Granby, in Quebec for an unknown owner.
Courtesy of John Lutz
Another Quebec for another unknown owner.
Courtesy of Jan Coburn
This was the last car I know of for Vince. Second generation car owner [and neighbor] Jack Ryan's Lazer chassis 28. Jack is
at right.
Sharon Richards Photo
from Norm Vadnais

Another  Jack Ryan car - a Champ Car chassis 28
from Dave Lape.
Sharon Richards Bob Frazier
from C.J. Richards

The combo of a top notch Jack Ryan team - and a hall of fame driver meant great success.
Quenneville Family Photo
from Norm Vadnais

Vince had a cameo appearance in the  Norm Scarborough Mustang
around 1966 or 67



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