Courtesy of Edward B. Brown III

Why re - invent the wheel ? Wikipedia says :"Frankie Schneider (born August 11, 1926 in Maplewood, New Jersey) was a stock car, modified, midget, and sprint car racer. He had one NASCAR Grand National (now Sprint Cup) victory at Old Dominion Speedway in 1958 driving a 1957 Chevrolet. He also won the 1952 NASCAR modified title, where it is suspected that he scored at least 100 wins. Frankie Schneider earned his nickname "The Old Master" through his ability to master anything with wheels.

               Schneider began his career on June 15, 1947 by winning $70 ($750.80 when considering inflation) for driving his street car to a seventh place at Flemington Speedway. Schneider is believed to have won at least 750 races in the next thirty years. He routinely raced in several classes at eight races per week. He reportedly scored at least 100 wins again in 1958. Schneider won the Langhorne National Open, the country's top event for Sportsman and Modified racers, in 1954 and 1962. 1963, he won four track points championships—Middletown, Harmony, Reading and Nazareth—in a car he bought for $1,000.

               He scored his last feature win on July 31, 1977 at the 1/2-mile dirt track Nazareth Speedway. Although he has competed in almost all 50 states, the Bahamas and Canada, Schneider raced most of his career at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Reading Fairgrounds, Flemington Speedway, Harmony Speedway and Nazareth Speedway. He was recently voted driver of the century by Area Auto Racing News." About says it all.

Frankie has deserved to have a page on this site, but I can only do so much at once.

                       FULL BODY MODIFIEDS AND GRAND NATIONAL                     

Norm Oakes Photo
via 3 Wide Vault
Frankie, in the full body
modified days in Vic
Lane with Wally Campbell [ctr]
and Tommy Coates.

Courtesy of Jeff Hardifer
One of Frankie's rides in the full body
modified days
- the Bohlender 88. This might be Mr. Bohlender.

The Old Master.Net
A very early car. Might be before or during
the full body NASCAR
modified days.

Courtesy of Kevin Newman via 3 Wide
Frankie winning an
early race at Staten Island's Weissglass Stadium. This would have been soon after the full body mods which ran in 1949.
Courtesy of Pat Miskell
Frankie, inexplicably in a dress suit. This would be early '50's - about when he won the NASCAR national title.
Dutch Hoag Collection
via Jeff Ackerman
Jeff Ackerman places
this shot as 1951 - just before the national title year.
Source Unknown
Frankie, in the 1952
car - when he won a
national NASCAR title.

Unidentifed Photo
via 3 Wide Vault

Frankie can lay claim to being one of the 1st and only GN drivers to have a foreign car before the Toyota era of today. 
Tracy Family Photo
via K. Viar and 3 Wide Vault

An early Schneider car outside a suburban
home - maybe his.
Tracy Family Photo
via K. Viar and 3 Wide Vault

Frank, with kids outside a suburban
home - maybe his.
Tracy Family Photo
via K. Viar and 3 Wide Vault

Another photo in that series.

Courtesy of Getty Images
Another Bohlender
car, perhaps earlier, from early '50's -
John Reilly Photo Courtesy of Race Fans
Another NASCAR speedway car from the '50's -
Courtesy of NASCAR Legends SIte
Frankie, in the '50's - with a monkey. What was it with NASCAR drivers and monkeys at that time ?
Courtesy of California Speed and Sport
A very early 2 ride.
Source Unknown
Frankie running
with no hood in an unidsclosed early location.
Source Unknown
Frankie chases Pappy
Hough in a 1950's
NASCAR Short Track Series race.

Courtesy of P.J. Walker
Judging from his appearance,  a very early ride.

Source Unknown
An early example of
his trademark graphic scheme.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
Working against another legend, Al Tasnady at somewhere like Flemington.
Plum Photo
via Chas Hertica

Early #2 pose.
Courtesy of Midstate Club
At speed in a late
'40's NASCAR full
body modified.
Shany Lorenzet Photo
via Dave Dykes

Kind of a rare photo - Frankie, at New London - Waterford Speedbowl.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
Another race with, Al Tasnady at Allenown PA fairgrounds.
Courtesy of Getty Images
Circa 1962 pose.



Courtesy of Jeff Ackerman
Frankie with a
very familiar sedan.

Courtesy of John Grady
This is one of George Peters' coupes - supposedly at one
of the Catamount
All Star League shows.

Maynard Johnson Photo
via Otto Graham
In a 1960's Langhorne lineup with the familar sedan.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Frankie's Falcon at
Courtesy of Lebanon Valley Classics
Winning a Valley Open in the '60's. Starter Ted Ryan.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
This time it's a
three window coupe.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
At Flemington.
Chas Hertica Photo

WIth a Grant King - built car at Syracuse.

Chuck Ely Photo

A pose at the Valley
with a low 3 window

Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
Great driver's suit!

Mercurio Photo
via Chas Hertica

Fussing with
something in the car
on the trailer.

Courtesy of Sam Barlow
That nasty 3 window
coupe again.

Courtesy of Edw. B.
Brown III

An earlier sedan shot.

Courtesy of Edw. B.
Brown III

An earlier coupe shot.
Looks like maybe a
fairgrounds track.
Mike Anop Photo
Similar angle on this
sedan to the "great drivers' suit" shot above. What a
strange roll cage bar
by the driver !
Chuck Ely Photo
Via Chas Hertica

A pose at the Valley
with one of the sedans.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
A classic sedan
at Leb. Valley Open.
Courtesy of Chas Hertica
A Mustang at Middletown.
Courtesy of Edw. B.
Brown III

At speed.
Uncle Art Stuarts Book
Via Rob Davis

He had his own records entry in  the Valley record book by Uncle Art Stuarts.
Courtesy of Gene Stratton
The "Ol Bess" coupe at Reading.
Dig Planet.comI
At speed with the
Courtesy of Midstate
Auto Club
1968 Flemington portrait.
Courtesy of Edw. B. Brown III
The "Ol Bess" coupe on the trailer.
Courtesy of Kevin Inglini
I'm not clear on whether he drove this mid '80's car or if it was some sort of tribute.
Courtesy of Lebanon Valley Classics
LVC says this is a
Frankie Schneider "Hero Card".
Stock Car Racers'
Dirt Track, maybe ?
Courtesy of Top Low Rider Site
Frankie Schneider stands with 'Ol Bess..
Stock car Racers' Reunion
In a lineup behind Wally Dallenbach, Sr somewhere. 

Courtesy of Midstate Club
In 'Ol Bess somewhere. 

Source Unknown

1967 Champion

Gater Racing News
One of the most familiar photos taken of Frankie. The number is altered for
an All Star League show.

Courtesy of John Grady
This is one of George Peters' coupes - supposedly at one
of the Catamount
All Star League shows.

via Dirt Track Digest
In a 1960's ASL
lineup - 2nd from

Courtesy of Ken Parrotte
Frankie's featured on
this 1970 flier.
Ladabouche Collection
Leading Mike Grbac
at a Flemington ASL
Ace Lane Photo
It sort of looks
like Frankie in the center.
Ladabouche Collection
1967 Champ.
HAMB Chat Site
Attributed to Frankie Schneider. Logical, since he ran the League extensvely. 
Walter Chernokal Photo
Schneider's sedan kind of stands out in this All Star League field at Dover in 1969. 

Courtesy of Rick Parry
Frankie Schneider,
Flemington Team.

Courtesy of Lou Lazzaro
Frankie Schneider,
ASL star.

Mike Anop Photo
Mike Anop presented this photo as "1967 All Star League Champion". 
Chuck Ely Photo
Said to be at the
Valley in an ASL show.

Courtesy of Top Low Rider Site
Frankie Schneider items at a racing display somewhere.

Courtesy of Legends of NASCAR Site
Frankie, with fellow champuion Bill Wimble.
Frankie interviewed at an autograph session. 

Source Unknown
Frankie, at an autograph table somewhere.