The Most Exciting Photos of All the Thousands I See Each Year

Courtesy of Rick Parry
Rick put up this list of Mid Atlantic Race Series points, some rare info on drivers who often get little coverage. CLICK HERE to get a look at a bigger image. Late model drivers of this era were some of my favorites ever. 

 Courtesy of LaQuerre Family
I searched for years for anything on
Armand LaQuerre, the patriarch of the
racing family now headed by son, Joey, Sr. This is the LaQuerre Rocket 88 at East
Montpelier and that may be Joey in car.
  Courtesy of Corey Kennedy
The first track I ever saw was Pico Raceway, outside of Rutland, VT.. The Romano family, part owners of the track,. had two or three race cars. This one had escaped me for many years. It is seen here with Big Bill Anderson, a local racing figure for decades.
Courtesy of Connie Stevens Sanders
The clean, sharp S29 of West Sand
Lake's Bill Stevens was a favorite of Mine in the early 1960's. My old Otter Creek Speedway program had stated that he ran there in 1961, a year before I had ever seen him. This photo from his daughter shows him there -  winning a heat.
 Courtesy of Sam Barlow
One race show I never forgot was in
1963, at the fair in Rutland. Harvey Tattersall's United Stock Car Racing Club Grand American division struggled through a show on that woefully inadequate track. Third place runner Bob Devine went off the track and seriously injured a woman. I met him and he still recalled it fifty years later. I finally found the car he had then.

Courtesy of Woody Woodward
When Chet Doaner started his career, he bought this Claremont car and numbered it 5. Bob Taylor [above right] would buy it from Doaner and run a brief time before wrecking it. I rubbed elbows with Taylor helping out with the Leo Vallancourt #333. I always wanted a shot of Bob's car. Finally found it on Facebook.  
Courtesy of John Lutz
When Catamount went over to the late model sportsman car in 1971, John Rosati showed up with two professionally - built Ford Fairlanes and ran there for three years. One was bought by D Bowl's infamous wild man, Bucky Dragon, who ran in the Bowl late models, wielding it like a battering ram. I finally located a shot of the Dragon/Rosati car. 
 Dennis Bulger Collection
Courtesy of Chas Hertica

This shot is a double whammy. Always a Butch Jelley fan, I had NEVER seen a car Y this early. But - even better - the shot captured Don Leffler, of E. Greenbush, NY, who had run Fairmont Speedway a bit in 1962 and 63. Both these cars make this
a very rare shot !.

 Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
 This is the best - looking  shot of Butch Jelley's  Ed Winn - built Y that I ever
saw. And that is right up there on my
list of favorite cars ever.

 Courtesy of Marty Kelly, Jr.
Butch Rogers and his father spent a long
time planning this Camaro. It was sold
to neighbor Charlie Brown later; and
Rogers built another. These were,
without a doubt, my favorite dirt late
models ever.

 Courtesy of Sam Barlow
One race show  Courtesy of Rick Parry
This one is great on more than one level.
First, that fabuloous Studebaker is seen
in Crescent. Secondly, the post - Falcon
coupe is seen in the background. The there's that Nash Metropolitan !

  Courtesy of Mike Gray
The Fonda book chronicles how hard it was
for Pete to build this coupe using the
chassis off the Falcon. I've always
noticed the Tiger, but don't know the significance.
 Courtesy of Rick Parry
The Cross family brown 47's have  seen
a lot of drivers, including Jac kFarquhar,
jerry Townley, Maynard Smith, and more. The team survived at places like FOnda wkith very heavy competition. This is the kind of car Frank Simek would make sure he photographed - a little guy.
 Courtesy of Sam Barlow
Del Moak with what is said to be the
first Cliff Wright - wrenched car. I first
knew Moak from a roadster called the
Deep 6. Believe it or not, this is a more
refined car.
 Courtesy of Justin St. Louis
I didn't get to Devil's Bowl as much as I wanted because of college and my first job miles away. I clearly rmember The Gray Ghost [Ed Keenan], and it took me years to find a shot of his early car.

 Courtesy of Bruce Brockett
As an old sign painter, I just love this car of  Ed Brockett, at Whites Beach. I remember an Ed Brockett with a Studebaker semi late model class car at malta; don't know if it is he or his son. 

 Courtesy of Alan McDonald
Jim Hoyt's claim to fame with this car is having,
in my opinion, at least the 2nd worst crash in the history of Fonda. He was one of the first to try a pavement setup at Fonda [and we all know how the Czepiel 888 worked out there]. Jim's family owned Saranac Lk, Speedway.

 Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of Rick Parry

I always liked Bill Fowler's first "modern" 27 Jr. I had never seen it without the rear section bobbed off and I never knew Paul Marshall drove it. This  must be very early in the 1962 season.

 Frank Simek Photo
Tall Skip Roots with his skunk - colored car was my first Fonda favorite.
 Bob Frazier Photo
Courtesy of Ronnie Caisse Hunt

Skip Wilcox, with the 1NY that I believe
belonged to Ray Sutliffe. I got a photo of the car in the Fairmont pits but never saw the Trenton, NJ veteran drive it. A RARE find.
   Courtesy of Tim Rogers
When I saw this submission from Tim Rogers, something looked familiar. Then I realized this was Irv Taylor's T&M 1NY.
Ted Brown, from NH, had bought it from Lefty Casey, from Vermont.

 Courtesy of John Chest
It's kiddie rides at Fonda around 1959. It is likely these kids would be smiling more if the yhad landed a ride with someone like Wimble, but they couldn't have gotten a ride with a much more popular Fonda driver than Willie Chest. We would lose him too soon to a Thruway accident.

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