West Haven, Vermont


Despite never belonging to the All Star Stock Car Racing League, Devil's Bowl had a number of
League drivers who were either occasional visitors or regulars at the track.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian
Word has it that the Bowl's own Chet Doaner was named to be one the Catamount Stadium team one year, but there is no record of his appearing in any League races.

Ladabouche Collection
Will Cagle,
Tampa, FL
Will was a very regular Bowl runner
around 1968 -

Ladabouche Collection
Steady Eddie Flemke,
New Britain, CT
Ed was never a regular Bowl runner
but he did appear in a few races
Chrome Horn Photo
Leo Cleary,
Hanover, MA
Leo was never a regular Bowl runner
but he did appear in a few races
Ladabouche Collection
Frankie Schneider,
Lambertville, NJ
Frankie was
one of the first big name stars to appear at special shows for C.J. Richards

Source Unknown
Andy Romano,
Johnstown, NY
Will was a very regular Bowl runner
around 1970 - 71
Ladabouche Collection
Butch Jelley,
Pownal, VT
Butch was a very regular Bowl runner
for most of the years it was dirt even up to 2006.

Ladabouche Collection
Tommy Corellis,
Rennselaer, NY
Tommy was a very regular Bowl runner
around 1968 - 69 [and team mate to Jelley on the Lebanon Valley team]

John Grady Photo
Rene Charland,
Agawam, MA
Da Champ was a very regular Bowl runner in the early 1980's.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Pete Corey,
Crescent, NY
Pete's time in the League and at Devil's Bowl were both short.

enny Photo
Ladabouche Collection
Don Wayman,
Cobleskill, NY
Don drove for a recpord number of different car owners, which landed him at the Bowl on more than one occasion.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Jerry Cook,
Rome, NY
Jerry almost certainly appeared in at
least  a couple of races at the Bowl.
Ladabouche Collection
Maynard "Cyclone" Forrette,
Amsterdam, NY
The Ellenburg Depot, NY native ran the Bowl fairly often in the 1980's.
Ladabouche Collection
Gene Bergin,
Enfield, CT
Gene was the first to bring the famed Judkins Pinto to the Bowl around 1970.
Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Jean Guy Chartrand,
Montreal, QC
Guy was on the Catamount team,
 but he did run Devil's Bowl in 1967.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Ron Narducci,
East Haddam, CT
Ron almost certainly appeared in at
least  a couple of races at the Bowl.

Mike Richards Collection
Richie Evans,
Rome, NY

Evans was photographed at at least one Bowl show.

Ladabouche Collection
Lou Lazzaro,
Utica, NY

Although not a frequent visitor, Lou
must have logged a few Bowl shows.

Ladabouche Collection
Bugs Stevens,
Rehobeth, MA

He ran in  a few Bowl shows.


Courtesy of Bob Kilburn
Pete Corey appeared with this car about when he was in the League.
The car eventually went to Chet Doaner in 1968.

Doaner was slated to run the ASL with this very car but apparently did not.

Courtesy of Ken Pill
Gene Bergin posing with the Judkins 2X supposedly at the Bowl.

This is said to be 1971. Looks like the ASL helmet of that time.

Ladabouche Photo
Andy Romano was appearing regularly ar the Bowl at the time of this
All Star League photo.

This one happens to be the 1971 Catamount Stadium ASL race. Ironically,
the track had an ASL team, but wasn't running modifieds at all.

Ladabouche Collection  Photographer Unknown
Will Cagle was the scourge of Devil's Bowl with one of his sedans.
Here, he is at a Catamounj All Star League show.

This was the pavement version of twin gold coaches he ran in the League.

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Butch Jelley acquired the Martin Riiska ride when he was running
the early days at Devil's Bowl. This is a Bowl photo.

I doubt this surprisingly crisp - looking Riiska coupe is the one he ran as a
Lebanon Valley team member in the League.

Chuck Ely  Photo via Chas Hertica
Tommie Corellis was not driving the Bowl as regularly by the time he joined Jelley on the Lebanon Valley ASL team.

This is one of the Warren Construction 28's he ran frequently at the Valley.


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