The 1982 Season at Airborne

[Arnie Trudeau Photos]

     For those not too familiar with Airborne history, 1982 was around when C. J. Richards acquired the then-worn out track and began the slow series of improvements that brings us up to the wonderful condition Steve and Mike have it in today. The track was apparently dirt that year, judging from Arnie's car configuration.

Trudeau Photo
Arnie's 1982 Airborne car.

Trudeau Photo
Arnie's 1982 Airborne car, with flag.

Trudeau Photo
Article for 1982 Airborne banquet, held early in 1983.

Trudeau Photo
Arnie [right] with Track Champion Eugene Bushey [2nd from left] and Randy Rondeau [2nd from right]. The other two are Hayes and Barcomb, but I
don't know which is which.

Bushey is the current owner of the former track championship car, the
T-800 of Gaylord Rowe and Bill Wimble. CLICK HERE for that page.


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