Most descriptions of this Poughkeepsie - based race track of the past mention locating the radio tower for a local radio station and you will have the spot where this track operated. I have never had much information on the track, but it occurred to me that 1.) the track doesn't get all that much attention and 2.) I have enough for a modest page on it. So here goes !

Courtesy of Roger Liller

This cutesy little ad from the municipality of Poughkeepsie's website  perhaps the most familiar single artifact
from the track.

A more recent find.

From Historic
An aerial photos shows the track, as it sat on Van Wagner Road in Poughkeepsie.

From Chas Hertica
Another advertisement brings back the confusion on whether the track had multiple names or
whether they just used the airport term to make it easier to find.


From Pam Maurer
This shot of Duke Dushensky, was - longest time - the only photo I had of anything at Arlington Speedway.


Bob McDowell Photo
From Roger Liller

The great Chauncey "Jokko" Maggiacommo, at Arlington.

Henry Ahlfs Photo
From Roger Liller and Dave  Dykes

Well - traveled Hal Mccarty
seen at Arlington.
Henry Ahlfs Photo
From Chas Hertica

Bobby Green, who also
raced at many tracks.
Virginia Winne Decker Collection
From Chas Hertica

Ray Anderson was one of many
drivers Arlington shared with
Onteora Speedway in Olive Bridge.

From Chas Hertica
Maurice "Rebel" Wheatley.

Bob McDowell Photo
From Phil Miller

The great D.D. "Rebel" Harris,
a Poughkeepsie native.
Rose Lovelace Collection
From Julie Lovelace

Theodore Lovelace.

From Walt Schubert Collection
From Roger Liller and Dave Dykes

A shot of D.D. Harris in Walt
Schubert's car, which was
often run at Lebanon Valley.
Bob McDowell Photo
From Roger Liller & Chas Hertica

Another ride for local boy [and great star] D.D. Harris - the
Louis Murasso TCP.

Bob Wilson Collection
From  Chas Hertica

Norm Barger.

Roger Liller Collection
From  Chas Hertica

A ride in t he Givens midget for D.D. Harris. Nice fire suit

Bob McDowell Photo
From Phil Miller

Harry Roosje. Try pronouncing that one. 
From Chas Hertica
D.D. Harris in arguably his most
famous ride - the Joey Lawrence
AAA - either at Arlington or

Uncle Art Stuarts' L Valley Book
From  Chas Hertica

A win in the Langhorne
qualifier for D.D. Harris.

From via Chas Hertica
Action with B52 Ray Anderson, 18 Ben Davis, and 16 Stan Bomba.

From Amy Garrison Dauski via Chas Hertica
1962 Langhorne qualifiers, at least some. Amy got the page for here dad, Doug; but Harris is seen at the bottom.

Courtesy of Roger Liller

Courtesy of Roger Liller
This article mentions some very prominent names in early '50's stock car racing. Fred Sheppard and Steve Danish, once partners, are included although
I doubt the track was a regular stop for Danish. Ed Ryan had attracted Danish, Sheppard, Fiske, Langlois, and Roberts, all drivers he also had
at Stateline Speedway. Spaulding was a top dog at Pine Bowl and Rhinebeck. Tom Dressel became a top driver at Lebanon Valley.

Courtesy of Roger Liller


Jeff Lambert Photo
Hard to tell much except
they did a lot of dumping
on the site after it closed.
Jeff Lambert Photo
Pretty much the same view,
a little over to one side.
Jeff Lambert Photo
One of the turns probably.
Jeff Lambert Photo
Hard to tell much.

Google Maps Photo
Looks like an outline of a track behind the building. This is a far more recent aerial.

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